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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

The interviewer wants to hear about a positive experience you have had with leadership. Think about a time when you led a sports team, led a college project, managed a store, or coached a little league team. These are all great examples! Start off by giving the interviewer a high-level overview of what you were leading, and share that you enjoyed the experience. Discuss the positive outcome that the group had, and explain that you would gladly lead again!

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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?
I would talk with the team to find out what each members strengths were and assign duties accordingly. If a person was not satisfied with the duty I had assigned them I would check with the others to see who would like to switch with them. It is usually always a good outcome if people are happy at their job.
Hour before shift over and noticed we still had a sheet of calls to be made so I split the list up amongst my team to get the goal accomplished.
I would talk with the team to find out what each members strengths were and assign duties accordingly. If a person was not satisfied with the duty I had assigned them I would check with the others to see who would like to switch with them. It is usually always a good outcome if people are happy at their job.
When I serve as a leader, I usually allow the team members to choose the task that they want. This way it was not forced on them and they can work in areas that play to their strengths. The outcome was successful. We completed our assigned ahead of schedule and grew as a team.
I have had to train one of our new office staff members because none of the other employees were able to do so. It worked out very well, I was able to get him acclimated into a new setting.
I would have to say when I was put in charge of training another employee I think the outcome was great the employee was well trained and my manage was happy.
Recently I led the Inventory Prep team. Entire store was prepared for inventory. The team really bonded and was looking out for each other so the team could achieve its goal.
A few times I opened the store in the morning and had to lead the team in the tasks that needed to be completed, we worked together and accomplished everything earlier than anticipated.
I have been a leader by taking on a position that challenges me to go beyond my job duties and qualifications. I take it on bravely with an attitude that no matter what I will learn something from this situation that will benefit me and I will continue learning from it.
I was in charge of running a lunch rush at mcdonalds and I excelled at it all of our drive through cars where moving faster than average and our front counter customers were taken care of in a fast timely manner.
I will listen to each member of my team to find their strenghs and assign them the duty, if a member is not satisfies a will talk to another and try to switch position to make them happy and efficient.
I had to walk in every day and be a leader. Lead by example is huge in my eyes, you need to respect your staff and in return they will do the same for you.
Quite often I have been the team leader and I am very comfortable with that. Leading the team in display set ups and floor changes for example it went well.
I have been a leader when doing new schematics in our store and it turned out very sucessful.
I had to lead a few of my coworkers in the markdown that had never done them before. So I spoke to each of them individually and explained what to them what the expectation was and put them in areas where I thought they were proficient.
I had to lead a few of my coworkers in the markdown that had never done them before. So I spoke to each of them individually and explained what to them what the expectation was and put them in areas where I thought they were proficient.
The outcome turned out well. My team accomplished the expected tasks that were set out for us that day. We marked down the merchandise in the departments set out for us, signed the areas designated for clearance and merchandised our products so that the department was shoppable, and asstetically appealing.
In many cases I have been given a number of tasks to complete to keep my department running smoothly. I used the knowledge I gained from working in my department and the help of others to get things done. Other associates would join in and even volunteer to help me complete my tasks!
Well when I was just a crew member at A&W I had to show that I was capable of being the leader making making sure everything was done on time and was done efficiently. Soon after showing my boss that I was able to take on more responsibilities.I was quickly promoted to management as soon as I turned 18, I was finally eligible.
When I was a department manager my responsibility was to come in and give out duties and responsibility to other associates. The outcome was awesome because before leaving by the end of their shift all duties was checked off before clocking out.
I got recognized at zellers when the overnight supervisor called in sick I took initiative to delegate responsibilties and place people in depts I knew they would do good in and after that I became the stand in when the supervisor was not there.
I have been a manager before, but most recently, I had to train my replacement at my current job. I am confident that when I leave, she will have everything under control.
I was a leader to an assosiate who was just learing. Guided then through and they were happy that I helped.
There was a time a couple of months ago when Ryan approached me and asked me if I wanted to be a head cashier for the night. The head cashier was not there and they could not call any other head cashiers in. I took up the opportunity and ran the front end. Many of the cashiers gave me positive comments. They thanked me for being there for them and helping them with all of their questions. One cashier, Gloria, said I should become a head cashier because I did such a good job.
Throughout all my past experiences as a renovation company owner and team player in retail my leadership skills were always called on. To continue my expertise in my field never a substandard outcome was excepted. I strive to achieve the ultimate customer service experience as a leader.
Four sheet metal mechanics were assigned a project. I was one of the four. No one wanted to take the reins and be the leader. I decided to be the leader. Assessed the project and determined what steps needed to be taken to complete the task. Started working on the job and it was completed in a good and timely fashion.
