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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the rest of the applicants?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

Talking about ourselves in this way can be challenging. We recommend reaching out to a few colleagues, family members, and friends. Ask them for their opinion. You'll probably be surprised at the consistency in their responses! Their answers will give you insight into how to answer this question. Tell the interviewer what sets you apart, and explain how your co-workers, family members, and friends have encouraged you with your gift in this area.

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Why do you feel you will be better suited for this job than the rest of the applicants?
I don't know If I will be better suited for this position then anyone else, but I would like the opportunity to show this company what I can do if given the chance.
I feel I am better suited beacuas im a fast leaner.
I'm a preson that would go over and beyond to get a job done. I'm a very optimistic person.
Given the opportunity with my years of experience in construction and working with customer service, I would have more to offer than most.
I have had 25 years of experience in owning my own buisness,
I would love to invest my time and dedication to working here and becoming a leading example that we love what we to.
I am a person willing to go above and beyond to get a job accomplished. If given the opportunity I would like to show this company what I have to offer.
I am a very positive person and I can help the company grow.
Have been in the construction industry for 27yrs. Have a lot of knowledge of store products.Am outgoing friendly used to dealing with the public.
Because I have the drive and motivation to give 100 percent effort. I have always been reliable as I have recieved perfect attendance awards at school over the years.
I have over 9 1/2 years of customer service experience and I have worked in the retail business for 7 years and I am a great listener and I am a great sales associate when it comes to saling procducts that I all ready know and if I do not know them I am a fast and quick learn and once I know my products then I can sale them to a customer better.
Given the opportunity,I feel with my experience and skills as well as customer service in merchandising I will surpass other aplicants.
Yes, I feel my qualifications are unique and set me apart from other applicants.
I have two years of experience I am bilingual I am goal oriented and will do my best to succeed in any position I am put in.
With having many years of retail background and knowing that I put my all into the company I work for I feel is a great asset to anyone that hires me. I enjoy the challenges as well as leading employees to do their best every day.
My 30 years of experience in sales and customer service speak for them selves.
I am organized, love working with people, love merchandising g and have great communication skills.
Because my motivation and passion for learning is unmatched by anyone else applying for the job.
I am a person willing to go above and beyond to get the job accomplished. If given the opportunity I would like to show this company what I have to offer.
Because I know I will try the hardest to learn as much as I can.
Because I am the type of person who go above and beyond and looking for advancement with Home Depot.
My experience, my work ethic im a hard worker and the fact that im a macgyver I can adapt to any situation.
Because of my skills and experiences . My team work skills and my plan to stay with company for a long time.
My motivation and passion for learning is unmatched by anyone ele applying for the job. That coupled with my proven record of excellent customer service is why.
I have patience and like helping people and I would be sincere in working with our customers to make sure they leave happy.
I feel I am better suited because I have one and a half years experience cashiering, and one year experience as a sales associate. I understand how the store functions and how the front end functions. With that knowledge combined, I feel I will become a powerful assest on the front end for delivering Home Depot famous customer service. I have also wanted to be a head cashier for a year and a half now, and if hired, I will bring that passion and desire to the front end and exceed the expectations of my management team.
My positive attitude, outgoing personallity, adaptibility and willingness to contibute and be ateam player are unsurpassed!!
By my positive attitude and willingness to learn. I have alot of knowledge and experience as well.
I have a positive attitude and I like working with customers.
My willing to learn and experience and knowledge makes me better suited for this job.
Great qualification and hard worker plus experience.
Most qualified with 15 years retail manager experience.
I am not positive I would be better suited, but I know my work history speaks volumns about how long I stay at jobs. I feel that a job is very personal and you need embrace it as if you owned the company.
My customer service experience / technicle eduction / positive attitude/ hardworking/ team player willing to learn quality .
I have proved track record for customer service which is big in Home Depot you can depend on me I know what it is to meet and exceed assigned goals. I am a people person and know what to do to get a job done.
I have a lot of Home Depot experience. I have led the front end, which has the most associates in the store, which requires great organizational abilities and the ability to be fair and consistent with all the different personalities.
I know my customer service skill will get me very far in help out customer making sure that they have a wow shopping experciencing.
Given the opportunity I feel that with my expertise and skills as well as customer service in merchandising I will surpass other applicants.
Because of my experience and because I believe I could be a real asset to this company.
Given this oppurtniunty I think that I am better suited for the job because I am constantly giving 110% to anything I do, I provide great customer service, and I strive to make customers happy.
I am not saying I will be better then all the others applying for this job but I know that I am hard working a fast learner, dependable and very nice I am a clean person and I will respect every coworker or customer that will come in home depot.
I am very consciensous and have a background in patient advocacy meaning that I have experience when people are at their worst and have complaints ont top of it!
