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Home Depot Interview Questions and Answers
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How well would you say you know our departments and what we sell?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I am becoming more and more comfortable with knowledge within the many different departments and the many different products sold at this company. I educate myself by learning more than is expected of my particular job duties and I know it will take time and effort to build on my knowledge of departments and the products we carry. I also go out of my way to learn the different departments lead people so I know who I can go to with questions and concerns I experience.
I know that there is all the materials needed to build an outstanding home from garden to decor to roofing and tile work and I am also a fast learner so this will help me in the store.
I feel I know almost every department in the store being a DIYer and working on several personal projects. Also knowing the special services that the company does to also help the customers complete their projects.
I know little about your departments but know quite a bit about what you sell like tools, paints, home appliances, plants. I also know that what you sell has great quality and low prices.
I know that Home Depot sells everything to do with renovations from indoor to outdoor, as well as home decorating products.
Very well,been here many times shopping in every dept.
I am slightly familiar with the products in this store but i am a very fast learner and will catch on soon
I feel like i know the departments and what each department sells realtivley good.
Quite well.
I would say I have a good knowledge of your departments and what you sell. I have used Home Depot as my main source for my Renovation Business.