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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
The interviewer wants to hear that you enjoy being a part of a team and that you contribute to the success of the team. Start off by sharing the last time you contributed to a team effort. Perhaps it was a large project at work. Maybe it was on a basketball team. Or, you might have led a Girl Scout troop. All of these make great examples! Discuss how you personally made efforts to contribute to the team, and be sure to mention how successful the team was!

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User-Submitted Answers

When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
Setting up a reset and coaching and training the team get the job done perfectly.
Everyday I contribute to a team effort. The effort for the week was to get the job completed before the deadline and each project me and my crew had was completed.
For the last three years I worked in case managment teams.
In 2007 and 2008 I help my team members at the Dollar Treeloading unloading delivery trucks and organize the stockroom.
At the dollar tree during the holidays working in teams to load and unload delivery trucks.
Last time I contributed to a team effort was last summer my role was help paint a building with co-works and get the job done on time.
My role was to handle all inbound calls during a certain hour of the day. So I made sure to priortize all my work so that we could get our team goal accomplished.
My last job was working at a school which is all about team work. Working together with teachers, parents, and children to fulfill needs is an every day ocurance.
When I worked at pizza hut they were remodling the store and I was in charge of putting the furniture back where it belonged and asking the other cashiers to help.
I helped set up display of new line of products to sell.My role was to organize items according to plans.
I had been working a science lab as the de facto leader of the group. I had gotten the ball rolling by setting everyone a task they thought they could do.
Setting up a reset and coaching and training the team get the job done perfectly.
I work for the election board, which entails meeting and working with new and sometimes large groups. I was the assistant manager.
I worked on a team trying to get information that was over 20 years old. I was one of the individuals who got the most information.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was when I was in the Serve volunteer group last year. We all contributed as a team on finishing a team banner and making a team name. My role was to add anything about me on the banner such as my favorite sports team or background.
During our closing I was helping alot of people with there resume and the interview process. I told most people not to think of this as the end think of it as an opportunity to do something different, I had one associate say she was thinking about going back to school, so I told her to set up an interview to find out more about the course she was considering and even though she had three kids, she could handle the work load.
Last week during lunch rush we were short staffed and I took on the position of leader in getting the orders out for drive through and the dinning room and we managed to get every order out fast.
Almost every day leading the team when the manager was away.
Every week we worked as a team to unload and put away freight.
I currently work as a team member watching children, my role is to assist with daily activities and to entertain and watch children.
Today I was put in charge of the markdown team. My goal was to relay the expectations of the scope of markdowns, and where to put markdowns, and make sure that the sinage was correct.
One time me and a fellow associate were assigned to build a display table and it was my job to get the materials. I worked with other associates in the store to locate the materials. Me and my fellow associate then worked together to prepare the materials and construct the table.
I contribute to team effort every day its my responsibilty to motivate the team and get the assigned tasks completed by delegating and coaching as the team leader.
Yesterday when lead my coworker to finish list of job to get ready for inventory.
Most of my jobs were team efforts, but my current position, is production leader. So it is my job to make sure that everyone in the production area knows what they need to do and has the tools to do it.
We had an insurance contest and one of the consumer bankers was not giving any referrals so I had a discussion with her only to realize that she did not understand the purpose of life insurance and how it works I took the time and coached her and by the end of the contest she was one of the highest referral employee of the contest.
I became a member of the social committee and helped organize and fundraise for the Christmas Party. I led the group in coming up with ideas to make money and put aside fund to make it a success.
As a team leader in the Army National Guard, I am continuously part of a team in completing missions and exercises. It is my responsibility to ensure all soldiers are doing their part in completing the tasks at hand. Organizing movements and ensuring everything goes smoothly through proper preparation.
Getting ready for Christmas at the gift shop and my role was to take care of the customers while others decorated the store.
Within a few weeks, I devided up the tasks and took on one of them myself with follow up we all got the job done.
