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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
Talking about a time when you calmed an upset customer can be a great example for this question. Be ready to talk about the time you went above and beyond with handling a customer complaint. Explain how you personally listened to every word the customer had to say. Next, describe how you apologized to the customer with a calm voice and sincere heart. Finally, be sure to tell the interviewer what solution you offered the customer. Perhaps you did not charge them for a meal if it was in a restaurant. Maybe you offered a new dish for them to try. Be sure to close with how happy the customer was when they left! Or, you may approach the question with something you have done during the normal course of the day to go above and beyond for your customers. For example, if you work at a grocery store, you might share that you walk the customers out to their car when customer levels allow and assist them with loading the groceries into their car.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
As a cashier at manny's communications I always made sure that every single customer that came in understood exactly what they were getting charged for, and received their exact change.
I was clocking out and a customer had trouble locating an item so I continued to clock out and politely walked the customer to where the item was located.
I always try to go above and beyond for customers. One time a customer came to me who had already been told to go to several different persons. He had gone and still could not get the information he needed. So I contacted two different people familiar with the topic that he needed help with and when I get the answer I also contacted the person that they referred me to so that I could give my customer an answer without sending him to someone else. The formerly frustrated man left delighted.
As a merchandiser at Toys R us I always made sure customers left satisfied and every question was answered precisely. I also made sure to ask customers periodically if they needed any help.
A Customer had been in the store twice before I met her. She was very upset at the fact that the flooring she wanted was not included in the current promotion. Apparently, on both visits the associates confirmed with her that the flooring she liked would indeed be included. When the measure was completed and she was ultimately told that the flooring would not qualify for the promo, she was confused and understandably upset. I listened to her explain her feelings and the facts as she knew them. I then reassured her that we would do everything possible to get to the bottom of it. I involved the store manager and we developed a plan to provide her with the flooring of her choice for the promo price. The customer ultimately decided on a completely different direction was very satisfied that we were willing to do whatever we could to make it right with her.
A customer come to me many people has already send him everywhere, I will try every thing if I don t found what he looking for, I find someone who know to help him.
I always give excellent customer service al the time going to customers homes to hook up washers and dryers.
When I resolved an issue they had with a non refundable visa credit card they bought from us.
One of my clients received the wrong order I apologized and refunded the order, afterward I accompanied the driver to personally deliver his order for free.
After clocking out for the day I was in the line up to purchase a drink and a new associate who was not familiar with one of the departments needed help locating where the silver cleaner was. There were a few sick calls from staff that day so there was no one to help him so I got out of line and took the customer to where the item was on the shelf.
After clocking out for the day I was in the line up to purchase a drink and a new associate who was not familiar with one of the departments needed help locating where the silver cleaner was. There were a few sick calls from staff that day so there was no one to help him so I got out of line and took the customer to where the item was on the shelf.
There have been many times where I was about to clock out or we were closing the store and a customer would ask me for help, it always pays off to make sure you help every last customer find what they are looking for and listen to their needs. Sometimes I have personally delivered items for customers at no cost simply to contribute to the success of our business.
I was clocked out on breaking and I was walking to the break room and this older couple came up to me asking if I spoke spanish, I was the only one that spoke spanish in the whole store at the time. They were telling me that they wanted to surprise their son with a new laptop, so I offered to help them right away.
Told a customer how to fin his fiberglass shower floor.
It was a time when the customer came to the customer service desk speaking about the sales associate on the floor not giving no assistant. So I decided to leave the counter and sale the customer a Apple laptop that she needed assistant with, although she was upset with the other associate she was happy that I took the initiative to assist her immediate.
A gentleman came in paid for a bbq, but he couldnt take it that day, so I put it in the stockroom and photocopied the receipt and put it on it and when he came the next day, I wasnt in and somebody had sold his bbq. He came to see me when I was in the next day I called around to other stores and found another bbq and convinced them to transfer it to my store eventhough they would lose the sale and I even got someone to deliver it for him.
