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How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
The interviewer wants to hear that customers are your priority. Tell the interviewer that you would graciously stop what you were doing and start by genuinely listening to the customer. Next, share that you would apologize to the customer and take whatever corrective action was necessary. Be sure to mention that most challenging customers really do not take much time, and they really just want to know that their opinion is being heard. Finally, be sure to mention that once you have the customer on their way you would go back to working on your task.

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User-Submitted Answers

How would you deal with an angry customer while you were busy completing tasks?
I would listen to him rant, identify the problem, and if I could fix it I would, but if not, I would bring him to the manager.
Home Depot philosophy is that customers come before tasks. Use this opportunity to win the customer's trust and build relationship by offering ways to resolve their needs. Be intuitive and respectful.
I would address them in a kind calm manner and help them locate what it is they need, or direct them to someone more familiar with the select department.
I would listen to him rant, identify the problem, and if I could fix it I would, but if not, I would bring him to the manager.
I would stop what I was doing and listen to the customer. I would ask them questions to get to the bottom of the problem and try to help them leave the store in a positive disposition and with the products that they need.
I would focus my attention on the angry customer and ask them how I can help them to my best. If that does not work I would just call my manager to help.
Stop what I was doing and immediately give the customer my undivided attention.
I would help the customers first because the customer always comes first I would help solve their problem and then I would complete my tasks.
A task should be put aside for a customer regardless if the customer is angry or not. Customers come first.
I believe the customer always comes first and would stop and try to solve the problem.
I would try to see what the problem is and try to solve it.
I would stop doing whatever task I was doing and focus on resolving the customers issue.
I would focus all of my attention of that customer, listen to their needs, and solve the customers problem, and then I would do something show the customer how important they are.
I would make sure to deal with the customer first because customers do come first, I would deal with task after I help the customer.
Well I would have to stop my tasks because an angry customer is a very high priority this a person who will potentially never shop in your store before and so I would have to do whatever is in my power to satisfy that customer and if you cant stop your task find someone who can deal with them.
Stop tasking and approach customer respectfully . Listen to customer and restate customers words . Let customer know what am going to do to solve the problem . Take action . Make sure customer get happy with result and thank customer .
I would keep calm, and try to figure out what is causing the customer to be angry, then see if I could fix the problem.
Listen, offer suggestions until problem was resolved.
Stop doing the task and take care of the customer. Listen to the customers problem and solve them in a timely fashion.
Customer are the most important aspect of retail so I would help customer first and the complete my task.
Customer is always first before any other priority.
Stop my tasks, ask the customer what the problem is, assess the issue and go from there. If I can immediately help, I will or will get a manager involved.
Definitely drop the tasks and resolve the customer issue.
I would stop the task at hand, listen to the customer and find out why they are angry and try my best to resolve the problem.
The customer comes first, because they are the ones that pay your paycheck so you take the time to hear what the angry customer has to say so that you can find the best solution and then when you know that customer is satisfied then you may resume completing your tasks.
Keep trying to help the customer as possible as I can and stay calm while doing this.
Attend to the customer and help them in any way I can then return to my tasks once the customer is satisfied with their service.
I would tell the customer sorry about the inconvenience and would ask the customer if he/she would like to speak to the manager while I continue to work on my tasks.
Give the customer the assistance that they are needing and if I could not resolve the issue, I would call a manager to help them.
Apologies to the customer and help him with his task if I am finish.
I would put everything aside and give the customer my full attention. I would listen to them and make sure their problem was fixed.
First I would stop what I was doing and try to nicely find out what the customer was angry about and try to solve the problem the best way I could, if I could not help him at that point I would get a manager to help the customer further.
I would ask if they would like someone neutral to discuss the problem with so that we can maintain a positive work environment. If they agreed, to allow me to hear the issue. I would listen to both sides and see if a solution that gives each a bit of what each wants can be reached.
I would stop what I am doing and ask the customer what can I do to make them happy.
Calmly apologize to them and tell them that you will help with whatever they need.
I would calmly try and find out what he is looking for and not let it affect my attitude towards anyone else. Once I helped the customer, I would return back to my task.
I would stop and listen to their concerns and try to find a solution.
I would stop doing my tasks if I am not helping another customer, then I would do anything in my power to help the customer leave the store with a satisfied visit.
I would make the customer happy with the best of my ability and then finish my task.
If I could not handle them I would refer the m to my manager.
Ask customer how may I help you and hopefully resolve there problem. If unable to help I would ask if they would like to speak with a manager.
Listen to their complaint and try to calm them down and be very polite.
I will try to help him the best that I can and have patient.
The customer comes first. Hold off the other tasks and try to resolve the problem.
I would stop whatever it is am doing and give my full attention to the customer. I would ask the customer to please explain to me the problem in a calm manner and listen actively to the customer and the situation at hand.
I would try to calm them down and help if someone else can help them out like the supervisor or manager.
Customers come first. I would stop what I am doing and if I can resolve the issue myself I will and if they need higher people I will go get the manager.
Cool calm" let them vent.
F the task needed to be completed immediately, I would ask the angry customer to kindly wait a moment and I would be with him or her as soon as possible. If the task could wait, I would first ask the customer what the problem was and do everything possible to assist the customer in an effort to resolve the problem.
