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How well do you handle customer complaints?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

How to Answer

Successfully addressing customer complaints is an essential part of customer service, and the interviewer wants to hear that you are okay talking through a customer's complaint. Start off by telling the interviewer that you do not mind addressing customer complaints, and you recognize that most customers have good intentions when coming forth with a complaint.

Tell the interviewer that you take time to listen to everything the customer has to say first to ensure you truly understand what they are upset about. Next, share that you make eye contact with the customer and sincerely apologize to them. Finally, be sure to mention that you offer to correct any mistakes that were made or take the appropriate action to rectify the situation.

How well do you handle customer complaints?
Answer example

"I handle customer complaints very well, and usually quite quickly. I understand that every upset customer wants to know that they are being listened to, and I do that very well. My listening skills are strong, and I can make suggestions for a resolution that works well for the customer, and my employer."

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How well do you handle customer complaints?
I listen to their problem and try to come up with a solution.
I always look after my Customers complaints. A happy Customer leads you to your next Customer.
I have the ability to listen to what the customer is saying, reassuring the customer that the problem will be solved then taking the steps to make sure the customer leaves satisfied and feeling like the problem has been solved.
Smile, stay calm and use the knowledge I have been provided to help solve their complaints.
I listen to the customer then assure them that everything will work out if they work with us.
I handle customer complaints very well because I had to do it a lot at Atomic Vapor so I feel experienced in dealing with complaints. As long as you can effectively communicate, hear the issue and find a happy answer for both parties while still keeping it within company policy.
Confedantly, with calm disposition and respectfully.
Very well. I first start by actively listening to my customers frustration.
I strive to be responsive to the customer by listening to what their complaint is about, being sensitive to their emotions, getting the facts of the situation and working toward a quick, satisfactory resolution.
I try to resolve them to the best of my abilities. If I am stumped, I call my manager for assistance.
Try to talk to the customer the best I could.
Very well, I try to keep the customer at ease and assist in any way.
Very well. I know not to take complaints personally. Sometimes by hearing out someones complaint, you can rectify the problem.
I handle customer complaints well. I listen to the customer and assure them I will do what I can to help with the situation and hopefully be able to go above and beyond what the customer would expect, therefore ensuring satisfaction if not a solution to the exact initial problem.
I always remember that listening to the customers problem comes first, solving that problem is the immediate result. I do whatever it takes to make customers feel glad they came here.
Pretty well...I listen to the customer to determine the root cause of the problem then try to find a solution, maintaining a professional and poised demeanor.
I like to listen carefully to the customer complaint, let him know I understand and that I'm willing to help him work out an acceptable solution. My goal is to ensure he's a happy customer when he leaves the store.
I handle them well. I approach the customer and ask them to tell me the problem. This makes them feel that you are listening to them and it seems to calm them down. After listening to them, I take the necessary steps to solve the problem in a timely fashion.
I can handle them really well.
Very well because I can understand both side of the coin, as business and as customer. Happy customers bring more business and at the end of the day, I want every customer who interacted with me to fell satisfied and pleased.
I think I listen very well, but I must really know what the company's policies are before I can assist the customer with resolving their issue. I have experienced great customer service at Home Depot, so I know what is possible. I think I could benefit from some more training in this area.
Very well I just talk them through what I know and if they need help on something I don't know about I'll call for my supervisor or an employee that knows about what the customer needs.
Listen to the guest and let them know you will do everything you can to satisfy their requests.
The customer is always right. I will do my best to help them solve the problem by trying to find a win win solution.
Listen. Listen. Listen. Let the customer vent then apologize. Let them know that you will do everything possible to resolve the issue. Then do it.
With a willingness and urgency to reslove the complaint.
I listen to their concerns, offer solutions, or alternatives until they are staisfied.
I am a good listener and can show empathy for their situation help them get a solution that will satisfy them.
Very well I would hear them out get all the facts and determine was course to take.
Listen to them. Show that I am concerned that they are not satisfied or have an issue, and let them know that I will do what ever I can to help.
Very well, to me its just points that which we need to improve on and this customer is giving you another option to satisfy them.