Just recently a customer came in who was very angry at a competitor for not completing the job they promised. It was a difficult project that the other girl as going to turn away, thinking we would not be able to do it. I listened to what the customer wanted, and was able to come up with a solution that she was very happy with. I then completed the project in 2 days when she was expecting it to take 2 weeks. She was so happy that she was almost in tears.
Our wheelchairs were all gone and our customers wanted to shop in our garden center so I volunteered to push their cart while they shopped for product. I took advantage of showing them where things were and offered them things they might have forgotten. They were extremely happy.
Greeting a confused customer new to the home improvement warehouse experience, reassuring that his project is not to formitting, understanding his needs reassuring that all his needs will be received and.
It was close to me clocking out and I had a customer with a need that no one could help them with. I stayed over to help the customer and they were extremely happy. Told my manager and he said I could cut the over time the next day.
I stayed late to process an order when everyone else went home.
It was almost the end of my shift and a diy came in. She was so pleasant, that I could not leave her to some other associate. I stayed with her for an hour and she was generally pleased.
Customer needed help and I helped customer to great satisfaction.
I have quickly helped customers on my day off, if I was there, and available.
Over the top is always my goal. To exceed any and all customers expectations will win back the customer every time. Find the best possible solution and sell the entire project.
I do it every day. I have to leave to go get my wife, and a problem happened with a client. I called my wife, told her I would be late, and stayed until the client was satisified.
Customer was just came in time of closing, I all ready closed the terminal, want to give the dimention of window a/c, I give the diemntion but at last he wants to buy because he cant come again next day, so I reopen my till and sold him the product, not only that but I help him to carry out when all doors was closed.
Customer needed papers to notorize at last minute. I contacted an attorney who I had a business relationship with stayed late at work so that the attorney could meet the customer at the branch so she could catch the plane for the start of her vacation.
I dealt with a very upset customer that had ordered replacement flooring and it had come in wrong both times. She was very angry. I got all the information, managed to get the same lot of flooring and drove the flooring 40 minutes to her house so that she would not have to wait for it to be delivered. She was so surprised and so thankful.
There was an elderly lady at my register, she bought several bags of soil. She requested that I call lot to put it in her car. At the time the lot attendant was busy and the lady was waiting for a long period of time. I signed out of my cash register, closed my gate and I put it in her car for her.
Our lot assistant was on a break and an elderly lady needed someone to put several bags of soil in her car. I paged for any available associate but they must have been busy with other customers. I shut my gates, signed out of my cash register and loaded the soil into her car for her.
Try to track down a item for a customer call all around to different stores.
I was clocking out and a customer had trouble locating an item so I continued to clock out and politely walked the customer to where the item was located.
Searched all stores for 2 identical items for customer and delivered them in time period specified, they remembered my efforts and reminded me 15 years later what I did for them and they purchased again.
When a customer asks you a question like where something is do not just point to where it is show them and also stay with them and help them to make the right decision by comparing items and answering questions to the best of your ability and if for some reason you are out of the item find out if another store has it in stock an have that store hold it for the customer.
A customer came to me while I was clocking out for help to identify goods and I responded immediately even while clocking out.
Working in a lighting store, I would assemble lamps and other fixtures as well as draw diagrams for customers to give them more detail than the directions allowed.
A customer was a little disappointed we ran out of an item which was on clearance and I called every store and eventually found what she was looking for, she was really happy.
A customer was a little disappointed we ran out of an item which was on clearance and I called every store and eventually found what she was looking for, she was really happy.
At my last job at Shur tech to get more displays done so the customer dose not have to wait.
Found item customer was looking for after they left and called them to let them know.
As an over the phone customer advocate I had many customers that needed questions answered and needs fulfilled. One specific customer had a key fab broken and I handled her case from three months seeing that she received her refund through our Executive Services team. The department misinterpreted her ticket and I helped straighten it out.
Whenever something goes wrong with a delivery in my current position, I am always willing to drive out and remediate the problem given permission from an ASM.
Worked through break and lunch period, worked overtime.
A customer was late to his appointment and a walk in took his place and I did everything possible to make sure he gets another appointment at the time best for him to make sure he leaves happy and satisfied with our customer service.
