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What was the most stressful situation you have been in at work before?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Having a long line up and running out of the advertised item.
Having to expose a fellow worker who was stealing.
Maybe the holidays all though they are exciting they can also be overwhelming. Big sales items going out of stock having to track down items in other stores for customers all while stocking shelves or working the floor.
As a head cahsier at IGA around Christmas time it would get incredibly busy and you would have 20 cashier working a day and you would have to make sure all breaks were being taking at the aloted time and answer the calls for change, managers and deal with customers too. A lot would be going on at once.
Two co workers got into a fist fight. I had to break them apart and suspend them for three days. Something no one really likes to do.
Had a lot of customers at one time which was quite stressful but with team effort and staying on task we handled it very well.
The most stressful situation that I have faced is being given a job that requires attention to detail and having less than the usual time to get it done. However, I worked hard and achieved the goal within the deadline.
Once time when I was bartending, my manager let the other bartender leave because it was so slow. About a half hour later the bar became packed. I had so many people trying to get my attention and getting frustrated, I started to get flustered and make mistakes. I then took a moment to take a few deep breaths, call my manager for help and then did the best I could, thanking everyone for their patience.
Never happen ever I do my job the right way as directed.
A manager was demoted and I was promoted so adjusting to that period was a little stressful.