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Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you handle conflict appropriately in the workplace. Start off by sharing with the interviewer that you typically get along with your co-workers great, but from time-to-time, you might disagree with someone.

Next, think of a time when you had a conflict with a co-worker. Tell the interviewer a brief overview of why you had a disagreed. Discuss how you ensured that you did not embarrass the individual by pulling them aside into a private space to have the conversation. Tell the interviewer that instead of continuing to be frustrated, it was better to talk about the situation to resolve it.

Finally, be sure to mention that the person continued to have a respectful relationship with you following the conversation due to the way that you handled the situation.

Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?
Answer example

"I recently worked with someone who didn't come to work on time. She was inconsistent, and I often needed to cover her shifts. I did end up talking to her, letting her know how her choices affected me. She apologized, but the situation did not improve. Eventually, she was terminated."

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Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?
When I go to work I focused on the job at hand I keep all communication professional and work related.
I worked a women, an employee of 35 years, at LifeLabs who for reasons only known to herself, she was not fond of me. She would always say my hairspray was too strong, or my perfume (although no perfume worn as scent free environment). I did not let this bother me and continued to be respectful of her knowledge and would, when necessary, consult with her on a test query.
A senior employee that had been with the company for 35 years, for some reason, was not my biggest fan. She would say my perfume too strong and giving her a headache, although we worked in scent-free environment, or that my hairspray bothered her. I continued to set this aside and was respectful of her knowledge and experience and would ask her for her advice when needed. I did not let the fact that I was aware her feelings for me, get in the way. For the most part, she did not either.
A trainer who was talking down to me. All I diid was to stop this was to ask him about his family. His children. This was his opportunity to let me know how great hi kids are and from then on he never talked down to me.
I just do my best to try to get along with that person in order to complete the task at hand.
I try to get along well with everyone, and promote a respectful and friendly working environment.
I didn't get along with a new head cashier. So one night we both had to close together and at first I was trying to find an excuse to go home but then I thought that wouldn't be very professional so I stayed. I was trying to show her things she could do so I could do something else. It worked to an extent. But we made it through the night.
I get along with people very well. If there is an instance, I remember that the job and the task comes first and complete the task.
I worked very well with the other individual and ignored every negative thing that person had to say towards me.
I did not have any choice but keep working. I find that at work, your emotions and feelings should not get in the way of work.
I get along with everybody that I work with, there was one associate at zellers who had a problem with authority and refusing to follow her job responsibilities this resulted in a lot of disciplinary action until eventually she never came back to work anymore.
I just did my job and went on like nothing was wrong.
In actuall I am type of people person, I dont have any such experience, its not possible to along in the work place, I have always positive attitude at work.
I had to deal with a situation like this, because I get along with everyone and realize that I am at a company to work no cause trouble.
I try to stay focused on the job and not drell on a past situation.
I had one experience with a former finishing carpenter boss who was hard to work for, but once I took the time to see what he was doing, and became pro active we got along great, he was quite pleased with my ability.
Just focus on the job to be done and and do it well.
I was scheduled to work with someone that I had had trouble with but I had turned the other cheek and just tolerated that person because it is not right to get into an argument with someone or to cause a problem I just smiled and went on to take care of customers that I was paid to do.
I had this one co worker who was just so annoying he was always making smart comments about me or how do things so I spoke to my manager about it and she pull us to the side and told him to keep his comments to hisself and told me to not say anything to him and we need to work it out.
I try to get along with all associates the best I can.
I have always gotten along with everyone I worked with.
Pharmacy DM - He would come into store and visit and never let me know he was here I would hear after the fact from the Pharmacist who would come and give me the notes once he left. This caused frustration due to his lack of communication. I felt disrespected as the store manager. So I had the pharmacist all me everytime her DM was in the store and I went and toured with them what I ended up finding out was that he was intimidated by my tenure and uncomfortable giving me direction. After touring with him a few times it opened our communicate and he sought me out when he was in the store, even asking me for advise on how to handle other store managers he was struggling with.
We made it work because we know that customer services is our number one priority.
In professional surrounding I am not inclined to personal likes and dislikes, its the job that I have to do and work as a team.