A handicapped customer was looking for a mobile cart. Since we only had one in the whole store, I voulenteered to do his shopping while he sat in the seating area enojoying a meal and watching a basketball game.
I always go beyond my job at customer service. I go out of my way everyday to find customers shipments so they can get them quickly.
We had one of our biggest events which included two hundred car show and we had to stay an extra night to prepare for the event. As we were setting up one of the other coworkers was having a hard time organizing the gift baskets so I stayed after to help out and finish the gifts for the custemers.
When I received my first set of routes as a bus driver I was assigned a mentor who drove me around each of the routes in her bus a few times and helped make notes so I would remember the routes and sequence of the stops. I was then told that once I got my own bus I would be paid 1 hour to practice the routes on my own without students. Well, it is one of the most crucial aspects of driving a school bus that the driver knows the route and I did not want to be fumbling with it with students on board so even before I got my bus I went out in my personal car and drove those routes for several hours that day and then again over the weekend. By the time I got my bus on the following Monday I was much more confident driving the routes and still spent more that just 1 hour practicing. I am very glad that I did this, because once I was on my own picking up students: in the dark, in the rain, dealing with morning rush hour traffic I was able to focus on the students and making sure everyone was accounted for rather than whether or not I had missed a turn, or a stop.
While working in a managerial position I had to fill in for a receptionist that was ill. A couple other employees were also ill that day. I recd a phone call from a person needing a list of repairs done to certain fleet vehicles. While juggling phone calls I made sure the person recd the info they needed in a courteous and timely manner.
I remember a time when I stood over my co-worker form accounting dept. Until they were finish preparing a check for a client that was upset for not being paid on time.
Yes. By encouraging them with motivating words and by being an example and row model to that person.
Light bulbs we no longer carry in system. When on line and found them for a customer.
In one time a customer asks me some products cutter in a specifict size, How it is for eat I think was difficults to swallowing, with respect I recommended her another small size and I show her beside that she wants, The customer try and she agree with me thats is the better way and it likes her so much and she asks me all the products in this size.
Because the customer service say I was wrong.
I never really worked with customers.
I had a customer wanting to bring a family, a big group of people actually and he wanted to have a private viewing so in order to do that I had to go beyond my normal duties to make this happen. It did and it went very well.
I do this a lot. What seems going above and behind to most people is to me a natural thing to do.
When I took a client shopping for new clothes on my own time.
Going above and beyond is something I have done often in my career. But one the sticks out is when I has working front desk at a hotel where we over booked, so when these people arrived and we had no rooms, I found a hotel which gave them a better room than we offered at no cost to them.
All the time. We are a team that stays late, come in early and work very hard in fixing any issues that the customer in the end will be happy.
I had a customer that just could not wait to have his bathroom ready for his Mother when she got out of Hospital on Monday. So I spent the entire weekend working with a couple of late nights as well to get it done for Him/Her. He was so pleased.
I always try to make sure my customer is pleased with the results of the projects and even worked unpaid hours to achieve customer satisfaction.
I was working as a department manager in building materials around 1993, when a customer was looking for a product that we did not have, I found a store that did have it, when their to purchase it, brought it back to the store, put it in inventory and sold it to the customer. I realize that can not be done that way today.
Only when I am convinced that the customer need or demand is legitimate, I maybe have to bend backwards in helping him. There has been instances where I had to plead the customer case with my superior to meet his requirement.
Customer called from dmv to have a ID cards mailed home. They weren't in his car. I offered to fax them over to the dmv office. He was very greatful and later called back and spoke to a supervisor and left a compliment.
I had a customer leave me 20 .00 by mistake. I looked for her in the women bath room and finally finding her out side to ask her if she meant to give me this 20 bill. She thanked me for my honesty and handed me a $1.00. She was a senior citizen.
