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Culture fit is important to us at Google. How would you describe your personality?

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    Culture fit is important to us at Google. How would you describe your personality?

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      Google has been awarded the Best Company Culture for many years for several excellent reasons. One of the reasons is the excellent perks that they provide to their staff and these perks include flexible hours, a pet-friendly work environment, inspiring workspaces, and onsite fitness centers. On top of incredible perks like free chef-prepared meals, free health and dental, hybrid car subsidies, nap pods, video games, ping pong, and on-site physicians, Google also presents a well-rounded understanding of employee needs which includes pay, perks, amenities, work/life balance and more. While putting some serious thought into this prior to your interview, briefly discuss why your personality will work well with Google's values and principles.

      Ryan's Answer

      "I would describe myself as a customer-obsessed worker bee on the job. I like to give and receive feedback, which I implement immediately when I am given feedback. I am adaptable and not stuck on particular rules in the workplace and I believe this is vital to success here at Google. I believe in flexibility and creativity while remaining considerate to my employer and my colleagues."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I would describe my personality as collaborative and positive. I like to spend my time thinking of ways to fix problems rather than dwell on them. I lead with kindness, I make healthy choices, and enjoy lending a helping hand to colleagues along the way. From what I've heard from a close friend that works here with Google, I would fit in well with the overall at Google and would thrive as part of your team."

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      "I am a very approachable leader who enjoys coaching and mentoring others. I am transparent and honest, which allows my teams to trust me. I am a highly creative person as well, having attended music school and played in three rock bands in my spare time. I believe creativity is paramount to success in software engineering, as well as cyber security, and have benefited greatly from my study of the creative arts."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Your answer is so descriptive - any interviewer should be thrilled to hear a detailed response like this. Good work.

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