I have many years of experience and have enthusiasm to make a customers experience with the home depot worth it.
Because I care about customer service and I enjoy selling products.
I have over thirty years of experience in sales, management, and ownership.
I am somewhat handy and knowledgable, and a homeowner, so I can relate to a lot of customers.
I work well with others and their different backgrounds. I attend to customer needs to make them happy.
Bcoz m hardworking, positive attitude, smiling nature & fastlerning.
I feel I will be better suited for this job than the rest of the applicants because I have experience talking with people and trying to offer the best services.
Job skills can be taught, attitude and a desire to excel cannot, I have the correct attitude and a desire to excel in everything that I do.
The qualities I possess is ware and I have the ability to add greatness to this company. I very hard working and dedicated and I am ready to prove by my actions that I have what it takes.
I have experience working in a warehouse.
I have a passion to work and get things done.
I have a natural ability to get along with people and to also help people out with a genuine passion. I have communication skills that are a perfect fit for the Home Depot way of doing business.
I love advancement and learning new things. I have had several years of past retail management experience and the management and staff fit into my excitement to work here.
I have a lot of knowledge being in the Renovation business. I know what customers want and I feel confident I would be great at it. I also give my job a 100 percent.
I have experience with Home Depot with a good track record and would adapt.
With my experience in life, my dedication and hard work and now very little distractions in life or commitment with kids and out door activities. I now tend to be workaholic.
Because I don't see this as something until something better comes along. I know this is a great company and I would like to build the next chapter of my life here.
I can see myself continually growing and developing my skills and knowledge to become even more valuable to the company in the coming years.
I am a person willing to go above and beyond to get a job accomplished. If given the opportunity I would like to show this company what I have to offer.
My long experience in dealing with customers and my ability to work with al manners of people and working environment.
Decades experience in home building, land development and customer focus. I am unique in that I have never been unemployed yet have only held 4 positions. I am organized, committed and held accountable.
My experience and background. Also having zero safety incidents and a passion to accomplish the daily tasks at hand. Also like leading a crew and find out what area they are strong in.
Because this job would fit me like a glove! I've been that homeowner making improvements, the one that wants it to look professionally done. I enjoy working with tools, and gardening. I have the knowledge and experience to help people achieve their goals, and I hope they get the kind of satisfaction out of that I do.
Because of my diversity, and my ability to provide new views in comparison to current THD staff.
I believe that my work experience has allowed me to be suited for this position, though I do not think that I am better than any other candidate.
I have a wide base of knowledge and am really good at listening to what people need and sharing what I know.
I am a very helpful kind of person. I believe that you should put others needs before your own.
From what I've experienced in my life it seems as though people are slowly but surely getting lazier while I go the extra mile and out of my way for the benefit of my employer.
My experience and dedication say a lot about my interest in excelling at what I do and about my character as a dependable worker.
Just speaking from my experiences and what I've seen so far in different stores people are getting lazier while I on the other hand would go beyond the call of duty.
I am young and eager to learn new things and have more energy than most people.
I have a good attitude, work well with people, and have a broad knowledge base.
I do not know the other applicants so I can not honestly say I am better than them, but I will say that I will do my best and beyond because I really want THIS job.
I would be better suited for this job as I believe I get along with people very well. I am patient with the customers most of the time and try to satisfy them to the best of my ability.
I believe I will be a great fit for his job. Is because I have pass experience which allows me to Provide the best customer service.
Because I have been in this situation before.
My skills, experiences, oriented for any assignment,
I feel I will do a great job and am extremely motivated.
I have varied expeerience. Besides the experience of doing renovation projects, I also have experience selling, so I can help the customer to buy all the parts of the project through our store.
I feel like my experience with customer service as well as merchandising puts me at an advantage, also I try my best to be very friendly and welcoming to everyone around me.
I am willing and ready to go the distance to make the customer needs priority.
I am dependable hardworking and motivated person that loves to work as a team.
I have a great work ethic, a positive attitude and I'm very dependable.
I can't speak for others but I will work hard and complete all the task I'm asked to do as best as I can.
My passion and to work along others who have the same interest as me.
I am realiable, team oriented, and trustful I believe I would be perfect for this position.
My ambition my strive to be successful and will to give every thing to be a valuable asset to your company.
Past Experience and a sincere willingness to learn. I'm very knowledgable in lumber products, passionate about customer service, care about my team members, am drawn to your comp\ny because of your mission and your excellent reputation.
I have over 15 years experience dealing with customer with high expectations.
I'm a young man who is motivated and dependable. I will always be here and help whoever needs it.
I know my work ethic and I have always been promoted in my jobs.
I know how to work well with customers and get the job done in a timely manner.
I feel I will be better suited for this job because I have knowledge in home improvement and I want to share that knowledge with others.
Because I believe I can be an asset to the company.

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