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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

How to Answer
Think about the times you have helped a friend achieve their goal. You may have run a few miles with them each day in preparation for a 10k. You might have stayed up late at night reviewing flashcards for a big test the next day. Or, maybe you watched a family's children for a couple of days to allow the parents to work on their goal of opening a new business. These types of scenarios work great to answer this question. Simply tell the interviewer a high-level overview of your scenario, and share how thankful the individual was for your contribution.

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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
I have been a employer for many years and would coach and train them to achieve the ultimate goal.
A while back a friend of mine was struggling with a weight issue and diabetes such as myself and together I helper her to create a menu that was diabetes friendly with nutrition involved which in turn with a daily walking schedule would help her maintain her goal of losing a few pounds.
With a friend I suggested some proper advice for the situation she had expierenced, she took my advice and the result was positive.
With friends and coworkers I help them by showing them a positive attitude and giving them my personal opinions and examples.
With friends and coworkers I help them by showing them a positive attitude and giving them my personal opinions and examples.
Giving my positive expirences to friends and co workers when they had a hard time understanding daily problems.
Yes I have helped a co-worker to better his self told him always look at the bright side of things and be positive!
Yes just by showing them what I have learned over the years as a customer serv rep.
Yes a coworker was thinking about quitting her job and I tried to help her stay focused on the job as I know she needed to work to support herself.
Yes, helped friend study & change careers.
I have volunteered at the YARN Foundation over the past summer where I helped tutor kids in subjects like math, science, and english.
I have been a employer for many years and would coach and train them to achieve the ultimate goal.
I assisted my brother through the process of getting his dream job. He had to do a two-week course of classes, which I helped him study for.
Yes, I had an associate that was just too blunt with customers and had even received several disciplinary actions regarding his customer service. His past led him to believe that he can just be honest with the customer regardless of the delivery. I worked with him on his skills to communicate with every customer in a friendly, calm way. I recommended he read "How to Win friends and influence people"... Which he did and has shown remarkable improvement and even received awards for his customer service.
I trained a new hire in drive through order taking and cash handling when she first began working at our restaurant she was very nervous and doubted herself often and now she is one of the best ones that works in drive thru.
Yes I have. As a sales manager I worked with a group of individuals that wanted to grow with the company. I was able to work with them in a meeting once a week, we went through their workbooks I made up for them. They completed quizzes, we did question and answer periods. Some of them now have moved up in the company.
Yes, I helped one of my new coworkers in showing her ways to make room when merchandising dishes to maximize space on the shelf in order to keep it shoppable. I also showed her where to find all the manuals she needed in order for her to find all the directives in flow.
I help my associates reach their goals everyday by assisting them to find whatever their customers need. The success of the company can only be measured by the success of all of its employees.
At A&W I was training this new girl, I showed her everything I knew about A&W, gave her tons of pointers, how to do something faster without having to cut corners. Now right after I left they just offically promoted her.
Yes I have two team members that I developed and got promoted to team leaders in my first year at target.
Always I do help other to better themselves by sharing my experience at work with them as a chat and training.
Absolutely. First off, I am a mom, so I do that every day. But aside from that, I am an encouraging person. I believe when people strive to better themselves we all benefit.
I helped in any way I could, ansering their questions, and testing their ability.
I always try to pass my knowledge on to my fellow co-workers. I have explained different formulas and experiences so that the next time they are asked, they can achieve an answer by themselves. They can help the customer without asking for help.
By helping our outside sales manager follow up on quotes to help meet his sales goal.
Skills I have and experience I got always helped the team member to achieve a goal.
Always work as team since two heads seem to work better than one.
Yep. I have trained employees to get better at their job, knowing that they could someday surpass me.
I have helped a coworker meeting her insurance goals by coaching her on how to present the product the customer so that the customer can see the importance of having a life insurance.
I had a cashier that wanted to become a department supervisor. I worked with her and guided her within the store. She got promoted to head cashier and recently became a department supervisor for seasonal.
Yes by being a support system. Helping my best friend decide a new career path and supporting her decision to go back to school.
