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If you found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot, what would you do?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

How to Answer

You would turn the money in at the member service desk or to a store manager! The interviewer needs to hear that you are honest and ethical. In this situation, the best thing to do is to turn the money in, and it is what the interviewer expects to hear from you.

If you found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot, what would you do?

"I could never keep money that was not mine. Perhaps the person who dropped the money may desperately need that $20 today, and turning it in would give them a better chance of finding the money."

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If you found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot, what would you do?
Return to a manager, a customer might go to costumer service looking for it.
What can you bring to the table working in home depot.
I see myself with two years of experience with the Home Depot and an exciting career ahead of me.
If I was a manager, I would attempt to determine the root of the problem and help the employees solve it by working together. As a fellow employee, I would likely take the same tactic, but if their differences are affecting my ability to work, I would refer them to a manager.
I work well with others because I believe that multiple viewpoints lead to a better solution.
I am a hardworking and enthusiastic person who will make a difference by performing my duties accurately, making the customers experience better.
I have a lot of experience with customers and have successfully handled many complaints and turned them into opportunities.
A manager that was demoted had to work for me.He was bitter.He did not want to follow direction.It became difficult to work together.I had clear communication with dm with improvements.
Customer was unhappy of price negotiation.I tried to explain price did not want to hear it.He became angry started yelling.I sat and listened,I empathized with customer.I got him to like me, we took business.
I see them through to the end.I make sure customer is happy.
Know appliances well.I can learn the other stuff.
Work on what is most urgent first.
Experience at home or work.Small projects.
I have never been out of work.
15 years of experience.
Challenge of working with different people.
I will Add to the company and it, s excellent reputation by my great work ethics and my positive attitude.
By passing on my knowlege and my skills, pertaining to the construction industry. Working with apprentices and those who have not been in the business to long.
Absolutely. I have been shopping at Home Depot for a very long time.
Fairly well. Because I, ve been a good customer to Home Depot, for such a long time and because I deal with the construction industry,I have a pretty good idea about your different departments and what they have to offer.
Possitive attitude, my patience, and my determination to make sure the job is done to everyones satisfaction.
To finish a job or construction project, as a suporvisor or a leader, its very important that you keep your workers and schedules flowing the way they should to complete job on time. Every job I, ve had as a construction suporvisor, I had to lead, and to organize shedules. All my jobs have been completed to our clients complete satisfaction and always on time.
I would love to be working fo Home Depot. Working with a dedicated team and supplying great customer service would be fantastic. I enjoy being around people and I am very impressed with the company.
There has been a few times when I got behind schedule due to inclement weather, or materials not being on the job site on time. I prioritized by finishing from the most importent jobs to the least important. Working longer hours to make sure job got done on time.
As a superviser in the consruction feild, I had to be a leader in every project we took on. I had to organize different subcontractors, work schedules, safty meetings, everything needed to complete job on time and to the clients satisfaction.
Your attitude should be the customer is always right. I worked a little as a teenager, in retail. I enjoyed working with people. It gave me great satisfaction serving the customer.
Every project you do, in the commercial construction business, requires team work to be a success. The job could not be completed without the help of the rest of yuour team. Working together as a team is very important in the construction profession and I can certainly see how important it is in the retail world.
I, ve been steady customer of Home Depot for many years. I know, just about all your different departments and what they have to offer.
Being part of a team effort would be no problem for me. I know the importance of team work. Everyone needs to work together to make the business a success.
By being a hard working employee, with a possitive happy attitude. My work ethics and my attitude would be a very positive thing benefiting both customers and other employees.
Return it to lost and found.
My working in the retail is somewhat limited. I did work for my Father, as a teenager.He was the manager of a clothing store. I know how I like to be treated as a customer therefore I think I would be great as a clerk. My Dad allways emphasized how important the customer is.
My extensive knowlege of the consructive industry would be a benefit to your company. I would be able to relate with the professional builder to the home handyman.
Being a Home Depot customer for many years, I think I, m very familiar with just about all of your different departments and what they have to offer.
There are no reasons, not to hire me.I would fit into your company very well. My knowlege in the construction feild would be a huge positive/.
Take money to customer service desk.
I`ll give it to information part or customer service where people ask for lost stuff.
Give it to customer service because a customer may have lost it.
I would pick up the money and take it in the store and hand it to a manager and tell him or her that I found this outside on the street and let them deal with the money.
I would return it to my manager because it could be for a customer.
Return it to the store. If a customer lost it, they could retrieve it.
I would turn it in to the manager in case a customer called looking for a twenty dollar bill.
I would return it to customer service so that the owner could come back and claim what is rightfully theirs.
I will take it back to the manager a customer probably lost it and will come back to ask for it.
Bring it back into customer service. Leave it in an envelope with the day it was found, you never know who may have lost it.
Turn it I to my manager so hopefully the person that lost it would return for it.
Go and speak with the manager, just in case the customer realizes he lost the money and returns.
I would give it to the customer service desk to hold and deal with according to company policy.
I would give it to the customer service desk to hold and deal with according to company policy.
I would take it to the customer service desk and put it in a safe place. I would tell my department manager and fellow associates that if someone asks about it to call me and return it.

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