Setting up a reset and coaching and training the team to get the job perfectly.
When I worked at dollartree, and my role was to bring the boxes and unload them as quick as possible.
As a project coordinator, we had to set up and execute a 3 month initiative. I delegated to each team members strengths, including myself. Together we fulfilled all expectations of the initiative.
When somebody seated a patron to the wrong seat and so I had to seat the belong customer elsewhere and fix the change on seating plan.
Every Saturday and Sunday is church service and I help with the kids. We do projects and we make food for them we help them they always leave with a smile.
The last time I was contributing to a team effort I was playing basketball, my role was to get the rebounds and score in the key, and I excelled.
In school I have had to do many group projects. My role mostly consisted of finding the information that we needed and pinpointing specific things. Also helped other teammates with their tasks if needed.
My last job required me to work as part of a team; my role in the team often changed, however for the most part my role would be to work cash and make food.
I was a member of the varsity softball team at my alma mater. I was a captain my senior year and a 4 year varsity letter winner. I played third base and contributed strongly with my hitting abilities.
Once when my job was done early, I saw a co-worker in a different department with a workload to do in little time. I asked him to give me a task to reduce his workload and the job was done on time. I helped him clean the bakery area while he threw away the donuts, muffins, and bread away.
As the Training Program Manager, I was tasked by the commanding officer to turn an unused storage room into a learning resource center where students could go to access education materials and study. I formed a team of Marines to conduct the project and assigned a project lead. The project took about six months, during which I provided mentorship and supervision, yet allowed the project lead the freedom to make design decisions. In the end the project was deemed a success and even came in $90k under budget.
When participating in an inventory and I was an inventory associate.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was when I did volunteer work for an NCAA lacrosse event. My role was being an escort for a certain age group of children who were in attendance.
The last time I contributed team effort was at work, eveningfs I work at longhorsteak house and its a very team playing job, everythings done as a team in oder to sastify the customer.
I participated in a team depot event for a veteran. I was anchorage of.
The last time I contributed a team effort was at church feeding the senior citizens. My role was to pass out the drinks and plastics and make sure everyone was satisfied. I also help passed the food out and waited on everyone at their needs.
Dependable, fast learner, dedicated.
Me and a couple of my friends were building a treehouse and I was respnsible for measuring the wood and cutting it to be perfectly exact. I am a very detail intensive person overall.
Daily with assignments of duties needing to be addressd.
My friends and I dropped out of high school and created our own school. I was one of the administrators.
In school, when worked in groups, I was always the leader and directed the other students.
Was part of a team where the team members were not communicating very well at the beginning. There were missed emails, lost notes, and a deadline mess-up that got us all into trouble. I suggested that we have weekly meet-ups instead of monthly ones, and that we start an internal wiki to share instant ideas instead of having to wait until the next meeting. Everyone loved the idea.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was.
The store was full, there are many customers and the manager need me in teh cashier place, Thats its not my regular job but try to help and in a half and hour the situation was controled.
When I was working in the transformer company, I was designed at wdg depatment but some times the manager ask me to go to clean department to help the others cooworkers to finish some urgente jobs, I did my best effort each time and the end I was moved for this department and I had been working, alone, there for almost a year.
One day the store was full of customers and the manager needed me in the cahier, I didnt be well training on cashier and I didnĀ“t remember very well how to do but I made my best effort and in a half hour the store was empty.
I was an assistant teacher in a classroom of 12 students and I had to teach the class how we were going to run the end of the year scavenger hunt.
My last time contributing to a team effort was when I was the assistant manager at the theater and we had opening night. We all had to prepare for our concession stand give away and we all had to do it as a team in order for the lines to go fast paced.
As a Letter carrier. A few other letter carriers were not going to finish on time. I had finished and was ready to go home, when my supervisor asked if I could help out and I was happy to and went out with a few other carriers and we successfully finished on time.
Instruction and communication.
We put on a carnival and I organized it.
