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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Yes. I had an acquaintance who was homeschooled who felt daunted by the prospect of registering for community college classes. I accompanied her to registration and talked her through the process.
A while back a friend of mine was struggling with a weight issue and diabetes such as myself and together I helper her to create a menu that was diabetes friendly with nutrition involved which in turn with a daily walking schedule would help her maintain her goal of losing a few pounds.
I have been a employer for many years and would coach and train them to achieve the ultimate goal.
Yes I helped my daughters get a new job going.
Yes, motivate team members to step up there game and do better.
Helped someone get a job by looking for jobs.
I have helped employees who worked with me to better themselves by pushing them to go back to school or teach them a trade. I have gotten a few people into the welding trade. It also makes you feel good knowing that you helped someone.
I have volunteered at the YARN Foundation over the past summer where I helped tutor kids in subjects like math, science,and english.
Yes I have. In the military, I would train my marines to be the best at their job. Achieving this would bring them closer to climbing the ladder.
Helped co-worker prepare for training session, creating documentation and sample data to meet tight deadline. Gave people one on one training with computer system so they could learn hands on. Allowed granddaughters to experience all types of experiences, etc to broaden their horizons. Concerts, ballet, musicals, museums, historical locations, camping.