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You have been out of work for a while, what have you been doing?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

If you have a recent gap in your employment history, be prepared to discuss what you have been doing during this time. The interviewer needs to hear that you have been doing something productive with your time. You might share how you have been spending your days searching for jobs. Perhaps you have been caring for a loved one who is ill. Maybe you have been lucky enough to take a European vacation. Or, maybe you have been furthering your education. Simply share with the interviewer how you have been productive with your time.

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You have been out of work for a while, what have you been doing?
I have been out of work for seven months,I have been looking everyday online and submitting applications and resumes, one tends to get disappointed after awhile, but one must continue if one must succeed.
Job searching, trying to find the best fit.
Contiuously looking for employment, taking a online class to complete my degree and being a father/husband.
I have been out of work for seven months,I have been looking everyday online and submitting applications and resumes, one tends to get disappointed after awhile, but one must continue if one must succeed.
I have been searching for work and keeping my skills updated during the search for suitable positions.
I am currently going to school and looking for a job.
Ive been looking for employment every day since being unemployed. As well as reading books on my downtime which is a hobby of mine.
I have never been out of work, I have always worked at least one job.
I have been volunteering and keeping my skills sharp so that they will benefit me in my future job.
I have been on the hunt for a new career opportunity. Looking to stay within the retail environment. And to be honest I have enjoyed spending some extra time with my family.
2 weeks and trying to find a job that best fits me.
I am always finding jobs and other places to work to expand my knowledge and keep me and my mind busy.
Take some courses to update my skills and be stronger to come back to work.
I am working as Asstt manager in the store and helping the manager to run store.
I have not been without employement for 14 years. before that, I was in university.
I have been working at home depot as a head cashier and looking to advance within the company.
I have been actively seeking employment, and improving my work skill sets.
I have been diligently looking for work and looking for ways to upgrade my skills.
I had an injury that needed to have surgery on and I am resting to ensure proper healing.
I had an injury and needed to get it operated on, so now I am just taking it easy and relaxing to make sure it heals proper.
I worked at Home Depot for 6 yrs, stayed at home for 9 years with my kids, then came back to Home Depot. Ive been at Home Depot for another 6 years and have worked my way back up the ladder.
I have been looking for a job and furthering my education.
I have been searching for work and keeping my skills upfdated during the search for suitable positions.
I was in the process of starting a business but I decided to put it on hold for the moment.
I have been searching everyday for a new job and helping out at my church.
One of the most important jobs there is, a full time mom. I enjoy volunteer work with Bountiful Baskets, Safford School District. I also do alot of yard and home improvement projects. Recently started my organic garden too.
I had a baby 7 months ago and have been a stay-at-home mom since.
Looking for employment and honing computer skills as well as working around my home.
I have been babysitting, I love kids and being able to help the parents. But I wanted to find a job where I can work with co workers, and be able to be in retail.
Going to school full time at Santa Barbra City College. I wanted to focus on school my first year and then work.
Most likely, I have been preparing for finals or a rigerous test, or I have been sick with a fever, pink eye, or something contageous.
I had a major sugery so ive been leting my body heal.
I have been applying for other jobs and trying to keep myself busy with other activities.
Going to school and applying for a new job.
I have not been out of work in more than 10 years.
I have been applying to other jobs and trying to keep myself busy with hobbies.
Since retirement I have been focusing on developing my computer skills, completing home remodeling jobs and fine tuning my mechanical skills by restoring old cars. Have done some volunteer community service also.
I did some voluntary work because I need to do something instead of just siting at home all day.
I had been looking in the internet, I applied for a many jobs online and I went to the differents places to let my resume.
Doing my work around the house looking for jobs.
I have been working around the house and I on my car and looking for any job openings.
Yes I have. I have been searching for jobs constantly. Due to the small town I live in it has been very hard.
I have been working as an independent contractor doing yard work in the Kingston area.
Thinking about my next career and getting as much knowledge fof that move.
Retired, but active with voluntary work at School and Home owner association.
My aging parents needed a temporary caregiver and I spent time looking after them.
I have not been out of work for 6 1/2 years.
Yes assisting in taking care of a home and attended a cna class.
I volunteered in my child's classroom in preschool and elementary school. My husband and I taught Nordic skiing through Nordic Kids. I became a Master Composter.
Volunteering and participating in the local boy scout troop and thinking about getting my commerical drivers license.
I couldnt work due to my pregnancy. So I did house duties.
I opted to stay home when we started a family. I've been involved with children's activities such as volunteering at preschool and elementary school, teaching skiing through Nordic Kids, and have pursued some personal interests such as becoming a Master Composter, drawing, volunteering at Sacred Heart Hospital, and kayaking.
No, imwork as a cashier here at home Depot.
I took custody of my nephew after his father's death getting him situated with his loss new home/school life and am ready to get back to work.
I have been looking for a new job while attending school.
I have been a stay the home mom for 2 monsters and a princess.
I thought I was ready for retirement and have done some travelling for the past several months. I've learned that I'm ready to work. Home Depot has always been an interest of mine, so I've applied for a position that will allow me to be a contributing member of a team.
Expand bless with the responsibility of two little monsters and one princess at home I've been raising.
Moving, helping sick parents/siblings, I was sick came down with a very bad stomach bug.
Always searching for jobs, and took home inspection courses at Humber college.
If I have been out of work for a while then my pririoty would be upgrading my education or skills.
Getting an associates degree, volunteering, and helping my grandmother.
I have been taking care of my family needs at home.
Enjoying my rertirement ( for a very short time), I'm now ready to return to the workforce and to feeling like a useful contributor to society.
I haven't been out of work, but when I was I was obtaining my degree.
My son had procedure last summer and so I took care of him as he has a disability. My husband travels a lot so I have to take care of all appointments for both sons, take care of all bills, repairs at home, activities to take boys too. I have a dog to care for as well. As well I volunteered to be the treasurer for more then a year at my son's high school. I sing, help with Sunday school activities and youth group at church.
For just over a year... Took courses and seminars in copywriting. Created website, completed complete information package, researched writing niche, contacted potential clients.
I focused on my home and family, but also maintenance around my home.
I have been reevaluating my situation and addressing of what I need to do to make it better.
Doing volunteer work such as meals on wheels and driving patients to medical appointments while actively engaged in searching out employment.
I have been working on myself by doing projects such as starting my own online store and beefing up my resume and portfolio.
Helping family. Doing projects at home. While looking for work.
Looking for new opportunities and organizing my home office. Reviewing technical information on new software that I would be using.

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