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How well would you say you know our departments and what we sell?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

How to Answer

Be honest with the interviewer about your knowledge of departments and what is sold. If you have a lot of knowledge and experience on the Home Depot products, that is great! If not, just tell the interviewer that you do not know a lot and you look forward to learning. You might say that you know the basics and that Home Depot offers plumbing, lighting, paint, flooring, appliance, electrical, garden, and tool department. You might also mention that you know Home Depot sells quality washers/dryers, kitchen appliances, tools, paint, patio furniture, flowers, plumbing, and much more!

How well would you say you know our departments and what we sell?
Answer example

"I have shopped primarily in your paint department and also purchased by flowers and patio furniture from Home Depot this past year. I love your affordable prices but also the fact that you have great quality offerings as well. I am interested in learning more about your other departments."

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How well would you say you know our departments and what we sell?
I would say I have a good knowledge of your departments and what you sell. I have used Home Depot as my main source for my Renovation Business.
I am very familiar with the various HD departments, the aisle layout, and the home improvement product solutions to satisfy customer requirements.
I shop at home depot two time a week.
Pretty well! As I've said, this is my "go-to" place for home projects.
Iam not very familiar with the store but I am a fast learn.
I know them very well. Being at the pro desk to help the contractor, you have to know all aspects of the store.
I am great learner and hard worker will make me learn quick.
I know the departments even though there is still room for improvement and I do know what you sell.
I am familiar with some of the products but I am a fast learner and can catch on well.
I know that Home Depot is one of the best stores to shop at for home and building material.
I've been in either home depot, reno depot, rona almost everyday for the past 20 years as a general contractor. I know the outlay of the store etc.
I would say I know enough. I am a do it yourself kind of guy so I have been to this store a number of times and I am quite familiar with the products and services that is being offered.
I think I know a very lot about this, sense I shop here often I have become very fimiler with the store and its products and I have done just about every home improvement job you can think of and have used most the things that are sold in the store at one time or another.
I would know the store really well, I shop there about 3 times a week.
I have been in the store many times for many things. I think I could name off quite a few products, but I would still have a lot to learn.
I am slightly aware of some of your products but I am a fast learner so I would catch on real soon.
I know the departments very well since I have done my diy projects.
I know some of the products and services that Home Depot sell.
I know your departments and what you sell as a client.
I have a basic understanding of the department and what is sold in each one.
I am very comfortable with the store layout and with the products we sell.
I understand the departments and products from having shopped at Home Depot for many years. However, I am very observant and am sure I'll learn more and more about them each day.
I'm knowledgeable about where the products are located and can tell you a brief description of how things work for most items.
Honestly I'm not that educated on departments that you guys have but I do know about what you sell because my parents have to come here to fix up the house and it's our go to place for tools for the house.
I know quite a few of the items that is sold but will have to study for a great appreciation of the differenct departments.
I shop there quite a bit when doing a home project so feel I know the store very well.
I know you sell home appliances and things such as furniture for outdoor living & I'm aware of your products.
As a DIYer I am a permanent customer of your store and bought items from every dept.
Id say I know pretty well, its layed out pretty well and being a handy man I know what im looking for and the staff are always there to help if I cant find it myself.
Quite well. I am a regular customer here. I like to build things from wood, such as five wood planters with benches spanning between them for my back patio. I also like to rewire lamps. I have purchased porch lights here, as well as lights for the bedrooms in my house and lights for the bathrooms.
I'm a real fast learner so once I learn it . I'll memorize it.
I belive I know your paint department the best as it is my favorite.
I know your gardening section the best and have been buying my gardening supplies from you for over 15 years.
Very good been at lowes 9 years and shop routinely at home depot.
I know Home Depot sells basically everything needed to build a home from garden to roofing. If hired I would have no problem learning everything there is to know about each and every department in detail.
I have worked at the The Home Depot before and have the knowledge of the products.
Pretty well but there is always room for improvement.
Alot. Being at the pro desk, you have to know the products that we sell. Handling contractors on a daily basis, makes me know the departments and what we sell in those departments.
I would say I know a lot of what we sell not so much as to where it is.
I know seventy percent of your departments.
As a customer I could get anything related to home building, renovation, garden items, decoration, even appliances and the smallest of items that need to be replaced or repaired at home. Walking around the aisles I could find anything I wanted.
I am quite familiar with them but am a fast learner.
I have pretty much of the knowledge of the items at the store.Home depot is a retail store for all a customer need to build their house as well as decorating them and the tools including the garden stuff.
I know them very well, I shop there all the time .
I know home depot has the materials, products, knowledge, and departments to serve the contractor, business, home-owner, do-ii-yourselfer, and the first-timer.
I know most of your departments pretty well and what you sell and If I dod not know what you sold in a certain department I would learn about that product well enough so I could give the correct answer to customers that come up to me and ask me about it and be able to sell it to them also.
I m not very familiar with your departments however im a quick learner.
I know a little something. This company is the 4th largest retailer in the us and the 5th largest retailer in the world. This company sell home improvement supplies, appliances and garden supplies.
I have only been in the store for 7 months so I do know all your departments but not all of what you sell, having said that, I know that there is lots of knowledge out there that will help me learn.
Id say pretty well, but I could always know/learn more.
Some better then others but definitely at minimum basic knowledge of all.
I would say pretty well, you have everything from indoor to outdoor tools, wood, keys, paint, plants.
I do know some of the departments and some of the merchandise you sell, but I would say I know much. But I admit I have a lot to learn.
I know that the department well enough to run it since I have all the knowledge of the EVS system.
I know intermidiate knowledge on hardware and as well as materials and what sizes they come in.
Fairly well. I've been coming to home depot since I was really little. Their are minor differences in how the store is laid out compared to back then but not by much. I still find myself coming it at least once a month looking for something I need.
I do no some of the departments, and some of the merchandise you sell, but I will admit there is slot to learn.
I've helped my younger siblings better themselves by just being a positive influence and helped to better co workers by helping them whenever I could and being supportive.
I know the departments and products well as I visit the store on occasion.
Well I dont know much but I can learn and I am a quick learner. I would love to work here at home depot and can learn many things from this job.
I'm a little familiar with it but as soon as I start working here I will know every department much better.
I know little about your departments but know quite a bit about what you sell like tools, paints, home appliances, plants. I also know that what you sell has great quality and low prices.
I am knowledgeable in some, know a few areas from previous home improvements. But will need help and self, disablene to learn the whole store.
Quite well.
I feel like I know the departments and what each department sells realtivley good.
I am slightly familiar with the products in this store but I am a very fast learner and will catch on soon.
I am becoming more and more comfortable with knowledge within the many different departments and the many different products sold at this company. I educate myself by learning more than is expected of my particular job duties and I know it will take time and effort to build on my knowledge of departments and the products we carry. I also go out of my way to learn the different departments lead people so I know who I can go to with questions and concerns I experience.
I know that there is all the materials needed to build an outstanding home from garden to decor to roofing and tile work and I am also a fast learner so this will help me in the store.
I feel I know almost every department in the store being a DIYer and working on several personal projects. Also knowing the special services that the company does to also help the customers complete their projects.
I know little about your departments but know quite a bit about what you sell like tools, paints, home appliances, plants. I also know that what you sell has great quality and low prices.
I know that Home Depot sells everything to do with renovations from indoor to outdoor, as well as home decorating products.
Very well, been here many times shopping in every dept.

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