A time gave exceptional customer service would have to be the first time I took on a large party by myself at olive garden. We usually split large parties between 2 servers but as we were short staffed that day I got to keep this one to myself after countless refirmations to my superior that I could handle it. The party was 15 guests, what seemed like a large family. I explained the situation to them at the beginning of the meal, and apologized up front for any nervousness I displayed as they were my first large group. My nervousness was all for nothing as that was the day that I realised I much prefer large parties and was very good with the memorizing and organizing that is needed with large parties. At the end of their meal, they asked to speak to the manager, that worried me a bit as I thought that everything had gone smoothly. When the manager returned to the kitchen, he said that they wanted to personally commend me for the excellent service and said that I went above and beyond for their needs. As I returned to bus the table, I found a 100 bill sitting right in the middle of it.
I was building a custom home for a family of four. I simply ran crown in bedrooms 3 @ 4 that was not on the contract. Huge surprise ! They were ecstatic and very happy. My number one goal.
While volunteering at Providence Sacred Heart I was approached by a family who spoke very little English. I speak very little Spanish, and they needed directions to where their daughter was going to get a diagnostic test. I knew the receptionist in a neighboring building is bilingual, so I called her and had them get directions from her, and they were able to get their daughter to her appointment.
Customer ordered a book & needed it before the shipping date. I personally delivered it to their home.
When I worked in a bookstore, an older lady wanted to see some cups and candles that were in the window, so I had to move the shelves to get to them, she was so happy that I actually wanted to go through all that trouble for her, although it was really nothing, the customer should be satisfied in the end.
I tried to calm a customer and talk to them and fully understand what they where having problems with.
One example is where I had to meet directly with a commercial customer who was irate with our service delivery. I met with the customer, listened to the customer express his concerns and frustrations and identified ways to solve the issue. I also ensured the customer that I would personally monitor the steps toward resolution and provide timely responses until closed. The customer commended me to my superiors.
While working for target there was a lady that came into the store she has like five kids and they kind of were all over the place so I helped her gather them up when she was ready to leave.
Once I left my job to open the door for a customer on a wheel chair and helped him in assisting various products he was looking for and later completed my assigned job.
Making sure that the costomer bought something before they got out of the store.
I don't have any customer service experience.
I fullfiled all the needs of the customer.
Sometimes you run into a situation where a customer wants something that you don't have, or sevice that you don't do. While estimating reno project it became apparent that there was an infestastion of raccoons. My client was beside herself. I told her not to worry, I called the spca, they gave me the number of an exterminator / animal control specialist in the west island. I called him and arranged for him to come the house. He eliminated the problem for the lady who since became a loyal customer of mine.
I go out of my way everyday to ask customers if they are finding everything ok, if not I happily drop what im doing to help them in any way I can. If I can't get sold off a department I have waited with a customer and looked with them for what they need to help them find it. I try to figure out what makes the most sense and get them what they need asap.
Took the time to walk a customer to the end of the store to show them something they were looking for.
On a light day while I was working the register a customer couldn't find a item. I asked my co worker to watch my station as I walked to the isle to search for the item which was high on the second shelf.
Buying back a product when there is no refund or exchange.
He wanted a certain phone and we didn't have it so we had to track it down for him to the nearest location. We had to call and check online what store had it.
There was a time while I was working a thief trying to steal someone's wallet I caught him stealing and I ran after him.
Creating set of reports, while working on other tasks. Didn't know some of the information needed, so worked extras hours from home to gain knowledge and complete the task.
A time a coustomer came in the store I was really busy the pepsi bib ran so out so I had customer they were patient enough to wait so I paid for there drink.
Customer arrived to pick up a lawn tractor. The shipping/receiving department was closed. Obtained LP permission to remove tractor from receiving, rolled it to front door and loaded it on to customer trailer. Customer was extremely pleased and thankful.
Built deck, stained it he didn't like it so I stripped the stain and restained it.
At Marshalls, if someone needed help finding an item in a different size, I would help them look, see if we had it in the back room, or call over to another store to see if they had the item.
Customer left the store and than I found the product they was looking for and went outside took to them.
Most memorable was at savon. When I helped an elderly couple find the right negatives for some pictures they wanted copies of. I spent a good amount of time with them they left very happy.
I resolved an engineering problem on a project I was working on.