I handle them pretty good it depends on what they are about.
I must listen carefully the problem and trying to find the solution and seeking help from the management, to insure customer must be look after .
I handle customer complaints very well. I like to turn the customer frown into a smile.
I help a customer out anyway I can to help solve a problem. I want that customer to walk away happy and to come back to the store again.
Always take care of the customer, customer is always number one.
I handle them well. Listening to the customer is most important. After listening to them, solve the issue.
I handle customer complaints very well I am a awesome listener and put myself in their shoes to understand their issue. I then acknowledge that I understand and I am sorry that they had to experience that. Then we would solve the issue for them regardless they need to walk out of the store happy and I need to do whatever it takes to fix the problem.
Very well, I understand that making the customer satisfied is important to keep them coming back and telling others how there problem was handled.
I will listen to it and then try to solve the problem.
You do your best to smooth the situation over by trying to resolve the issue.
I feel I do a fantastic job, always listen and, never quit until customer is satisfied.
I try my best to get to the core of the problem and to find a way to resolve it. I would listen to the problem and if it's in my power to do something about it, I would, or I would find someone who can do it.
I handle them well by listening to the customer, and do my best to find a solution to their complaint.
I handle customer complaints well because I always address their concerns and ensure that their complaints will be taken care of, and I would continue providing them great customer service.
I handle them well by listening to the customer, and do my best to find a solution to their complaint.
Very well. I try my best to defuse the situation if the customer is angry, I listen carefully to their complaint and try to fix the problem with the help of management if needed.
Customers patients positive attitude understanding good verbal skilis.
I handle customer complaints very well, and I appreciate them. When a customer complains, it means that we are doing something wrong. I listen to the customer, without interrupting, to hear it in their own words how we are failing them. After listening to the customer, I then try to satisfy their needs. After the customer is out of the store, I try to correct the problem.
Courtesy, patience and meet legitimate desire of the customer.
I would handle them as efficiently the as possible while being sure to be as helpful as possible.
I never take complaints personally, do my best to understand and empathize with their issue, have patience and refer them to my supervisor if necessary.
I'll handle them very well . By trying to understand there problem. And by speaking in a calmly manner .
By listening to them and helping them where I can or refer them to the manager if its beyond me.
I have not had many of these but if one does occur, I try everything to resolve the problem and make the customer happy and willing to shop there.
Customers deserve satisfaction... Therefore I would do whatever it took to solve their problem and make them happy.
Very well I listen to their every word and turn it around to make it right.
Id say pretty well, I try to put myself in their shoes and work the problem out as calmly and effectively as possible.
During my shift at sodexo a cutsomer came with a salad and compaint that it was of bad quality and didnt have the same taste as it use to be. I apologized him and took the salad back and with the help of my supervisor give him the refund as well as the free salad that I made again according to his requirements.
Try to figure out what did to cause the complaint in the first place and work to better myself so it won't happen again.
Very well. Every customer needs respect. They need to have their complaint listened to and resolved if out is in your capability to do so.
I listen to the complaint, understanding complaint, repeating what I heard back to them, finding out what they want as a solution, assure them that I would handle the complaint the best way I could.
First I apologize, then listen carefully what caused them to be upset. Always stay calm and listening, try to do the best possible to make them satisfied, if need be involve superiors, so they leave to come back.
By listening to their concerns, and trying to fine a solution to the complaint.
I handle them very well. I actually enjoy them because most of the time it helps you to grow and you can learn from it.
I listen to all customer complaints and try to see if I can markdown any cost for their troubles.
Calmy and with a smile or makng sure that they are prority anf their complaint will be handled.
I handle them quite well. I look at them as an opportunity to improve on my already existing customer service skills. I listen to the complaint, and assure the customer that I will do what needs to be done to come up with a solution that is to the customers satisfaction. This may involve getting help from management.
I handle customer complaints well. I try to handle the situation myself. I try to be as thorough as possible, find out what the customer wants. If it falls within the guideline of the store policy I do what I can and if further attention is needed, I call for management.
I will handle customers with respect and patience and try to be as helpful as I can with their complaints.
