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How do you define good customer service?
Start off by telling the interviewer that good customer service means having a positive attitude, and creating a great experience for customers while doing what it takes to ensure customers come back to your store. Tell the interviewer that good customer service is dropping what you are doing to happily assist a customer, greeting them when they walk through the door, and asking them if you can help them find something.

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User-Submitted Answers

How do you define good customer service?
I define good customer service some that is always alert in who need helps and stops what ever they doing to go help them.
A person who goes that extra mile just to see a customer walking out with a smiile, that's good customer sevice. :-)
I define good customer service as always going above and beyond for the customer and making sure that they always leave with a smile.
Greeting a customer and going above and beyond to make their experience the best.
Defining good customers to me is friendly, approachable, and helpful at all times and making the customers time here a pleasure. Making the customers leaves here wanting to come back.
Good customer service is someone that is willing to help you even before you ask. Always smiling and is great at explaining products to customers.
A customer that is completely satisfied and will return again and again. I love to do more than what they expect, it really impacts them.
I define this by focusing on their experience at hand, genuinely being interested in making sure they receive what they expect to get by patronizing this store.
Do what ever it takes to provide an excellent experience for the customer so that they will return to our store happily.
When goes above and beyond to make the customer leave the store happy.
Listen to the customer first. Smile, be helpful and friendly.
When goes above and beyond to make the customer leave the store with a big smile.
When goes above and beyond to make the customer leave the store with a big smile.
Be friendly helpful and make sure you give the customer a good experience so they return.
Good customer service is being happy to help customers with a smile on your face.
Interacting with the customer with a helpful friendly positive attitude, having knowledge about your store and product, doing whatever it takes so that your customer leaves happy and wants to come back to your store.
Interacting with the customer with a helpful friendly positive attitude, having knowledge about your store and product, doing whatever it takes so that your customer leaves happy and wants to come back to your store.
Being friendly and listening to a customers needs, asking questions and offering a number of solutions that provide options to customers. And doing whatever it takes to get what customers need in the best way.
I define good customer service by going above and beyond for customer making sure the customer is satisfied and leaves with a smile.
Knowing your prodct and knowing your way around the store.
Going above and beyond to provide great customer service, fulfilling the customer needs and making sure customer leaves with a smile on his/her face.
Listening and hearing what the customer needs and doing your best to satisfy those needs.
Seeking out for customer and find the customer . Ask open end question to inquire customer needs . Respect customer with greet, smile and eye contact . Solve problems and find the right thing for customer and thank the customer.
Good customer service is the ability to identify and meet the customers needs easily and efficiently in such a way that the customer leaves the store happy and wanting to return.
Great customer service is helping our customers before they even ask for it.
Providing a positive, informative and considerate shopping experience.
Smile, listen well to the customer, take initiative, dedicate yourself to your customers and co workers, thank your customers, honesty.
Good customer service starts with listening to the customer. Understanding what they want and provide the materials necessary to satisfy the customer. Making sure that the customer is totally satisified.
Taking care of the customers needs and questions and them the best possible experience with my company as possible.
By totally satisfying the customer. Find and locate what they want and to add in all materials to complete their task.
The customer left with the goods or services they were seeking, and their service expectations exceeded.
Providing exceptional service and follow through until the customer is completely satisfied.
By going above and beyond. Going out of your way to Gert that customer what they are looking for even if that means directing to a different store if needed.
Good customer service is having knowledge of product being in stock amd direct customer to what they need ask questions what other projects they are working on.
Listening to the customer, making sure they have all answers to their questions. Asking them if they need help before they ask.
Welcome with open heart smile, willing to help before even ask. Provide the details customer wants to know about the product.
Good customer service to me is go above and beyond to assist that customer and doing it with pleasure.
Listening, smiling and being willing to help before they ask.
I define customer service as catering to the needs of your customers in a customized way per company guideline.
Assisting customers with a friendly, helpful attitude.
Treating customers with a friendly, helpful attitude.
I try helping out the customer anyway I can giving them my 1000% of customer service.
Good customer service is someone who is willing to help you even before you ask. Always smiling and is great at explaining products to customers.
Good customer service is listening to their needs and doing everything to have customer happy with their experience, then ask if there was anything else you can do.
Being upbeat and kind, meeting the customers needs and expectations.
By listening to the customers needs and asking specific questions to help them 100%
Being respectful good listener and always smiling.
Good customer service is always helping the customer with whatever he or she needs. Always serving them with a big smile and I friendly attitude. You want the customer to come back so you have to greet them with happy energy and pass it on and always leave the customer being happy.
When the customer gets any questions answered or clarity on their project and leaves (with purchased goods) with a smile.
Asking the customer questions, with a smile. Trying to find the best possible fit for the customers needs. Actually looking and sounding like you sincerely care.
Friendly, helpful and willing to do what I can to leave the customer with a positive experience.
With a smile, helping a customer find what they are looking for.
Keeping the customer happy. Making sure I can get the to come back to shop at the store.
Going above and beyond to satisfy the customer and keep them coming back.
Making sure the customer is satisfied and all their needs have been met.
Making sure the customer is satisfied and all their needs have been met.
Good Customer service is never saying no to a customer as well as helping them find everything they need and leave the store satisfied with their visit.
Keeping a smile and a great head on your shoulder to keep all customer happy enough to want to shop at Home Depot even though we do not have everything in the store.
