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Glendale Adventist Medical Center Interview

31 Questions and Answers by Darby Faubion

Published October 18th, 2018 | Darby Faubion has been a Nurse and Allied Health Educator for over twenty years. She has clinical experience in several specialty areas including pediatrics, medical-surgical, critical care, and hospice.
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Glendale Adventist Medical Center has a diverse workforce. When have you worked amongst a diverse group of people?
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How to Answer
Are you accustomed to working with a very large or diverse team of individuals? Assure the interviewer that you can handle an environment that offers diversity. Even better, give an example of being able to embrace diversity in the workplace.
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Top 30 Glendale Adventist Medical Center Inc. Interview Questions with Full Content
Glendale Adventist Medical Center has a diverse workforce. When have you worked amongst a diverse group of people?
Are you accustomed to working with a very large or diverse team of individuals? Assure the interviewer that you can handle an environment that offers diversity. Even better, give an example of being able to embrace diversity in the workplace.

Darby's Answer #1
"I have worked with diverse groups of people most of my career, including my time in University. I am most comfortable, and happy, in this type of environment because it offers me unique learning opportunities."
Darby's Answer #2
"I am so glad you pointed out your need for diversity at Glendale Adventist Medical Center Inc.. I greatly value diversity. I grew up in a fairly homogeneous town in Montana. When I hit my 20's, it was so important to me to learn about other cultures. I worked with community volunteer organizations in Peru, inner-city Chicago, and Russia."
Glendale Adventist Medical Center was initially looking for someone with 5 years' experience in a similar role. Considering you have just 2 years' experience, would you be willing to accept this position at a lower salary?
Are you willing to earn your way up if the interviewer does not want to offer you top compensation? Discuss with the interviewer what you would expect for compensation if offered this position.

Darby's Answer #1
"I would be happy to earn my way to the top compensation level if required. I do assure you that, despite my being shy of experience by a couple of years, I am a top performer and you would not be disappointed in my performance."
Darby's Answer #2
"I understand I do not quite meet the qualifications of experience you are looking for and am willing to be compensated in adjustment to that fact. However, I do look forward to proving my worth to Glendale Adventist Medical Center Inc. in hopes to be considered for the median salary for the role."
Glendale Adventist Medical Center Inc. offers assistance with Care Decisions, including 5 Wishes. Have you ever helped patients fill out paperwork for Advance Directives or other end of life decisions?
Knowing what a patient wants for his care before he is unable to make decisions on his own is important. Most medical facilities have employees (admissions clerks, social worker, nurse) who ask questions upon admission regarding what care the patient wants to receive if he or she becomes unable to make decisions at some point. This has reduced anxiety for patients, loved ones, and healthcare providers, especially when unexpected events happen. Share your knowledge of Advance Directives with the interviewer.

Darby's Answer #1
"I understand how important it is to have an Advance Directive in place. When my dad became very ill, his doctor advised us to talk about his end of life wishes and to have a document prepared. It took a lot of pressure off of my sister and me when the time came for final care. I would advise everyone to talk to their loved ones regarding their personal wishes and make proper arrangements before care is actually needed."
Darby's Answer #2
"Yes, I am familiar with Advance Directives and other legal paperwork to establish medical care guidelines. I believe being proactive in one's own plan of care before the time that serious decisions need to be made is one of the kindest things that a person can do for themselves and their loved ones."
Why do you think you will be successful in this role with Glendale Adventist Medical Center?
Rather than just sharing how you have gone above and beyond expectations in the past, focus on how your qualities will help you to meet and exceed expectations with Glendale Adventist Medical Center. Discuss the reasons why will you be great at this job. Talk about your qualifications and skills that will help you to do this job well. If you can, match your strengths to the requirements outlined in the job description.

Darby's Answer #1
"I know I will be successful in this role because I have been working in this industry for five years with great training and mentorship. I have a solid understanding of X, Y, and Z (skills listed in the job description). Also, I have all of my updated certifications as outlined in your job description. I am well-prepared for this next step in my career."
Darby's Answer #2
"I believe my success with Glendale Adventist Medical Center Inc. will come from having all of the hard skills that you are looking for, whether learned in school or gained through work experience. I know all the key players in this region and stay informed of best practices."
Glendale Adventist Medical Center Inc. offers a specialized wound center. Do you have any experience providing wound care?
The Wound Care Center at Adventist Health Glendale (AHGL) provides patients with an evaluation and treatment program tailored to their specific needs. When interviewers ask questions such as 'do you have experience with XYZ,' that does not mean that you will be excluded from employment if you do not have that specific experience. Often large facilities offer different specialty care. Knowing your experience and areas of strength will give the interviewer a chance to see where you may be feel most comfortable and be a greater asset within the company. Share any experience you have.

Darby's Answer #1
"I have experience with minor wound care, but not with extensive wound care such as decubitus ulcers. Wound care has never been my first choice at a specialty area, although I wouldn't mind sharpening my skills with a bit more depth than what I have learned at this point in my career. Do you have any employment opportunities presently within your wound center?"
Darby's Answer #2
"Wound care is one of my favorite things to do! I know lots of people who would prefer not to do that, but I love to see how the body heals and watch the progression of the healing process. It has always been something that interests me."
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