When I was a Department head I had one of my sales associates that was hard headed. I worked along side of him to show that we could work together and get along. He had the problem of not getting along.
I am am not the person to hold a grudge with a coworker.
I have always gotten along with my employees.
I suggested to split the job. I do my part and they do theirs. He agreed and the job was done.
When at school there were may people that I might not have gotten along with very well, but I know that I had to work with them and still do my best no matter what the situation.
It does not bother me, a job needs to be accomplished.
In a work environment you cannot choose your co-workers. I have had sub ordinate employees that did not want to perform to the job standard. I have had to counsel those employees and try to get them to perform better. If they did not comply I would have to go down the path of disciplinary action to either convince them to comply or take the next step to suspension or termination.
Honestly I have never had that experience, I mad a very friendly person and think you should be nice to all your co workers.
I worked with a lady named Mary who did not like any one at our location. I came in with a smile and great attitude and did my job.
I get along with all people, some work differently but I find what they work best at and do what I do best.
I have not had that experience of not getting along with a co-worker.
I had just gotten engaged, and a co-worker of mine made a point to "bad-mouth" marriage right in front of me. It was difficult to listen to someone discuss such a happy topic in such a bad manner, but I chose to change the subject to avoid arguing.
I think this kind of problems dont belong in the work place. When I come to work, I always come with a positive attitude and put any issues that I might have aside.
I mostly get along with other people as I believe have to respect to others specially in work environment which my first priority is following up the policy and my compony goals and work as a team. I hardly can remember such situation .
Well I had to work with a young girl who would always try to get me in trouble and always undo the work I would finish. She was using drugs at work and I seen her friend give her some drugs. Later in the day she had got fired and I did not have any more problems and got my work done fast and efficiently.
(referring to past & present) When I don't get along with some one, I try my best to listen to their needs while compromising. IE: one Saturday, I had a disagreement with an associate and instead of arguing about which task to complete first, I compromised and started on their task first then switch to mine and continued this throughout my shift.
I had just gotten engaged, and a co-worker of mine made a point to "bad-mouth" marriage right in front of me. It was difficult to listen to someone discuss such a happy topic in such a bad manner, but I chose to change the subject to avoid arguing.
I have never had that problem of working with someone I didnot get along with.
I have never been in this situation sense I make it a point to be friendly with all of my co-workers I feel very strongly about this.
I have not had a issue with a co-worker. I usually get along with everyone.
You have to put your issues aside and get the job done with a positive attitude.
For me working with someone I do not get along with is easy. I am not there to make friends, I am there to do my job and to be a good asset to the company.
I had to work with someone at mcdonalds that did not have the same experience as me and I decided to put our differences aside and join forces to complete the tasks because we were there to get the job done and that is what we did.
I am there to do my job and not worry about someone else.
My husband and I worked together as electrician and helper. We had to learn to leave personal problems at home and work deadlines at the workplace so both environments received proper attention.
I tried to find common ground with the person and be pleasant as far as it depended on me. This meant that we respected each other and could work together even if we were not best friends.
I am there to do my job and not worry about someone else.
I didn't forget the reason why I had to deal with this person. I'm there for the sake of this company not for someone I can't get along with for 12 hours are less. I have always kept in mind that this person does not sign my checks at the end of the work day.
I have always been able to work with anyone. My personal feelings are my own. I am there to do a job and I will do so, to the best of my ability.
I chose to put away my differences and tell myself that I was there to do a job regardless of who I didn't get along with, While on the clock I have an obligation to the company to correspond with my coworkers and put my personal feelings aside.
It does not belong in the work place. When I come to work, I come with a positive attitude.
Honestly ,I`m a kind of people person and I didn`t have any experience so far.
I usually get along with everyone I go to work do my job donut judge people.
I put any personal issues aside and concentrate and the task at hand. No need for a hostile situation.
I am always respectful and cordial to my fellow staff. Regardless of my personal feelings, while on the clock I owe it to my employer to always remain objective and professional.
For me when at work you need to check your differences at the door. Your there to do a job and the company relies on you and your team to do their best.
I will put away my difference to have the job done, I put my personal feeling aside when I work.
I put my differences aside when it comes to work. I am there to get my work done.
I have never really had this issue occur, but I have no trouble focusing on the job and hand and putting any issues aside.

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