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Tell me about your experience in working in retail?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

If you have experience, start off by giving the interviewer a high-level overview of your experience by sharing where you have worked, your job title, and how long you were employed there. Add a sentence or two about what your job duties were in each role as well. Be sure to mention that you really enjoy this industry, and you look forward to continuing to work in retail industry roles.

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Tell me about your experience in working in retail?
Rachel has a lot of customer interaction it is fast paceit is ever-changing and fun and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
Being tall most customer will always ask for assistance for hard to reach top shelf items so I am always willing to help.
I have great experience with handling money and a feel for wht customers want when they come into a store.
I have over 9 1/2 years of customer service experience and a little over 7 years of retail experience working in the Home Improvement industry. I have also worked in multiple departments with in a Home Improvement store and I am a very hard worker and quick learner and very deadicated to my work and put a lot of pride in keeping the department I am working in very clean and neat.
I have worked in a financial retail environment where I assisted individual clients and their family members.
I got to interact with customers and help them to their destinations. I gained skills in retail because everyday I would work on different skills like speaking to customers, and gathering information on customers reaction to products.
I began in retail as a vendor for 7 years providing products to stores on my route. I then worked in Information Technology for 3 years where we provided information to manufactures, retailers and brokers. I then was a general manager of Masonry/landscape yard for 7 years. And have been with Home Depot for over 3 years.
I always have enjoyed working in retail, seeing the smile on peoples faces when you remember them.
Ive enjoyed it very much you get to interact with the customers everyday and they become a part of your daily routine when you see them it is nice to see the great customers mcdonalds has everyday.
Very good experience with customer with cooworker.
Retail has been nothing but positive for me. With the help of great leaders I was able to grow into the leader I am today. So long as your work is complete there are times you get to have some fun along the way which is great for morale and to build a strong team.
I have over 30 years in many aspects of retail from sales to leadership roles.
I have done cashier work, cleaning around the store, done resets, help set up a new store, answered the phone checked in vendors,
I enjoy working in retail as I enjoy the interaction with people. I like the fast pace, and enjoy getting to know my customers as well as learning new things about the business.
Working in retail is about helping others and being respectful. Its about showing people that you can make a difference.
I started off at zellers in merchandizing and I have extensive logistics background, shipping, receiving, backroom organization, inventory control, ordering, damages, reclamation and indirectly you work behind the scenes but you still provide satisfaction to the customer.
Many years of experience in retail has shown me to be patient, and take my time to listen, and then I can help better.
I worked at a pet store for 2-1/2 years stocking merchandise and helping with customer service.
I enjoyed working in retail because I like to work with people.
My retail experience includes cashier, commission sales, selling features/benefits, service contracts, repeat sales, and handling returns/exchanges.
Always put the customer first 100 percent of the time.
I have worked some retail jobs when I was young, but not anything in the last 25. However, retail is customer service, and that is my background.
Worked in the banking industry for over 30 years. Held several positions and have been quite successful in each and everyone.
I have worked at Home Depot for 12 years. Previous to that I worked at St Clair Paint and Paper for 3 years.
I love working retail serving customers meeting different people.
Many years learned quickly and enjoyed challenges.
Knowing your product so you can inform the customer with wuestions and listen to your customer so you can better help them find what they are looking for.
Well I have work at payless and Walmart. At both jobs I have hone my retail skills in work at a fast pace and providing great customer service.
Working in retail you really need to know where everything is because there will be at least 10 people in one shift who will ask you to locate products for them. Detail is very important in retail and you always have to pay attention to everything and anything.
I have worked for Ross clothing store, where I stocked merchandise.
If I get the job in Home Depot it will be the fist experience working in retail.
I have worked in automobile repair and service shops as a service writer. I met with customers, determine what there need was and schedule them into the who for completion of this tasks.
It was pretty exciting and fun. I was able to build great customer relationship, meet exciting and new people every day.
I worked in retailing in my other job.
I have worked in retail most of my life and I love it, I love people and I love faced paced places.
It was with Staples. I had to fix computers behind closed doors and when needed I had to help out on the floor by making sure each customer was being helped and when helping would effectively satisfied every customer.
Exciting, challenging, interesting, frustrating, but with my friendly customer service rewarding.