I take pride in being a great listener, showing empathy to the customer and resolving issues in a professional and timely manner. I do not take the customer's frustrations personally.
Depends on what the complaint is...Listen and try my best to make the customer happy"
Pretty well I try to understand why their complaint see if there's anything I can do I always put my customers first.
Efficiently I listen to the customer and assure them that I will do everything I can to take care of the problem. If not, then I get help from the manager to satisfy the customer.
I would say I handle customer complaints very well, especially since I believe what seperates good customer service from excellent customer service is people who are willing to take the extra step to help a customer and resolve the issue to the best of their abilities.
Pretty well I try my best to give great customer service, even getting them.
Customer complaints can be very troublesome to handling depending on the person dealing with but the key thing is to always try to find a solution that will be in the best interest of both the company and the customer.
As well as make sure that the customer is happy and will come back to shop with us again . Use my customer service +1 skills .
I don't take customer complaints personally. I try to resolve the complaint if it is within my ability to do so. If not, I would refer them to my manager.
By lisening patiantly, and reinsuring them I will do my best to solve the issue. Usually customer leave satisfied at the outcome.
Very well. I know that how a complaint is handled can be a pivotal point on whether or not the customer is a return customer. I listen carefully, reassure them that I will do whatever I can to help, and then do it.
For a customer complaint I have to call the customer and talk with him what kind the unlike.
First of all, I welcome customer complain and be calm and show that they shouldn`t be worried and next step if I know about that try to explain and solve it and if no, find my manager to help and solve it.
I handle complaints very well, Ilisten to the customers needs and do my best to satisfy them so they return.
First of all I will come? Complaints I remain calm and show them that they should not be worried and the next step if I know about that tried to explain it and solve it and if know that I find my manager to help me do so.
Very well I welcome customer complaints to improve our services.
Stay calm, help find a solution to the problem, if could not be met, then find a manager to help with the situation.
I welcome customer complaints give us a chance to grow and change.
I welcome customer complaints as a learning tool and try to assist the customer in coming up with a solution.
Great. I empathize with the customer and make sure they are satisfied before they leave the store.
I welcome customer complaints as and oportunity to improve service.
I welcome customer complaints as and oportunity to improve service.
Efficiently I listen to the customer and asure them I will do everything I can to take care of the problem.If not, then I get help (manager)to satisfy customer.
I am a customer too. I want to know what the problem is and get it resolved quickly. I love it when the unhappy customer leaves with a smile and a handshake.
I happily bring on customer complaints, gives me a chance to improve the store.
I always tried my best to handle customer complaints with a smile and a lot of understanding.
Do the best to resolve the customers issues myself and if I cant I would call a manager for assistance.
I handle customers complaint very well, by listening to them and try find solution of the problem.
I welcome customer complaints as a learning experience.
I use them to benefit me in areas I need to improve on I apoligize for the error commited and do whatever it takes to fix it and promise it wont happen again.
I handle them very well, I take the time to listen to their complaint thoroughly and assist them in any way possible.
I actually welcome customer complaints because it is a way for me to help the customer come up with a solution. Also it is great for the customer to know that I am listening and willing to help as best as I can.
Very well. I listen, try to remain calm, and considerate and understanding try to identify the reasons and concerns and then look to achieve the best results to leave the customer with the best experience and wanting to come back.
Customer compliant is an opportunity to improve service and I will do my best to make him/her leave with smile.
I handle customer complaints well by trying to listen to the situation and hopeful can resolve the problem.
I think that I handle customer complaints well I always try to find the best way to resolve a customer problem so they can leave the store happy and satisfied with the service.
I welcome customer complaints it helps to learn and grow and possible help to improve things.
I work hard to try and resolve a problem a customer might have so they leave happy with a smile.
Remain calm, listen and do my best to meet their needs.
I see customer complaints as a way to improve the department or even the company as a whole.
I handle them well. I think it is important to listen to the customer. Many times people appreciate having someone who actually cares about their situation and if I listen calmly and try to help them, they are grateful and the situation ends on a positive note.
I usually have no problems with customer complaints, I think being empathetic towards the customer and really listening to the issue is important.

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