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What are some of your weaknesses?
We all have things we can improve on, so do not be afraid to share them. The interviewer will likely take note of these things and may even provide you with additional training or mentoring in these areas if possible to help you excel. The interviewer wants to hear that your weaknesses are not critical for the job you are applying to. Think of a couple of things you could improve upon that are not necessary for the job, and openly share them with the interviewer. You might even include some fun things that are not job-related. For example, you might state, "Cooking is definitely a weakness for me! If you need someone to paint a poster, I'm probably not your guy!" The interviewer will think it's clever, and painting is not essential for a job at Home Depot.
Answer examples
"Cooking is definitely a weakness for me! If you need someone to paint a poster, I'm probably not your guy!"

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User-Submitted Answers

What are some of your weaknesses?
Perfection I like having all my work done perfect and on time, I do not like when I am unable to finish my work when the day has ended if allowed at times I would like to stay off work hours and finish my work.
Expect perfection...
One of my weakness is also one of my strengths, I tend to focus on the customers needs more than my own. I will go out of my way to have the customer leave feeling satisfied than hum-hawing around to get out of helping anyone to go on a break or lunch or even home.
I do not have many weaknessesI look for the positive things and every -0 asianrace Negative situation I find strong solutions.
Letting other people problems bother me.
Perfection I like having all my work done perfect and on time, I do not like when I am unable to finish my work when the day has ended if allowed at times I would like to stay off work hours and finish my work.
I do not consider any of my flaws as weaknesses; instead of being "weaknesses," I see them as negative energy that needs to be done away with.
I can be a perfectionist. Quality is very important to me and I like jobs that I work on to be pleasing to the eye as well. So sometimes I can be a workaholic which is not always great.
My weakness would be I am very serious at times and I have been told to relax a little while working.
I would have to say I do ask alot of questions, which some people may consider a weakness or just annoying, but I feel in order to complete my job completely I need to know the roles of the other employees within the business.
I used to be a little unorganized but then I started using this tactic and now I have become more organized which has benefited me in many ways. I use to wait last minute to turn in assignments before the deadline now I learned to work ahead of time which has helped me out in many ways.
Taking on more than I should, not wanting to burden other people. However that is something I am aware of and am more comfortable delegating to others. At times being too empathetic.
Nobody is perfect including me and I am always willing to learn new things.
I sometimes focus too much on my mistakes but in turn I tend to resolve them. For example I was unaware on one of my shifts that we were no longer accepting $50.00 American bills and fretted about it for hours after my shift. The following shifts I made sure to speak directly with my supervisor to make sure I knew of any changes of policy in regards to changes cash department.
In order to be strong you must never show weakness.
I have a problem saying no, if someone asks me to do something im the first to take on the task which then effects my time management and gives me less time to complete my tasks, im always eager to help.
Perfectionist and competitiveness are my weakest qualities.
Because I am always working to get the job done my weakness I would say is know when to delegate instead of doing it myself.
I used to find it hard to approach people and start up a conversation or deal with conflict. Years of retail have increased my confidence.
One weakness I had was patience, but by learning to stop thinking about me and listen, think positive I was able to understand situations and turned it around, today people comment on how patient I am.
My weakness would probably be the ability to talk in front of large groups.
I think one of my weaknesses is my stubbornness. When I want something, or I believe in something, I will fully believe in it until someone comes along and proves me otherwise. However, I am open to listening to their ideas and if it makes sense, I will definitely change accordingly.
Feeling discouraged when falling behind but will pick up my pace and continue to work hard.
I am too hard on myself and I am a little OCD sometimes.
Sometimes I tend to spend too much time with a customer.
One weakness I have is that I sometimes still get nervous when I am asked to speak in front of a lot of people. I have not had a lot of experience in public speaking but I am taking steps to improve myself in this by volunteering in classes to answer and read.
I sometimes try and do things on my own without clarification. I will sometimes deny help in order to make myself look like an advanced employee.
I struggle slightly with speaking in fronts of a large group.
I dun hv many weaknesses coz m I am positive person.
My biggest weakness is not having experience, however this can also turn into a strength because with inexperience comes a chance to learn and grow.
Not knowing all about building.
I enjoy people so much that I usually end up spending a lot of time talking to each customer.
I am willing to sacrifice my needs for the good of the team.
I trouble leaving work behind when I go home at night.
I tend to get tunnel vision when I am working on a project, and I sometimes push too hard to get it done without considering things like sleep and eating.
I pay too much attention to detail, sometimes I get off topic.
Task completion devotion - lose sight of the forest for the trees by concentrating on tasks on list whilst not changing focus as new priorities arise.
Speaking clearly and communicating my ideas effectively to others.
Public Speaking would be my weakness. I can get flustered when speaking in front of a large crowd.
I have very little patience for team members who do just enough to keep their job.
While I am conversational in Spanish, I have taken a year off of the language due to a full course schedule. I am rusty in the language, but can pick it up again very quickly. I am also taking a Spanish course in the fall which will renew my skill in the language. I also have not had much experience in a cashier position, but with my advanced skills in math and having taken multiple years of woodworking courses, I can learn quickly and efficiently.