Flooring had some major moves to help update the look. I was the one who had to make choices on where to put the carpet pads and how we were to run it. I came up with a game plan and talked with other associates and they liked my idea so we as a group moved all carpet pods.
My role was to get a team to work teaching them what I knew and bringing out what they knew which resulted in a great team and brought number one sales and profit in the district.
The last time I contributed in a team was in my first semester of college. I was part of a club in college. I was part of a Hispanic club and we were trying to figure out what can draw attention to the club to add more members and I was one of the members who helped attract more people to the club.
For last one year I worked as a cashier and the efforts I contributed was to give good and satisfactory customer service to the customers.
On a daily basis ... With safety ... To take responsibility of my own actions at work .... In keeping myself safe, leading a positive example for others ... For instance locating a ladder and using it instead of turning a milk crate upside doen.
Everyday, we work as team to complete various tasks on a daily basis. We dont have a specific role but I am involved every step of the way.
The last time I contributed to a team effort that I can think of was on a baseball team. My role was to be the pitcher and to strike players out, to be a good teammate and encourage other players in their roles, and to try to get hits. I was fairly successful in my role and always tried to be a good encourager.
I was working at a doctors office and we had to do over 60 recalls in less than 2 hours. I had to learn the program and I helped the best that I could, we eventually finished in time.
I was a supervisor and was required to ask employees to work a weekend so we could help get a customers order out for Monday to which I also pitched in to keep them motivated.
Well at CrossMark we work as a team to get everything done. Including dishes and cleaning carts, my role was helping.
Space planning a nursery for a client, space planned it with multiple solotions.
Had a team meeting of how we can come up with more sales. I suggested we should come up with a deal of the week and get the cashiers to offer to customers at check out.
Daily. Questions when can this repair be finished . Need client called priority that need to be done for the day.
I was a leader in my ACE mentoring program and we designed a building for a building near the Brooklyn Bridge with professional architects in Manhattan.
Doing a project for a friend this summer, help build and manage material list.
Last week, during our group work. I was then the leader.
2 years ago I was the mediator.
Bakery and donuts selling out fast. Before they where all gone I rallied the troops and we quickly went about making more before we ran completely out. I made sure the first clerk was made aware of what was going down and then with another empolyee working in tandom we made sure we would have enough.
This weekend my role was organizer.
When ever I work at my other job we have to work as a team. My role was to remain calm and try to redirect her into a positive way.
Every day, my job was to offer service protection plans.
Today. I led my team toward our pre-defined goal directing their assignments and reviewing their work product.
One time a shipment of sale products came in late and we needed it to be on the floor before the store opened I would gather everyone to help put it out on the floor and I would help open the packages and stack the merchandise on the shelves.
In high school group report and my job was the research for the report.
Contribute to team effort every day as supervisor.
As a volunteer at Providence Sacred Heart, I am currently part of a team effort. One other volunteer and I staff the information desk. Our role is to assist visitors to the hospital, primarily directing them where they need to go, but we address all questions. By having a large body of volunteers, paid hospital staffers are able to spend more time at their designated duties.
I am part of a team effort every time I volunteer. My role is to supply information to patients and visitors that does not need to come from a medical professionals that is non-the-less essential. How to get to parking, where are various diagnostic tests done, where does one check in for surgery? and so on.
TPM / RILA Reception - Compile a list of invites and request complete contact information for all clients. I contacted the clients directly to follow up on behalf of each team member and updated their sheets from my end, to enable the team members to devote more time to handling their client meetings.
We have had many team projects at the college. Each of us had a task to fulfill, mine was to divide the tasks and give everyone a topic to cover and later on to join our tasks into a complete assignment. Also, since I am an eager volunteer, one of the most important traits is to be able to work in a team and manage in every situation, like with the refugees, we each had our department to organize, mine was clothing, from taking in the donations to sorting them out and then distributing the clothes to immigrants.