I would acknowledge the angry customer and tell him that I would be with him shortly.
I would take time out from my tasks to help the customer and work twice as hard to catch up with my tasks.
Safety first, if I was able to stop I would and see what I could do to help. If I could not stop I would get a manager involved.
Patience and listening to him and offering my assistance to his need.
Full attention must be on the customer. I let them say everything they have to say so we are able to move onto a solution.
If I am busy completing tasks I will stop what I'm doing and I would calm the customer down by finding out the reason for his anger.
I would first acknowledge the customer, say I would be right with them, find a stopping point quickly in my task, and direct my full attention to resolving the issue, as the customer always comes first.
I would put my tasks to the side. Talk to them kindly and help them with what they need or find someone that can help them if I don't contain the knowledge to do so.
I would assist them and see how I can help.
Try to calm him down, get the supervisor or manager involved, and let him explain his problem and make an effort to work it out so we can still maintain his or her loyalty.
I would stop all other work and give my full attention to the customer. I find that has a way of diffusing anger, and introduces the possibility of finding a solution for them. also, I think they are less likely to complain to others about the service they receive, if they know you care about their satisfaction.
I would stop what I was doing and listen to the customers complaints. Then I would try to resolve their issues calmly.
Depends how important it the task . If the task can wait I proceed to help the costumer and help them resolve the problem. If the task has to be done immediately I would ask the costumer to wait kindly and I will be with them as soon as possible.
I would listen to the customer. And try to calm them down and find similar products or information that'll satisfy them then continue my task.
I would give them my full attention. When people come in angry, I think that's best. Once I get their problem taken care of I can return to any tasks that need to be completed.
I would stop what I'm doing and direct them to someone who can help them better.
I would acknowledge the customer and state that I will be with them shortly, or would request team assistance to ensure the customer gets the appropriate attention.
I would kindly ask the customer to please give me one minute and then I will gladly give them all of my attention.
Decide if the task can wait so I can take care of the angry customer.
Listen to them. Most times, the best thing to do is stop talking and listen. Make eye contact to assure them you are paying attention and listening.
Tell the customer that I can find someone to help him I can help him as much as I can.
While I was working at sodexo. I encountered an old man who was very furious on the fact that he was waiting for the coffee for a long time. I appoligized him politely and did my best to comfort him and offered him a free product that he like to have with it with the permission of my supervisor.
Greet the customer, listen what he is complaining about, resolve his issue, but if you cannot ask your superior to help the customer, after the issue is resolved then complete your task.
I would stop what I was doing and give the customer my full attention. I have found that when people are angry quite often it is because they feel no one is listening or cares. I would then do my best to sympathize and apologize for the situation. If it was in my power to help I would, otherwise get the supervisor.
Be calm, find another employer that can help the customers needs.
They customer is the most important person. I would delay finishing my tasks in order to give him/her the attentkion he/she deserve. In order to solve a problem you need to take the time to understand the problem. The solution usually becomes apparent and easy to solve.
I would have to put the tasks aside and take the time to help the angry customer, then return to the tasks afterward.
I would stop what I am doing and ask the customer if there is anything I can help them with.
I would ask them what the problem is, and to the best of my knowledge I would try to help, but if I cant I would call my manager.
I will attend to her first because customer is the stake holder and a king.
Let the customer speak out and listen attentively, then attempt I would attempt to solve the problem.
Depending on if it's under my control to help them with what they are upset about, trying to help and if I can't find a supervisor or manager.
I would have to stop my tasks and help the customer as the customers are our business and without them, we don't have a business. I would listen, if I knew the answer as to how to help, I would resolve it myself. In any case I would take the customer to someone that could help them and make sure they were completed satisfied to the best we could possibly do.
I would put my tasks aside and stop to assist the customer I would first apologize to the customer and are what I can do to help.
Ackowledge the customer depending on the task on hand, I would address the individual as soon as I could.
I would stop what I'm doing and make sure the customer knows I'm listening take this from big giving to end and not end over to another colleague unless I was assured of the positive out come.
Ask what the problem is and take him/her to the person who could help resolve the problem if you couldn't resolve it yourself.
I would give the customer my undivided attention and help them to the best of my ability.
I would immediately stop and introduce myself to the customer and let him know I was interested in, and genuinely cared about, his problem. I would ask him to explain his problem for my understanding. I would let him know I wanted to help him in any way I could. If I could not provide a resolve in a timely manner, I would call a manager.
Customers always come first... Satisfying them would come before anything else.
I would ask what his complaint was and ask how I could help him before finishing my task. The customer comes first.
I would stop the task I am doing and help the customer out as much as possible before completing my task.
I would stop completing the task and go attend to the customer. I would try to help the customer as best as I could and if I can't then I would take them to another co worker who could help them better.
First I woud stop doing the task I am doing, I would then make eye contact with the customer. From there I will determine the problem, assess the situation, and try to my best to resolve the issue and help them as best as I can so when they leave the store, they leave with a smile.
I would try to help the customer with what ever he needs and try my hardest to fix what he is angry about.
Well the customer would become my priority in that situation it is important to show them they have your full attention.