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You have been out of work for a while, what have you been doing?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I am currently going to school and looking for a job.
I have been searching for work and keeping my skills updated during the search for suitable positions.
I have been out of work for seven months,I have been looking everyday online and submitting applications and resumes, one tends to get disappointed after awhile, but one must continue if one must succeed
Doing my work around the house looking for jobs.
I did some voluntary work because I need to do something instead of just siting at home all day.
Contiuously looking for employment, taking a online class to complete my degree and being a father/husband.
My son had procedure last summer and so I took care of him as he has a disability. My husband travels a lot so I have to take care of all appointments for both sons, take care of all bills, repairs at home, activities to take boys too. I have a dog to care for as well. As well I volunteered to be the treasurer for more then a year at my son's high school. I sing, help with Sunday school activities and youth group at church.
I thought I was ready for retirement and have done some travelling for the past several months. I've learned that I'm ready to work. Home Depot has always been an interest of mine, so I've applied for a position that will allow me to be a contributing member of a team.
Going to school and applying for a new job.
Moving, helping sick parents/siblings, I was sick came down with a very bad stomach bug.