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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Home Depot interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you are not a rule breaker, and you support the rules the company has put into place. Tell the interviewer that you follow all of the company rules and are supportive of the leadership decisions the company makes regarding regulations. After all, there had to be some logic to their professional decision!

Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job.
Answer example

"I understand that there will be times when I dislike the rules at work, and that is okay. I do not always need to agree. So long as nobody is hurt or dishonest, I will follow the rules. There are processes and procedures in place that I will not know everything about, and I accept that. For instance, my current company incorporated split shifts. I do not agree with them because they affect work/life balance; however, I also understand that they are a cost-saving measure for the company."

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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job.
I was working late on evening and my co-workers and I was unable to purchases lunch through a specific restaurant because our company only allows us to buy from specific restaurant.
I am a person that follow the rules. They are set in place for a reason, rather its safety or from somthing that happen it the past. Rules are rules for a reason.
Company rules are for a reason and usually for your safety or others.
I wasn't given the help that was needed and the information was something I had to find on my own.
I have never disliked company rules. They are in place for the safety of the customer and the employees.
I think company rules are set for a reason and should be followed at all times.
Nothing really comes to mind as far as disliking rules at work. I sort of see myself as a rule follower and if I am uncomfortable with a rule with a little research it's not hard to find the reason for the rule and understanding it's need.
I never had a problem with my pervious employers rules.
While working as a childcare provider, the parents insisted I have the children do their homework as soon as they got home from school. The children were often tired and I felt would benefit from a little play time first.
If you were to get robbed and a gun held to your head you were still not to call 911
I didn't like the fact that you had to call a 1-800 number but I did what was asked.
There wasn't really any rules that I didn't like I guess the closest thing would be not being able to have your phone with you but that wasn't a big deal for me.
Rules are made to be followed, always do the right thing.
I do not have a dislike for any company rules I have worked for. I respect all rules, thes rules are there for a reason and I respect them.
It was an integrity dilemma that ultimately got me to look for employment at home depot.
As a general cotractor in Quebec we were forced to join the RBQ which was a union that all contractors were obliged to join. I had no problem passing the exams, but the RBQ and CCQ were expensive, and forced us to raise prices by paying exorbitant salaries to employees, after which mlost of the money was taken back by the government, leaving the employee with a small salary.. I. E an apprentice bricklayer must be paid $75/hr, and after deductions, he takes home in the low $20s/ hour. Ut the customer must pay the high price for the work. This is a rule that I did not like.
Rules is a must within the company, I always love a company that has rules to follow.
My only issue was safety for working out in the gas station. There are no safety vests and cars have been known to drive very fast through the gas station area.
Not at any time, because rules make for follow not for like or dislike . Rules make for smooth and transparent running the daily business .
One rule that I didnt like was when we had to request time off three weeks prior to the date we wanted off. I felt like three weeks was way too long of a time to find out plans.
Ive never disliked company rules ive always abide by them they are rules to help and protect you and are meant to be followed and respected.
Home Depot would be my first employer. I have worked as an independent contractor doing yard work.
I cant say ive ever disliked company rules, they are there to keep you safe, to prevent losses they are there for a reason and you have to abide by them.
Disliked early morning meetings but still showed up and participated.
When one of our famous deal we could not switch out the side and customers were really upset about that.
My last job . I do not know if for bad organizations or not, but the mornig´shift only make foods and throught away the garbage but did not take care for the cleaning, the afternoom´shift have to do their foods, pick it up the garbage and doit the cleaning and wash the dishes to, I think it is not fair.
The company did not have a nepotism policy. As a result, there was a great deal of favoritism and bad choices that affected business outcomes.
At my last paid job which was Walmart the rule about the break periods and lunch rules did not make sense to me.
Collecting jobs prior to completion.
There was a time when my dad got very sick and I could not take time off to care for him.
I've never had a problem with company rules.
They have a rule about throwing away food good food which this food can go to help feed the homeless.
There are not any rules I disliked. Rules are in place so that associates do not get hurt or injured. They are in place for a reason.
In my current job, when I'm finished with my work, im not allowed to help another associate with their desk. We are supposed to ask for additional work. In my opinion, if we're finished we should be able to help each other especially if it's someone who has my same work ethic but just fell behind.
I don't have any problems with following the rules.