Started working in sales at Home Depot, within 2 years became a department head, a year and a half later Assistant Manager.
Its fast paced, I like talking to customers, I like changing seasons.
Have 6 1/2 years in the retail industry at this time, started doing packdown then cross merchandising. After csm postion was eliminated moved to flooring specialist, from there to receiving supervisor, now my current position is kitchen and bath supervisor.
My experience in retail has been positive. I love people and learning so I've always had good experiences and this is why I'm still seeking a retail career.
I have worked in a grocery store I was cashier and I also worked in a pharmacy as a cashier.
When working at Sears, I would deal with people from all walks of life. So over time I developed a skill in reading them to determine their mood and what they are looking for.
Usually when a customer comes in, they are already prepared to buy supplies and get information, so I see it as my job to see to it they are guided in the best direction. Sometimes, they are "feeling out" an idea to see if it is something they might want to do on their own, or if they might want to hire it done. Sometimes when a process is explained clearly, it is less daunting. I liked sharing my enthusiasm for plants and gardening.
I worked in a bookstore, my tasks were to open the store, prepare the space for customers, floor mopping, turning on the lights. Restocking during of after the shift, depending on the demand. Talking to customers, helping them pick a present or a book, recommending, managing the cash register, packing the presents and locking the store.
I have two years experience in retail. How to related to customer.
Retail is awesome I love to communicate with the public and help out those in need.
I have primarily been in support roles, in technical support. But I've learned a great deal about retail operations. Although, my very first job was a stock person for a retail store.
I think working in retail is awesome there's not a day that the same and I love communicating with the public.
I used to work on Saturdays in our shop (plumbing & heating) but I do not recall having any problem with it.
I don't really have any experience which is why I want to learn and. Improve my retail skills.
My experience working in retail is quite good and pleasant and im always happy with my job but sometimes it gets hectic and stressful.
Its very good you get to meet new people, and different task to do.
Working in Jamaica I encountered many tourists as well as locals. I had to learn how to please both groups with different expectations. This taught me how to work with many personality types.
I have no prior experience but I am a fast learner and eager to gain new knowledge.
I worked at a tire store mechanical garagebfor 8 years as manger. Store had lost 130000 in 2 years before I came . Implemented marketing programs such as group purchase plan to increase sales. Treated clients with respec and explained why repairs had to be done on their cars by showing them the worn out parts. Turned the store around in 1 year. And continued growth eand priofitibility each year thereafter.
My experience has been great. I've learned so much, worked so hard, and am happiest here than anywhere ive been before.
I gained a lot of knowledge about different products and further strengthened my communication skills.
I've worked in warehouse logistics for 30 plus yeard.
When I worked at Ivy Lane I was more behind the scenes in retail. There I had the chance to work on their social media. I got first hand experience into starting an Instagram and the hard work that goes into it. I also got to do buying for the owner. There are so many parts that goes into making a successful brand.
It was fast paced, the way I like to work. It was a learning experience as well not only do I get a chance to interact or meet new people and solve problems or give ideas but I also get to learn about brands or merchandise the company may sale so I can better understand what I am saleing customers and also to determine whats better for me as oppose to other products.
Years ago I worked in a hotel and managed a small retail store most lately automobile sales.
I don't not have any experience working in retail.
Retail gave me Hope when My Children was small. With sick children working outside was out. I start sewing business, I enjoy pleasing my customers and I Know that every successful business knoe the key to success is knowledge of understanding the benefit of having customer and how to create want and handling supply and demad.
My sister had her own company where she sold beauty and spa products. I helped with demonstrating and selling products at trade shows.
It the most rewarding for me at least I love people I like to put smiles onther face send them out with with knowing because of me they will return because of my positive service.
Always expect the unexpected whether it be a new item purchase or a product return. Treat each customer interaction/situation with a smile and a thank you.
Enjoyed working and interacting with the customers. Most people were nice and made it easy. When I did have a rude or upset customer I did my best to let the negativity not affect me and try my best to listen to their issue and do my best to solve the problem. If I couldn't help, refer them to a supervisor.
I owned and operated a deli and 2 catering halls with my ex husband .
Sav on drugs as an asst manager also petco and petsmart and a privately owend petstore. So I have had many years of experience. I know how retail works and what needs to be done.
I helped customers find what they were looking for. I had to face the merchandise to make the shelves look good.

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