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How do you expect to make a difference at Home Depot?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you are excited about working at Home Depot and have thought about how you can make a positive impact while working there. Think about what kind of impact you could make, if hired.

Ways to make a difference:

- Creating a favorable environment for customers by smiling, asking them if you can help them find something, and providing them with excellent service.
- Building business relationships with your co-workers, so everyone looks forward to coming to work each day.
- By helping ensure a place where parents and children come to buy supplies for their first DIY project!

Whatever comes to mind that you are passionate about, share it with the interviewer!

How do you expect to make a difference at Home Depot?
Answer example

"I expect to make a difference at Home Depot by bringing positive energy to the store every day. I will also ensure that my product knowledge in my department is top-notch so that the customers are always confident in their purchase."

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How do you expect to make a difference at Home Depot?
By making Home Depot a better and happier place to shop.
A determining point or factor thatmakes for a distinet change or con contrast.
I kniw customer service is very important to Home Depot and having many years of proven track record in customer service I will ensure that this is carried over to customers of Home Depot each and every time one customer at a time.
By offering exceptional customer service to all Home Depot customers.
Make sure the customer found everything they were searching for, and always leave them with a smile and a good attitude about shopping at Home Depot.
I will give off confidence when answering customers questiond. My maturety and honesty will help to increase sales and bring customers back to Home Depot.
By offering the best bilingual services to Spanish- speaking only costumers.
With a positive attitude and a smile. Make the customers feel comfortable and happy.
By doing my best every shift and following the directions given to me by my supervisor.
By providing the best customer service, by learning product knowledge at every opportunity given to me. By giving the best that I can.
I would expect to use my broad background in ux, analytics and digital marketing to make the online presence more useful and appealing, increasing revenue-driving conversions and improving the customer experience.
The way I would make a difference at Home Depot I would do my job so well and I would encourage others to better and help them out.
I am a very hard worker and take pride in all that I do.
By doing the best possible work I can and delivering excellent customer service.
I bring a positive attitude and customer service to the table. By having this type of attitude, it will spread to the other associates.
With my smile and positive attitude and my concern to make sure every consumer has a good experience shopping with us.
I dont know about about making a difference. But I definitely see myself contributing into making the workplace more productive.
By leading by example and using my skills and knowledge on a daily.
To offer exceptional customer service and exceed at my position.
By maintaining the already excellent reputation of Home Depot, as a place where customers can go to get solid advice and information for their home improvement needs.
I expect to make a difference at home depot by keeping a positive attitude and only doing my best work.
By continuing to provide excellent customer service, and getting my associates what they need in order to do so.
By applying the values and principles of exceptional customer service while working the other jobs and tasks that are assigned.
With a knowledge of cutomer service to get the job done what ever it takes.
Ive made a difference everywhere I go, from zellers I kept productivity up and ive developed team members into team leaders, I know the way, will show the way and ive developed myself as a leader.
My past customer service experience will help generate sales.
Home depot reflects a lot of the same principles as McDonnell Douglas in regards to doing what takes to make the customer happy. I believe with my positive attitude and strong work ethic that I can be good asset to the company.
By showing my strong work ethic, and my ability to work long and hard hours.
I expect to help the store run efficiently by doing my job well, I expect customers will like shopping at home depot because of the help I will try to give.
By providing excellent customer service with a smile.
I believe that diversity promotes new growth, and that differences provide a new way of thinking to solve everyday problems. I think that my individuality will provide that kind of diversity and promote new growth.
By helping the costomers, completing my task on time and making sure everything is done on time.
THD is a retail center and therefore it all about the customer and making sure the customer has a good experience while shopping at THD. I will make a difference by.
With my positive attitude, fun personality and deposition. And general concern for customer return and satisfaction.
By being the best me possible.
Taking each day as it comes and making the best choices out of each of them. Making those customers happy so that they come back and do not go shopping some place else.
With my prior experience and willingness to promote good team spirit.
I'm hoping I can bring a different point of view to the company. I have such a wide range of experience, I might see things differently from the next person.
By always being friendly and learning all areas of my job.
My personality my smile my always welcoming gesture for willing to help before asking for help. And going above and beyond that customer leave the store with big smile.
Leading people, inspiring them to provide excellent customer service.
I will do my best to make the customer experience as much fun as it is knowledgeable on a daily basis.
By putting forth a positive attitude. This generally spreads with the rest of the associates and they will have a better morale.
By providing great customer service, keeping the moral up with a positive attitude and being a team player.
I will learn everything I can about the product so I can be knowledgeable for the customer.
I'm dependable and reliable. I work hard and finish all tasks I'm given.
By taking each customer project as my own and helping them to find everything they may need, listening extremely well, and solving issues.
Because I have more than 10 year in management . I am post graduate ,I am energ ic, motivative, honest and hard worker.
By being part of a team. Smiling and helping keep a good mood going. Being a helping hand and just being a connecting point for customers to get what they need.
However I can. If I'm on the register, making sure the customer is handled efficiently ans accurately. There is nothing a customer hates more than leaving one line, find an error and then having to return to customer service to stand on another line to correct a mistake of someone else's doing.
Work hard and being loyal to home depot and be the best patient postive language communication that you have and 100% team oriented.
My skills, willingness to learn, completing of tasks in time period,
I expect to make a difference at home depot by involving my creativity, reliablity and to focus on a task at hand to my best ability.
First I have to learn the ropes, once I am confident I will not hesitate proposing suggestions to my superior which can improve things at Home Depot. I believe in change with change in time and now mostly technology.
Again Taking care of the Customers better than our Competition and motivating the associates to achieve more than they thought they could and having what our customers want when they want it. Celebrating the wins.
My energy and loyalty. I have worked 2 jobs in 25 years. That speaks volumes on how loyal I am.
