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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
User Submitted Interview Answers
In 2007 and 2008 I help my team members at the Dollar Treeloading unloading delivery trucks and organize the stockroom.
At the dollar tree during the holidays working in teams to load and unload delivery trucks.
Last time I contributed to a team effort was last summer my role was help paint a building with co-works and get the job done on time.
I helped set up display of new line of products to sell.My role was to organize items according to plans.
For the last three years I worked in case managment teams.
Setting up a reset and coaching and training the team get the job done perfectly.
Everyday i contribute to a team effort. The effort for the week was to get the job completed before the deadline and each project me and my crew had was completed.
My last job was working at a school which is all about team work. Working together with teachers, parents, and children to fulfill needs is an every day ocurance.
My role was to handle all inbound calls during a certain hour of the day. So I made sure to priortize all my work so that we could get our team goal accomplished.
I was the treasurer for the HSA (home school association) at Kenmore West. I had to count the money, prepare it for deposit, take it to bank and update the log. I also had to work on the budget and make changes throughout the year. I helped with membership when we had tables at Kenmore west and encouraged others to attend meetings.