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What steps do you take to solve a problem?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Assess the situation then take the knowledge that has been provided to me get problem solved.
I will thoroughly listen to what the problem is and assist them in any way possible.
I try and figure out a solution and take steps to work it out.
I take the problem apart and look at it from all different sides.
First verify the problem and make sure what is the problem exactly by asking 5 w question. Second gathering the information from reliable resources and if necessary team up with experienced person . Make a time line and start to plan to solve the problem. Take action . Monitor the process of the tasking . Adjusting . Report to my manager and finish the tasks and make sure that next time we would not have the same problem.
Try to help them as best i can, if i cant meet their needs, then find someone else(manager)to help
With an open mind and good grasp of what the problem is, figure out what to do to solve, make a strategy, consider the results.
Look at problem as a whole...break it down into do-sble increments. EX...have to pay rent. I get a job...create budget, save a little money each week. Starting big and bringing in the focus helps to create goals and plausible steps.
I investigate to see what the problem is, then I try to figure out a workable solution, if all else fails I find someone with more experience to help me.
First of all, try to solve it by myself based on my experience and knowledge also listening to customer. If I can`t solve it alone ask my Colleague who has more experience.