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Intervet Hellas Interview Questions

1. What has been your biggest accomplishment at your current position?
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Intervet Hellas Interview Questions

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How do you deal with rejection in your current position?


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A nurse or receptionist is angry and preventing you from seeing the doctor. How would you deal with them?

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How would you differentiate yourself from the other reps calling on the same doctor?

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What do you believe are the most important factors for success in a pharmaceutical rep?

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Your product and a competitor's are the same price. How do you position yours above theirs?

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What are the biggest challenges a pharmaceutical representative faces?

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A doctor is resistant to trying your product. What do you do?

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If you have no previous pharmaceutical sales experience, why do you believe you'll be successful?

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On your last visit to Dr. Smith, she committed to writing your drug and you left samples. When you return, the samples are gone but she has not written any prescriptions. Now she wants more samples. What do you do?

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You have a 45 minute lunch with a doctor that is prescribing your competitor's product. How will you handle this lunch, and what will you say?

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It's your first week on the job; what will you do to organize yourself?

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Your company has a new sales initiative. The new drug is more expensive than your competitors', and not covered by all insurance. However it is more effective. How do you overcome the price issue?

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You have a lunch with a doctor scheduled, when a larger doctor calls and wants you to do a lunch at his office on the same day, and it's the only time he has. What would you do?

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How would you ultimately describe your work style?

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Was there a person in your life who really made a difference?

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How do you develop knowledge of a doctor's prescribing needs?

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Let's pretend your product is this desk. Sell it to me.

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What challenges are you looking for in a position?

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A doctor doesn't want to use your drug because it's too expensive. How do you proceed?

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How do you prepare your paperwork in your current position?

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How do you handle the pressure of sales quotas?

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How do you differentiate yourself from your peers?

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How do you efficiently target customers in your territory for the maximum sales results?

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What about the pharmaceutical representative position interests you?
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