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Looking at our products and services, what do you think we do better at Google than any of our competitors?

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    Looking at our products and services, what do you think we do better at Google than any of our competitors?

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      Before your interview, be sure to research Google and any awards or recognitions they have recently received. In their industry, and competitive space, put some serious thought into where you believe that they truly stand out. Be sure to speak positively about Google's recent achievements to show that you are interested and engaged in their work. As you research, some recent awards that you'll see that Google has won include Best Company Perks & Benefits, Best Company Happiness, Best Leadership Teams, Best Product & Design Team, Best Engineering Team, and Best Company Outlook. Depending on the role you are interviewing for at Google, you can also take your answer in the direction of how their products are far superior to those of their competitors.

      Ryan's Answer

      "When I was preparing for this interview I noticed that Google is awarded for employing a top CEO for Women, and Diversity. The topic of women in tech is one that is continually growing in popularity and Google is a trailblazer in this particular arena. I find this awesome and inspiring when thinking of coming to work for Google."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "When it comes to simply searching through a search engine, Google completely dominates any competition out there. The fast search and rapid speed of responses are second to none. On top of this, the added toolbar, maps, news, and shopping functions continue to make users keep coming back again and again."

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      "When I think of Google, I think of innovation by freely allowing idea exploration and the ability to release and incubate new programs. This ability to move forward with minimal restraint and the ability it gives Googlers to throw things out there and see what sticks leads to innovation and products which surpass Google's competitors."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Well-positioned response! Your enthusiasm for Google's approach to work shines through.

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