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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
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A customer come to me many people has already send him everywhere, I will try every thing if I don t found what he looking for, I find someone who know to help him.
Customer needed help and I helped customer to great satisfaction.
As a merchandiser at Toys R us I always made sure customers left satisfied and every question was answered precisely. I also made sure to ask customers periodically if they needed any help.
I was clocking out and a customer had trouble locating an item so I continued to clock out and politely walked the customer to where the item was located.
I always give excellent customer service al the time going to customers homes to hook up washers and dryers.
One of my clients received the wrong order I apologized and refunded the order, afterward I accompanied the driver to personally deliver his order for free.
It was close to me clocking out and I had a customer with a need that no one could help them with. I stayed over to help the customer and they were extremely happy. Told my manager and he said I could cut the over time the next day.
I was clocked out on breaking and I was walking to the break room and this older couple came up to me asking if I spoke spanish, I was the only one that spoke spanish in the whole store at the time. They were telling me that they wanted to surprise their son with a new laptop, so I offered to help them right away.
Our wheelchairs were all gone and our customers wanted to shop in our garden center so I volunteered to push their cart while they shopped for product. I took advantage of showing them where things were and offered them things they might have forgotten. They were extremely happy.
A Customer had been in the store twice before I met her. She was very upset at the fact that the flooring she wanted was not included in the current promotion. Apparently, on both visits the associates confirmed with her that the flooring she liked would indeed be included. When the measure was completed and she was ultimately told that the flooring would not qualify for the promo, she was confused and understandably upset. I listened to her explain her feelings and the facts as she knew them. I then reassured her that we would do everything possible to get to the bottom of it. I involved the store manager and we developed a plan to provide her with the flooring of her choice for the promo price. The customer ultimately decided on a completely different direction was very satisfied that we were willing to do whatever we could to make it right with her.