I give the customers my 100% and learn how to do things the Home Depot what.
I expect to make a difference by helping customers find what they need and by being the kind, approachable face that greets them and gives them an unparalleled shopping experience.
I want to make a difference by bringing in customers and making them want to return.
By using my experience to make the customers happy with their buying experience, and show others that my hard work ethics has great rewards.
By doing my job to the best of my ability, making sure I meet the quality and standards customers expect to find at HD.
I am courteous, hard working, and smile and always say hello ...I would always try to make their visit an enjoyable one.
I think my attitude is the best way to make an improvement, being positive and helpful is the best way to get others to do the same.
Ill try my best to bring my inner orange out to make a difference at the store by giving my services to the best of my abilities .
By being a conscientious employee, learning the Home Depot way of doing business. Providing excellent customer service and as siting my fellow employees as needed.
By listening the needs of the customers, staff, and management and constantly improving on the way things are done so they are done more efficient, with the end result being more profit.
Would use my enthusiasm for home employment transfer into my customer service skills. Using what I have learned and helping that customer have a great customer experience.
I can be flexible with my hours to fill in where you need me.
I expect to make a difference by helping people to the best of my ability and showing great customer service.
I expect to make a difference at the Home Depot by providing kind helpful assistance no matter who the customer is, and making sure they have had a great experience with the store and that they want to come back.
With my hard work. Not being afraid to go above and beyond to get the job done. Make sure customers are always happy with their outcomes.
I expect to make a difference by always putting the customer first and understanding the customers needs. So the customer can leave happy and have a great expirience so they can come back to us whenever they have another project.
I actually read some of the feedback on a few different homedepot sites while the Home Depot I work for I will go beyond the call of duty to change any bad perception of our store.
Come in every day with a great attitude and be ready to tackle my daily tasks with the knowledge that my work will reflect on home depot directly. And that a poor job done by me will reflect poorly on both my managers and the company as a whole.
I would make sure to help others, including customers and co-workers, to the best of my ability.
By providing exceptional customer service and exceeding my customers and managers expectations professionally.
Well with my awesome customer service skills perhaps more customers will leave satisfied as well as my organization skills could help organize the store.
By adding diversity and bringing my fresh perspective from outside to support and further enhance THD's goals. It is great to promote from inside, however this can allow for tunnel vision, and the inability to visualize new ideas.
With a good attitude and good disposition for customer service and customer satisfaction.
I will bring excellent customer service and greet everyone with a big smile. Always be kind and work hard at keeping home depot look swell.
I expect to make a difference by keeping a positive attitude making customers shopping experiences more enjoyable.
I want to be able to be recognized for excellent customer service and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there.
I expect to make a diiference by offering our customers the best and quality customer service.
By providing good customer service with a friendly, helpful attitiude.
I am very organized, detail oriented, plus a hard worker. I lead by example and that is why I believe a management position would work well for the company and myself.
By my positive attitude, willingness to learn and help customers have a great experience at HD.
By becoming very good in every area of my job.
My smile, my possitive attitude, willingness to do my best for all our customers.
I enjoy problem solving and helping people. I love learning new things, and am a quick thinker. I would make great addition to a team because I enjoy being a cashier.
With my years of experience and positive personality.
I would definitely like to make improvements where fit. I love helping people and making things easier for others. If there was anything process that I think could be better, I would find a way to do so.
I am friendly and would look for ways to do better. Be friendly with the customers and try to help them best possible or get them the help they need.
I will make a difference at Home Depot by using my knowledge and giving everything I have to do a great job.
By keeping a positive attitude and willingness to learn.
Do my best, improve myself by observing and training so as a result of that make a difference at Home Depot.
I would love to bring my personality traits to the Home Depot and give each customer an excellent experience.
I bring a good work ethic, self motivated and use my skills that I have my years in the military.
Do my best, improve myself by observing and training so as a result of that make a difference at Home Depot.
With a positive attitude and good customer service.
With my actittude and good disposition for customer service.
My work ethics. Offering my knowledge and experience to customers and peers.
I will give every job my best effort and try to learn to do things the Home Depot way.
I will make a difference by supporting the company in all its endeavors and take care of each and every customer better than they expect.
With my positive attidude and my great customer service.
Giving my great customer service and going that extra mile to make sure the customer is happy.
I expect to make a difference by always going above and beyond and by helping to ensure that every customer leaves with a smile.
With my customer service skills and friendly personality.
Do my best, deliver customer service and continue to work hard.
I will bring my great personality trait to HD and give each customer best experience.
I expected to make a difference because I want to make a difference here. I am able to empathize well with people and their general concerns about the services they want & expect from this company and continue to be a part of a team that pulls together for one and all. I have excellent customer service skills and experiences that put me well above the average in quality of performance in this job category.
I know my talents can be used here very well and I can provide the customers with a great shopping experience so they will return happily.
I think with my experience in retail I will fit in.
With a good attitude and good disposition for customer service and customer satisfaction.
With my outgoing personality I plan on making the customers have a great experience making them want to come back and make future purchases.
I plan on making a difference by delivering excellent customer service and if need be going above and beyond to make customers happy so that they will want to come back to the store.
With my smile, positive attitude and genuine concern that each customer enjoys their experience shopping with us.
Offer great customer service. Customers are what keeps the business open.
I expect to make a difference with a positive attitude, dedication to customer service and a strong ethic.
With a great attitude, knowledge and service to cutomers every shift I work.
An excelent ethic, a positive attitude a good customer service and a hard work.
An excelent ethic, a positive attitude a good customer service and a hard work.
I can bring my a game to the table to help get things done on time and make sure everything is in order.
I am a very hard worker who takes pride in her job.

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