We were doing a sheet metal duct work job and there was 3 of us on the job. We were all standing looking at the job, wondering where to start. I finally, made the decision to have one mechanic start on the duct and the other to start laying out the drop ceiling that was coming after the duct. I then watched the progression of each mechanic helping out when necessary. I started making hanger in prep for the duct. The project turned out great and we finished before schedule.
Management told me to train new team member and I was great.
I had to manage a new employee I received mid-year, to co-author a training manual due by a certain date. We delivered that product ahead of the deadline.
Leading by example every day is the motto I live by.
When my department supervisor was away I took on the roll of all his responsibilities. It was a little over whelming at first, but after the first couple of days it got a lot easier . Overall I would say the outcome was very good. It has helped me get to where I am now and gives me the experience of what is to come as a department supervisor.
I was a team leader. The outcome was great. My staff was #1 or #2 out of 5 teams just about every month when we compared stats.
I was trained to several new comers to provide the tools for best customer service / complain/ product knowledge, the outcome was such a positive that I left for long vacation with out any intrruption to my running projects.
My manager was on disability leave for six months at that time I was the assistant manager so I had to run the branch and ensured that the goals were met for the period, which they were.
When ever my head cashiers wasnt there, I would be the one to step and take charge of my department. I also Trained one of the newer cashiers and she became cashier of the month.
When I worked at Staples, I was a Copy Print Associate who convinced a guy who was opening up a restaurant to come to Staples for all his business needs (business cards, letterhead, signs, menus, etc.). He would only speak to me when he came in, so I ended up always leading the rest of the Copy and Print team in the process of helping this man build his business. The outcome was that the man ending up purchasing ALL of his business needs from Staples (including the necessary technology).
When I worked at Staples, I was a Copy Print Associate who convinced a guy who was opening up a restaurant to come to Staples for all his business needs (business cards, letterhead, signs, menus, etc.). He would only speak to me when he came in, so I ended up always leading the rest of the Copy and Print team in the process of helping this man build his business. The outcome was that the man ending up purchasing ALL of his business needs from Staples (including the necessary technology).
Everyday. Lead the front to provide excellent customer service in a positive fair manner, be respectful of associates. Wait to check out scores increased.
There are a couple times I can recall, one when I was 15 years old. I was Petty Officer First Class in Sea Cadets. I was responsible for aprox 15 people. I loved the challenge.
I had to trian one of our new accouting firm staff members because none of the employees were able to do so. It worked out pretty well, and I was able to get him aclimmated into a new setting.
Making sure their no more than 3 customers standing if more in line call for back up help this kept everything runs smoothly at the front checkouts.
I was in he position to be a leader most of my career, with the proper approach and help I was able to gain the respect of employees and they never questioned me.
As a store manager I have led my associates through 7 Black Friday events. This is a day when we will do between 780 and 825k in sales with between 8 to 9,000 customers in the building at one time. The key to success and meeting with the associates letting them help develop the plan, ensuring everyone knows the plan and has the plan then training them to execute the plan and we go over anything we think could go wrong and have our contingency plans in place. Everyone knows their specific role and its purpose. We have dry runs and physically take them to their posts and go over what they are supposed to do, as a result of this we have had 7 events without accidents or any major customer issues. Our conversion after the event was much less stressful and had a faster turnaround as well.
I have not really been in the leadership role I feel that I am more of a follower.
I once had to train another employee when other employees were too busy to do so. The outcome was great and the trained employee learned everything very easily.
I once had to train another employee when other employees were too busy to do so. The outcome was great and the trained employee learned everything very easily.
Every Sunday I am a leader. I help hold a Sunday school. I help with the little kids and I am always helping them with projects. It is a little difficult but we always have fun.
When my parents were on vacation at our family business and I had to supervise staff and run the office.
I was a cheerleader since I was a little kid and captain in high school so I would always have to be a role model to my teammates and make sure everyone is behaving and doing as told.
As an assistant manager I am always training and leading others. I think if you can do it in a timely fashion with the associate knowing the job and having your manager happy witht he results then you have succeeded.
I had to calm down a driver AND an upset customer, wjile calling the police AND get another person on site as a witness.
I had to train a few new employees on a Sunday our busiest day. I assigned them each a task so each of us did a little bit out of a big job. At the end of the day my supervisor was satisfied with our work.
Many times have had to deal with emergency situations. Driver out of town locked out of car with passengers. Had to prioritize, gather resources, and deal with tasklist to keep everything going. Worked out ok.
During my years in college I had to be the leader of my group to create a Dental Hygiene program. The program was as success!