2013 . I did contribute to the management and maintained the use of water pump.
I contributed to a team effort retail merchandising on a grocery reset team. My role was the retail merchandiser.
We worked overnight to set up a brand new product coming out processed stocked and set up signage to promote next morning out come was great sales for the company.
I am currently part of a team, as a volunteer for Providence Sacred Heart. I help direct visitors to the hospital to where they need to go, and provide information, so that paid staffers can focus on what they need to.
At home it would be me and I am putting away groceries but at work my last team effort was designing and incap for a certain product I was there designer you could say.
At home every week putting groceries away with my aunt but the last working team effort was probably designing incaps.
At my current job we are given a group targert to reach that day. I work as hard as possible in my shift to insure we are as close as possible before the next girl comes in.
As a manager at Goodwill Industries, I adopted one of our retail stores to support their competitive sales effort. I helped set up a BBQ at the store to attract customers. I was the cook.
Helping to set up the in caps at target.
Last time I contributed in a team effort was in agriculture class my group and I planted potatoes.
Team leader and helped organize an attack.
Setting up to clean carpets and upholstery. My husband and I ran a small carpet and upholstery cleaning company with my step-father and then continued when we moved to Blue Ridge. We had teamed up with another small company to clean a large church. My job was to set up safety signs and pre-spray the pews, carpeting, chairs, and steps. I, also, hauled in cleaner, rags, and held hoses so my husband and the other person cleaning to smoothly and safely maneuver around the rooms.
Custodial/janitor working in a public school.
Although during my job experiences I worked with different people and different task but the experience that made a lasting impression was when during one of the jobs we were assigned to reorganize the department altogether andi assist in placing the carts and the racks so that the area look beautiful as well as more attractive and I did that upto the mark.
I volunteered last month with a food bank volunteer program.
When I was in the Inventory management, for the research of documents the out come was the find of the outcome.
I worked with the team jointly as its my own work so that the job alloted to us is completed in time frame.
It was at school. I was assigned to be part of a group to research and report about a certain topic in biology. I was designated by our group to make the powerpoint presentation.
Things don't always go as planned on renovation jobs. Various negative things came together to cause a backlog on a renovation site we were working on. had been away for a couple of hours, and mertisl had been delivered and improperly placed, causing mayhem on the job. I saw immediately that something had to be done, so I got everyone to stop what they were doing for a few minutes, and togther we placed the stock properly, and within minuted the nmess was gone, and everyone was able to return to their duties able to function efficeintly again.
I contribute to a team effort just about everyday, I am usually involved with my while met team working towards a common goal, I feel like I oversee projects often to ensure theyre done correctly.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was at my last job witch we would work on a daily basis was making pods ( end caps of the store to set up for our spring events my role was helping designing pods of what the company wanted.
I was the treasurer for the HSA (home school association) at Kenmore West. I had to count the money, prepare it for deposit, take it to bank and update the log. I also had to work on the budget and make changes throughout the year. I helped with membership when we had tables at Kenmore west and encouraged others to attend meetings.
Worked on teams to implement computer systems... Have been a team lead, training co-ordinator, part of natural work team to identify gaps in process.
Tractorama spring event. My role was to ensure all 6 models were arranged in the parking lot.
We are currently working on team project to come up with a new directive. We are in the early stages right now so it's mostly chatting and bouncing ideas off of one another. Once we start working on it, I will be in charge of the execution part of it because I am detail oriented and have a lot of experience with the creation of directives.
Busy day at work. We all got together and worked as a team to overcome and finish on time.
I have always led... Guided employees from ordering, actually doing task, to delivering product.
When I played basketball in Junior High I was part of a team. We all worked together. I was more of a leader because I gave confidence to the girls no matter what the situation was.
The project was the scale house, and I took on the leadership role in the group in order to complete the assignment on time.
Let my supervisor know about the conflict.
Year ago I was in charge of obtaining all the materials to complete the job.