A customer once bought something from the store that was on propmotion. He came back with the product the following day complaining that it didnt get along with him. I was helping the customer at the return desk and I came to know that according to the comapny poicy I cannot refund the product as it was on promotion... I didnt like the idea though but I politely explained the customer that I was unable to refund it and asked him if I can give him the store credit which he happily agred.
Rules are made to be followeed andi have no problem in following rules.
While being head of Marina Club, I was not allowed the hire or fire a worker on my own.
When I was told to to not serve a costomer that was a proir employee I was told she was not lowed in the store it was a personal thing that wad between then an I was told that I sj Hould not be nice to her, she was a customer I treat them all the same.
I understand and comply to all rules that a company puts forward. Rules are there for a reason, even if I do not understand what that reason is.
I have never dislike company rules. Rules are there to be followed. Because I wanted to work there I needed to comply with the rules.
I have never dislike company rules I feel rules are important and should be followed.
Having to added on extras to our work attire (ie : scarfs, jewelry)
How I feel about a rule is irrelevant, if the rule is reasonable and safe, it must be followed.
I don't think there has ever been a time where I have had to dislike rules. Rules are to be enforced for the safety of all associates.
Rules are made to be followed, so whether or not I like them, I follow them.
As government employee there were a lot of rules that did not always seem right or fair however the rules were in place to protect the public and the employees so it was best to follow them while letting upper management know that some rules needed to be reviewed .
I was given a 15 minute break per shift. At first I thought it was unfair but with every benefit comes 10 rules so I learned to deal with it.
Rules are set for the safety and benefit of everyone I've never not like the rules at work.
I worked in a dental office with a lot of ladies at computers all lined up and we were never allowed to talk to each other..I felt like we were in the principals office.
Pretty much understand the reasons for the company rules so I've never really disliked any.
Being given only 15 minute from the time I was relieved from my station to finish side work on two stations and all the tables on my half of the restaurant.
I've never really dislike company rules. I don't like some one changing rules.
Met has some unlikable rules but in the end it's not my job to make the rules, but it is to follow them.
None of the rules I had at previous jobs were ones that I disliked. Rules are made to be followed.
I never disliked the company rules in the last job I had because the rules were apart of my job and I had to follow them regardless.
I was always asked to do same repeated work.
I may have disliked the rules but I still would follow them. I would talk to my manager if I really didn't like the rule or thought it was wrong.
I don't recall a time where I disliked the company rules. I am usually one to follow rules and not question them.
I would talk to my store manager and let them know what I did not like and see if we could make changes for the employees.
I have never had a problem with company rules and have no problem following and enforcing them.
I never disliked company rules, rules has to be follow and you have to comply with them.
Whether or not I like the company rules is a moot point. The rules are in place for reasons that I might not be aware of, so I follow them.
I disliked when the company put a lock on the kitchen door because if stopped the residents from being able to enter when they wanted something.
I haven't had any dislikes I always follow the rules with no problems.
I never had a dislike for company rules.
I never have because rules are in place for reasons. I believe they are there to only protect us not make life miserable.
I have never disliked company rules. Rules are there to be followed. Because I wanted to work there I needed to comply with the rules.
If I work for a company, I will follow the rules. Period.
This is my first job, so far in my experience at childrens I did not have any dislikes.
There hasn't been a job where I disliked company rules. I normally play by all the rules.
I never had a job before. But in high school they were many rules that I did not agree with, so I just went along without putting up a fight. But there were moments where I had enough and I had to talk it out with someone.
I never disliked any of the rules my jobs had. Since I wanted the job I just comply with the rules!
I obeyed all the rules in my Company since rules were there for a reason. If you want to do your job properly. Stick to the rules.
Underestimating women in the plant.
I do not dislike company rules. Rules are made to be followed.
Rules are to be follow, you have to comply with the company rules.
I believe that employees should follow the rules even if they do not fully understand or agree with them. Following the rules can prevent a safety hazard or save a life in some situations. The rules are in place for a reason.
I have never had a problem with authority or rules because I feel rules are made to be followed, and if I choose a job than I should know the rules and accept it.
I have never dislike company rules. Rules are there to be followed. Because I wanted to work there I needed to comply with the rules.
Never because company rules are put in place for a reason.
I have never disliked company rules they are there for a reason and to be followed by all.
There was not any rules which we did not like it.
Rules are in place so that the business runs smoothly, and that the best customer service, productivity, are achieved.
I have never disliked company rules rules are there to be followed because I want to work here I need to comply with the rules.

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