I am always willing and ready to help others.
Being perfectionist in all details.
I dont know everything but im quick learner.
Some of my weaknesses are trying to me a perfectionist. I have a hard time stopping something I am doing if it is not exactly how I want it to be. Another weakness is overthinking on what will happen next. I like for things to be in order.
I get too hung up on mistakes and I generally get very fixated on things.
My main weakness is being a perfectionist and controlling my tongue.
I fell frustrate when I do not understand de workflow, I have some trouble with the languages to cause of my short time in the country.
I would rather not ask for help. I am not a morning person.
My weaknesses is being to nice.
Time management and multi tasking.
I was a terrible writer. In a previous position I saw a chance to improve on this weakness and did. I went from a zero to a perfect 4.
I have very few weaknesses... Chocolate.
Getting in a hurry and not thinking the whole process through.
I don't like talking in groups . I am working on this by having startup meetings with my team everyday about the goals that are set for the department.
That I can become to comfortable in some aspects of my life and not look to get better or improve myself.
If I dont't plan things out I tend to not get much done.
I dislike confrontation, but have gained managerial courage.
Public speaking. Not use to speaking to a large audience. Would like to work on that.
I am so detail oriented and some times I overdue the job.
One of my biggest weakness is being a perfectionist. If I fail at something I'll continue to do it over until it's right. Which keeps me busy most of the time.
Advice on interviewing always demands that an interviewee emphasize what a perfectionist they are, and cloth it as a "weakness". Anyone who has worked directly with me on projects knows just how excrutiatingly picky I can be! My real weakness is giving people too much benefit of the doubt.
I get to focused into a task an loose track of time.
I am very analytical and need to to learn how to move away from my tasks to take at least a quick break from time to time. I get very wrapped up in my work and find myself gong for days at a time with no actual short breaks or real lunch breaks because I am on a roll and just don't want to stop until I complete everything or get a great start.
I tend to offer more help than is needed.
Perhaps perfection. I like to get things done, I don't like piling up my tasks.
I give people too much benefit of the doubt. I assume they are as honest and as determined to do their best as I am.
I would like to refer to my weaknesses as room for improvement always striving better than I was the day before.
I prefer referring to my weaknesses as room to grow but from an overall aspect I'm A pretty strong person.
Procrastination. I am aware of this and make every effort to do things as quickly as they come to mind. I make a special effort to avoid falling into that trap.
I prefer to consider a weakness being more room to grow so I don't have any.
The answer to this time-honored question is a time-honored answer: Perfectionism in what I do. And while I am a perfectionist in my own projects and work principles, a less common weakness would be that I too often give people the benefit of the doubt.
I can not lift anything above 40 pounds on my own. I have a damaged disk in my spine.
I don't really know any of my weaknesses . I don't show my weaknesses.
I think I dont have much of the exposure to the educational institute here in canada whick im looking forward to in future.
A weakness of mine are handling difficult customers.
I like to work too many hours in the day.
Accepting all mistakes and trying to learn the mistakes and improving by not happening those mistakes again.
None really. Sometimes people get mad at me because I'm better them.
Sometimes I talk too much. I find it difficult to stand up for myself sometimes. These are both issues I have been working on improving and have made a lot of headway.
I didn't have a firm grip on the french language, so I began working with french employees that did not speak engllish well. I would speak to them in french only, and they would speak to me in english only, and we would correct each other. Together we all improved our second language very quickly. I now am effectively bilingual.
Talking in front of groups, anxiety, confrontation.
When I first entered college, I realized in one of my classes that being nervous to accomplish public speaking was going to be a problem and I used it as an opportunity to improve myself. I joined Student Managed Investment Fund, where with the practice of weekly presentations I got to improve myself. Today, I am less nervous when I have to do public speaking. I also know Home Depot offers Apron talks in order to help people within the company with this. I am looking forward to continue to improve.
Cute babies and animals other than that built strong.
Some of my weaknesses are being super fast,
My weaknesses are judge people for lame excuses to miss work.
I don't like mistakes but you have to make them too learn.
Like many people I get sensitive to criticism when it isn't very constructive, or if I am yelled at. If the criticism is fair and constructive I am fine with it.
Sometimes take on work of others if they are having trouble. Sometimes get too detailed in my explanations.
Not weakness as much as areas I could learn and grow more.
Being hard on my self if I dont finish my job assignment on time or I take long ler then normal on learning new tasks.
Sometimes I dwell too much on the smaller details when performing job functions. I tend to be too particular which ends up taking more time than necessary to complete a project.
I would say my biggest weakness is not speaking up enough in meetings. It's not that I'm timid or uninterested, it's just that I'm thinking. I'm trying to figure out the best possible solution for the problem presented. I'm laying out scenarios. I've been working on it and I've definitely gotten a lot better. I've noticed that it helps to write down my ideas. That way I actually see my thoughts on paper. I also often email my thoughts afterwards or speak with my Manager. Sometimes it's better to take some time and come back.
Some times I am reluctant to ask for the help that I need and ask questions.