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Home Depot Interview Questions and Answers
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If you found a twenty dollar bill in the parking lot, what would you do?
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Return to a manager, a customer might go to costumer service looking for it.
I will Add to the company and it,s excellent reputation by my great work ethics and my positive attitude.
What can you bring to the table working in home depot.
Challenge of working with different people.
Experience at home or work.Small projects
Put it in an envelope, write the date and location where I found it, and turn it in to customer service.
Fairly well. Because I,ve been a good customer to Home Depot, for such a long time and because I deal with the construction industry,I have a pretty good idea about your different departments and what they have to offer.
To finish a job or construction project, as a suporvisor or a leader, its very important that you keep your workers and schedules flowing the way they should to complete job on time. Every job I,ve had as a construction suporvisor, I had to lead, and to organize shedules. All my jobs have been completed to our clients complete satisfaction and always on time.
I would love to be working fo Home Depot. Working with a dedicated team and supplying great customer service would be fantastic. I enjoy being around people and I am very impressed with the company.
There has been a few times when I got behind schedule due to inclement weather, or materials not being on the job site on time. I prioritized by finishing from the most importent jobs to the least important. Working longer hours to make sure job got done on time.