Yes. My best friend, I supported her in her decision to go back to school to better herself.
Teaching new worker how to do new jobs things they never done before.
Yes... Built a strong rapport, gave advice, encouragement, built up their self esteem, and congratulated them on a job well done ,
Yes I have, I used to be fair tam leader, I was open to many questions from anyone about their animals. My outcomes always resulted in great successes. The kids were always really pleased with how well their animals did.
Yes, I had a friend who was not very tech-savvy and did not know to much about computers and technology and he had just come to america. So I taught him how to type, do web searches, download, music, and eventually I taught him some graphic design tricks and now he is trying to go to school become a it specialist it may take a few years but eventually he will get their and he has come a long way.
I like to encourage people and help them see joy at work and I have done that at my previous job. Assisting and lighting up the environment at work.
That situation happens a lot on the shop floor when I would have to train someone on a job. I show them methods I use or provide them with tools that help make the job easier.
By teaching them how do a certain task and passing on information.
Yes, in college I would be a part of study groups, or most often study with one other person. We would all help each other achieve the goal of getting a certain grade or passing a test.
Yes I have. In my advanced a/v class, we work in groups, and therefore are all trying to achieve the same goal. If any of my group members are struggling to achieve their specific goal, such as not understanding how to edit one of the scenes, or not having any ideas for possibly shots, it is my duty to help them fix the problem and therefore achieve their goals.
I have taught co-workers how to handle the lot duty on their own. I explained to them my strategie when I work alone. I told them to make the lot a priority becuse that is the source of where shopping carts come from. Within a month he was a lot better than he was when he first started.
Yes I have. In the military, I would train my marines to be the best at their job. Achieving this would bring them closer to climbing the ladder.
Yes, for example when I saw that there were students in lower levels I did a smart goal and wrote down the steps that it will take me to help the student achieve a higher level in the classroom.
Every employee that I supervised received annual reviews. Part of that review included focusing on what the employee wanted to achieve, if it was further education or OJT I would make sure those tools were made available.
Yes. By encouraging them with motivating words and by being an example and row model to that person.
Yes, the time was when someone truck has broken down I would help them out and bring them to the nearest truck stop.
Yes, I helped a good friend get promoted by teaching her my duties on "free time" at work. She caught on quick and is now the new assistant.
Yes, I worked with a staff member to advance as Department Supervisor. As I do with all my staff, I work with them teaching them all that I know, and I also learn about what they know.
I have helped employees who worked with me to better themselves by pushing them to go back to school or teach them a trade. I have gotten a few people into the welding trade. It also makes you feel good knowing that you helped someone.
Yes my boyfriend, helped him learn to manage his money and get out of debt.
As an Assistant Manager at Home Depot I would mentor my department heads to be come Managers. A couple of them became store managers.
Yes in my previous jobs, I have always looked at the potential of an individual, and then encouraged and gave him the opportunity to learn and progress. Its always bringing the potential of the individual out with encouragement and guidance.
Yes, as receiving manager I identified talent and cross trained associates.
Yes, by teaching them in the use computer and helped them in securing financial aid to further their education.
As a Senior Cost controller and then manager, I helped my team stayed organized and focused by training them and I put in place formal weekly meeting to check progress and I let them knew that I was always available to talk any subjects. And the morning coffee is important too informal talk and get informations.
Yes, by teaching them how to operate a piece of machinery or equipment. Have them write the information in a small notebook, and step back to see if they can do it on their own. Also, sharing some ideas to help them work smarter.
Yes. I had the opportunity to help people all the time. I help my clients with their English classes, volunteers to find a position that meet their needs, arranging transportation for frail people.
I had an acquaintance who had been home schooled, and although she had done very well academically, she felt daunted about the prospect of registering for community college. I volunteered to go with her to register and helped her fill out the paperwork and select entry level classes.
Since I am a language student, I tutored multiple persons by giving them language classes. I could see their improvement over time, push them to work harder because the motivation is sometimes the most important factor when it comes to learning.
Yes. I had an acquaintance who was homeschooled who felt daunted by the prospect of registering for community college classes. I accompanied her to registration and talked her through the process.