Listening to the customers concerns, understanding what the customer wants and providing that for them.
When the workers are really nice to the clients and make their experiences special. Also, when the workers at the store are really helpful and dedicated to their job.
Ensuring the customer is satisfied with the level of service. Making sure the customer knows he/she is important and his/her satisfaction is my priority while I am working at THD
Listening to the needs of the customer, understanding what they want, doing what you can to provide customers with the best service possible.
Be a good listener and find out what the customer needs. Treat each customer with respect and courtesy. And try to resolve there needs.
Good customer service is when the person providing the service shows great respect to customer through spoken words as well as body language and able to listen actively to the customers complains or concerns.
Greeting and introduce myself. listen to cust wants. finding product. And thanking customer for business.
To determine or set down the boundaries.
I would talk to them in a very calm and nice voice. I would also get the customer to where they need to be.
I would define good customer service as being the very best you can be for the customer.
Making yourself always available. When engaged let the customer talk and ask probing questions or relevant questions to find their solution or fulfill their needs. To know that every customer leaves satisfied.
Finding them, inquiring what project they are doing, being respectful, solving their wants, and thanking the customer for shopping at Home Depot.
Good customer service is just good.
Greeting customers with a smile and hello. Helping a customer as quickly as I can with finding something or with a problem they might have. Being knowledgeable about products.
Looking after your Customers needs by listening, getting want they want and doing it in a timely fashion.
Going above and beyond what is required.
Customer wants to come back.
The customer was completely satisfied during and at the end of there experience.
Customer is always right. Courtesy and meeting the customer demands is the Key.
Listening and responding. If you don't listen and show interest in what their looking for then they walk away dissatisfied. A dissatisfied customer may end up leaving and never returning.
Customer first +1% ... Going the distance to make that one customer completely happy and turning them into repeat business.
I define good customer service by being greeted apon arrival, employees smiling and willing to help if I have questions. There's nothing worse than being able to see on someone's face that they hate their job or are having an issue and can't let it go. The customer deserves your happy face.
Attentiveness, kindness, and understanding... To give good customer service means you would go above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied.
Going above and beyond your expectations. Making sure the customer found what he or she needed and had all their questions answered. Also, providing them an idea or two that was beneficial.
Making every effort to supply customers with good quality products and the best information to help them succeed with their home projects.
Being helpful, an knowledgeable in the product.
Listening, honesty, showing ownership, knowledgeability, showing empathy, follow up, timeliness, sense of urgency and professionalism.
Being able to help the customer, in a friendly and consistent manor each time they visit. Leaving them with a smile on their face, making them want to come back.
Good customer service is equals customer's satisfaction.
By greeting assisting and thanking all customers.
Good customer service to me is the ability to make sure every customer leaves satisfied.
Customer service to me is the ability to make sure every customer leaves satisfied and with the smile.
Being friendly and assuring all customers are satisfied with there experience.
Ensuring that the customer's expectations are met and that the customer has a good reason to return to our store as a loyal purchaser.
Making sure every customer leaves with a smile and has been properly helped.
Making sure the customer got exactly what they needed with as little trouble as possible.
Greet customers with a smile must be willing to help them with anything they need if I don't know what is needed I'll help as much as I can then call for help.
A good customer service is when you put the customer first and you should know that the customer is always right no matter what.
Good customer service is the ability to effectively help a customer.
Courteous, pleasant, resolving my questions in a timely fashion.
By fullfilling all the needs of customer.
Greeting customer with smile, asking customer of his needs, suggesting of the right product.
Satisfying the wants and needs of the customer to the best of my ability in a friendly and polite way.
Making sure that the customers get what they came to the store for and entertain their inquiries in a polite and courteous manner.
Listen, help, respond, be positive and polite.
By providing a service that meets their expectations, providing a unique service and one that brings them back again and again.
Being knowledgeable about what your saleing be polite, remember the customer is always right. And be every where.
A good customer service is when they listen to every situation no matter what and make it better for everyone no matter how irritating or hard it is.
Excellent I listen to customers to see every way I van to satisfy them.
I define good customer service by always putting the customers first and understanding why their here for.
Trying your best to help out the customer and make sure they're happy.
A good attitude towards the customer is the first thing. Be willing to help. Having good product knowledge is important, or as you learn, knowing who can provide the answer. Having a prompt response as to how to help. Good problem solving skills. I can use the example of how our sink top didn't come with the vanity and we got a discount on our toilet because of it. It helped me forget all about the issue and I thought it was fair.
Friendly service positive energy knowledge of products and services.
An experience that will leave the customer with a feeling they want to come back to shop, feel that it is the store of choice and will recommend it to their friends.
Patients, attentiveness, knowable of your job, clear communication skills, ability to use positive language,
Trying your best to make sure the customer is satisfied, being friendly and helpful to customers, helping customers to satisfy the need that brought them into the store.
Being a good listener. Listening to the customer's wants and needs is key to finding the right product. Being attentive as well. Greeting the customer is also important because sometimes customers are too timid to ask for help.
Kind to the customer. And be very helpful. Ask if they need anything else.
Listening, offering solutions, selecting best course of action and having customer satisfied.
Being greeted upon entering the store, and being asked how my day was. Being asked if I need help and being reassured that if I need help an associate is near by.
I define good customer service by being greeted when I enter the store, having an associate in their department.
When the customer walks out completely satisfied.
Be there for the customer and making sure their needs are met.