I had to be a leader when my front desk supervisor left me in charge of a hotel. I took care of everyone in the building and most importantly took care of my hotel guest.
Well in my previous job as a landscaper I was in charge of a team of five people and had to complete a site in a timely fashion in which I exceed the expectations by completing the task in hand.
Recently we have been short staff. I make sure all my employees are cater to before taking care of myself. In order, to give proper breaks from customer line. I recently found joy in have the experience in training new associates will all the valuable information I have learned over the years.
I worked with migrant students, so everyday I have to work with small groups of students. In the groups I have to explained the material to the students in Spanish then English so they could understand what is going on, since they are newcomers. The outcome is that they do well in the tests later.
I like organizing outings and trips. The latest one was a road trip to New York. First I researched the costs involved including renting a vehicle, hotel stays, meals, tickets to get into several facilities, as well as shopping money. Once I had enough people to fill the rental vehicle and all teh money was collected. I chose two people to be the "treasurers" and everyone was kept updated via text message of how money was being spent. I put together an agenda for us covering basic things like a driving schedule choosing 5 of us to be the drivers and assigned shifts. And then designated "team heads" that would be responsible for making sure everyone was accounted for every time we got back to the car.
Early in my career I would volunteer for more responsibility on the job. The first time I was placed in charge of a subordinate to perform a job I explained the tasks that had to be completed, the proper way to do the tasks. The employee completed the tasks successfully.
In a class project. I was very proud of myself as well as the class mates in my group. We got a B+ and my teach was so surprise because she did not know I had such talent.
I have to do it all the time. I had few employers in my company and I always provided the best knowledge to get the job done perfectly and in a properly time.
Daily. Job completed. Everyone felt good because of team sprit.
One Night my coworker and I had to work alone, How I have a little more time to her in the company I had to be a leader, I explain to her the workflow and ask her if she was agree to following. Then we did it and we finished one time and I think was good.
I was a forman the way something turns out.
I was the leader in the butcher business and people listened to me the outcome was really well, but I guess they were disappointed when I left.
In my job duties as the assistant I have to play the role of being a leader at all times. That is what I am assigned to do. For example, the roof in the theater almost fell in due to ac leak and we had quest in the room watching a movie, well for safety reasons I could not have them in there. I apologized for interrupting the movie explained to them what went wrong and gave everyone a voucher for free movie and pop corn.
I turned a $600 and day Dining Room around to where it was making $2200 a day, I trained the staff a customers about fine dining. We had to teach the about a pre. Dinner drinks, teach the customer about appetizers, main course, dessert, and a after dinner drink. Also got the chef to listen to the waiters as when they wanted the food.
I"m sometimes a quiet person. However when the time comes for me to lead I make a good one. The out come was very good.
I was leading a project on a home addition, the outcome was awsome.
While heading the Marina Club, I at my own initiative revamped the whole club by renovating and acquiring party boats which brought windfall revenue and more customers.
My office was in the process of hiring another supervisor. We also hD a new associate that started that was just sitting there because the supervisors were pre occupied. They gave her materials to read. I felt bad for her so I asked permission to just start giving her an over view of what we do. The supervisors and managers were very impressed and appreciative of the initiative I took to help.
Although I have never been employed before a time when I had to be a leader was at school with the group project that was a huge grade for me and a lot of the members didn't know what to do and they were lacking slacking off so it was up to me to figure things out for my grade so what I did was lead the team, tell them what to do their parts And roles in the project and I was able to get a really good grade.
One time at Atomic Vapor's warehouse there was an order of over 5000 bottle to go out the next day to one of our customers on the mainland and the label machine broke. I had to assemble a team that evening to go to duncan where the warehouse is and hand label all the bottles that had to go out for the order. We accomplished our tasks and all got rewarded for our efforts by the owner.
Our Pricing Tool was recently upgraded, and a number of Sales Team Members expressed major concerns on not having a clear understanding of properly using the tool. After repeated email were sent separately from various team members to the initial trainer with no response, I took the initiative to send invites to the team and conduct a webinar to offer follow up training. Everyone on the team is now able to work very efficiently on their own.
I had to teach a new employee how to fulfill his tasks so I showed him around, talked about the tasks, was there to answer his questions and to help him out and showed him how to do it by doing it first, for example price tagging.
Setting up black Friday sales throughout the store with 4 others within a 15 minute time frame the outcome was almost perfect. A few items couldn't be found to sign.