I have helped out many coworkers to get their tasks done.
I have seen the potential in smart workers and have helped them improve their performance by not cutting corners and being more thorough in the work production, for which they've been very appreciative. It built loyalty.
I helped train someone to do a job that I was doing so that they could take over when I changed departments.
Plenty of times have I helped a co worker finish there tasks even when I was off work.
Helped someone get a job by looking for jobs.
My husband was going to school to be a Physical Therapist Assistant. He was taking pre-requisite classes and I helped him with his studying. We did mock tests, and I ready his psychology 101 book to him so he could retain the information better. He passed al of his 1st semester classes. Sadly he had to stop going to school for lack of funding.
I vent to the person and make sure everything is a okay and I motivate them to do better.
We have a new hire at sodexo. Once a customer came to her and complained of the coffee she made for her.. He was continuously arguing with her and wasnt ready to get another cup. I jumped into the situation and calmed him down by applogizing and helping my coworker make another cup for him with less sugar as I knew he likes to have that kind of coffee. He cooled down, took the coffee and went in a good mood. I helped my coworker by telleing her that she had to be a little fast and more observant to completely satisfy a customer as the regular customer expect you to know about their product already. After a week I noticed her doing much better and faster.
I sometimes help my team members if they don't understand something so they can know What to do next time in the future.
Yes many times, one of them would be when a new employee had started work and felt very incompetent in her ability to learn new codes and worried about making mistakes. At the time that I was anew employee I had a book of codes which I no longer needed nor used therefore I was sure this had helped me would help this new employee. Also I had re-assured her that mistakes will be made although it is a learning process and if she needed any help in anything else I would be in the next cash.
Yes, I have worked in childcare, and I often helped the children achieve their academic best. I would help and advise when they were stuck, but let them try to figure it out on their own first. I never wanted to do their work for them but also not let them get too frustrated.
Many times I worked with people that I helped to bring along by increasing their responsibilties so that they would learned new skills to go along with those that they had already mastered. If for aexample, someone showed me that he wanted to learn, or followed instructions well as an apprentice mechanic in my garage, I would have them come to learn some of what went on in the front of the store. I also organized meetings 1 day per week 1 hour before the store opened to discusas our common goals, and to show the gargae staff how to help us and themselves to reach goals that I would set for the team. Helped them to earn more money (incentives) and helped us to increase sales the right way... By noticing thing that were wrong on the car, and suggesting the repair therof.
I've helped my younger siblings better themselves by just being a positive influence and helped to better co workers by helping them whenever I could and being supportive.
Yes, putting my work aside and showing them the easy way if they are struggling.
Yes, motivate team members to step up there game and do better.
Yes, I always try to give advice when needed. I like helping others.
I supported her I listened and I helped her get through her problems to better herself.
I have helped my son since he was born with a disability. I take him to work out with me whenever I can convince him to come. I encourage him to stretch every day.
I I help a tenantthatwanted to improve her financial situation by going to school to transulate english so she could pass the certifaction as a child careworker. At the time I had alicience.
Helped co-worker prepare for training session, creating documentation and sample data to meet tight deadline. Gave people one on one training with computer system so they could learn hands on. Allowed granddaughters to experience all types of experiences, etc to broaden their horizons. Concerts, ballet, musicals, museums, historical locations, camping.
When given an opportunity to help others I tend to step up and do so. I feel when my co-workers, friends or family succeed at their goals or better themselves we all win. It feels good to help others, I helped a dear friend become clean and sober through setting up counseling and simply being there when I was needed.
Dave had a problem using the company computer relating to warehouse inventory. I took the time to teach him the system as well as certain cash register functions. He was pleased and we all gained from that experience.
Yes, I am always willing to lend a hand and give advice. I've done it on multiple occasions through school and jobs whether it be professional or personal advice. At Cabela's, people often ask me to review their presentations. I'll sometimes notice inconsistency. Consistency is key. No matter what you do, you want to produce a branded end result. Repetition helps to drive the point across.
Yes I helped my daughters get a new job going.

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