My son fell and hit his face on a wood chair shortly after a couple of his friends had been dropped off to play. I got a compress for his eyebrow, grabbed one of his electronic toys and hustled all of the kids into the car and drove to the ER. The kids took turns with the electronic toy until my son was brought in for treatment. Shortly after a general anesthetic was administered, me and my sons' friends joined him in the exam room. I think the kids would have really panicked if I hadn't remained calm. There was so much blood, with it being a superficial wound. As it turned out, they just followed my lead.
I have been a leader most of my career. When entering management, I was observed as a high performer and asked if I was interested in becoming a supervisor. I took the bait and never looked back. It turned out to be a pivotal career move.
I had to direct others to call lights while the supervisor was gone. We were able to answer all the call lights.
While working at Target I pretty much got appointed setting up the in caps in which I would direct how to designed the products.
Everyday at my old job I was a leader, like an assistant manager in training, the outcome was good everyone respected me, no one rebelled against me.
I've never really had a leader position except in mock situations. I was part of YWOW (Young Women of the West) in high school, and they took you on training field trips. For instance, we had to create an idea for an invention that people might use, talk about how we would market it, and so on. I was put in charge of my group for that. Oh, and other than baby sitting, of course.
Try to help them out and make sure they get back to work.
Once I was volunteering at a retail store and there was just me and the manager. She has to go somewhere as some emergency came up. It was my third or fourth day at the store, she left the store upon me as I was to run the whole store by myself. I did pretty well . Whe she came back she was really happy and the next day she offered me to work with her as a part time.
By working for my self the last 15 years I have had to be a leader for myself and having the motivation to do a job 100% no matter what the customer desires. As long as I do that the outcome has always been a positive experience.
When I was asked to be a coach for a new over night employee, as I have had the experience in overnight. The new associate was appreciative in the knowledge I re-laid to her, as she would be familiar in what to expect.
At the bar I used to work at, one time my manager got sick and had to leave. I had to take over and make sure everything went smoothly. I was very nervous at first, but after I was successful, that experience gave me the confidence to move into management and eventually become part owner.
I had to be aleader everyday of mostof my life. Ive done may mangement jobs. As ageneral contractor I had to lead the crew to complete the job by following the critical path, and guiding them to complete their task ontime, so that the next team woulsd not end up wasing time as a result. Projects were completed ontime and within budget as a result.
There have been multiple times where I have been working on a huge project and have had to kind of lead the newer coworkers to get the project done properly.
I feel I'm a leader in what ever I do. I like to set examples for people to follow. I worked for the post office seasonal. The career employees went on break but no one cut the machine off. So I decided to go into a lane one by one to clear the lanes out so mail can be processed. As I was doing this others I work with saw me and joined in. Later the supervisor came by and thanked us all for helping out.
I had to do a whole dining room by myself, the outcome was good I told myself it would be over soon.
My time was when I had an event project in the store where I use to work at.
At school, I was probably the most experienced in visual. I took the lead because I felt I knew the most about it. I delegated tasks based on strengths and I came up with the idea. We did really good on our group project. We got an A.
When I was in CNA I was partnered up with another nurse assistant . She had missed a few classes so she didn't know how to do several tasks as we had to do something she didn't know I was telling her and explaining to her step by step on how to do a Certain task. We took a little longer than we should have but the outcome was great we had happy and satisfied patients.
I have had to work with a group of 6 people for the planning of an event at church. I knew we had to setup our first meeting and no one was taking the initiative. I setup the first meeting and I had a list of items setup before of what we needed to discuss. One of the people in our group typed up the meeting notes and we had a list of what we needed to discuss next meeting. Then we went a while before we had a meeting as the person that sort of took charge wasn't doing anything. I took charge, got copy of all that was left to do and put together an agenda for next meeting. I suggested a date and time and everyone agreed. We got all the items covered and I am in the mist of setting up final meeting where we will make payments for the event and last minute details.
We weren't making credit goal so I took it upon myself to push all the cashiers and by the end of the month we made goal.
I managed two stores, my employees loved me brcause I treated them all equil and every tbing was fair all rules applied to every employee no exception.
I had to be a leader when our manager failed to show up for a customer presentation. Because I was prepared, and had the product knowledge, I provided the presentation. The customer was pleased and satisfied and we got the job.
We had a group project at school in a marketing class and naturally all the Visual majors got together to create a project focused solely on reinventing a store rather than a company. I came up with the idea and began to delegate tasks based on strengths. I set the deadlines and constantly checked up on everyone's progress. If anyone needed help, I made sure to assist them. We wound up doing really well on the project. I complied it together to make it more cohesive.
When I played basketball a lot I was the leader. I had to motivate my team to not give up and keep working hard. Even if we didn't win the game they still were confident and didn't give up.

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