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GitHub Interview

26 Questions and Answers by
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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We want to hire people at GitHub who have the desire to lead others. How many people did you supervise at your last position?

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GitHub Interview Questions


  1. We want to hire people at GitHub who have the desire to lead others. How many people did you supervise at your last position?
    • Discuss with the interviewer your level of responsibility in your current position. If you have managed larger teams than you currently are, you can also discuss that particular role from your work history.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Currently, I am supervising 12 employees with an overall portfolio responsibility of $24MM. In my role, before this one, I managed 23 employees but with a smaller portfolio of $6MM. I can handle a large range of employees."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Although I did not officially supervise anyone in my most recent position, I always had my eye out for opportunities to lead or mentor the more junior staff."


  1. At GitHub we take privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement, if hired?
    • Signing a non-disclosure agreement is quite common in the software and technology industry. If hired, you will likely become privy to trade secrets, pending patents, and other innovative projects that must remain confidential. Talk to the interviewer about your willingness to sign an agreement. If you are currently under non-disclosure or non-compete agreement with your present employer, now is the time to discuss that.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I have signed non-disclosure agreements in the past; although I am not currently under one. I see the importance of agreements such as this and am most willing to comply."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I am happy to review any privacy and confidentiality agreements that you have."


  1. Who would you say inspires you?
    • Your life's inspiration can come from a book, a mentor, your family, a celebrity, author - literally anyone! Talk to the interviewer about who has inspired your life and why.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I find inspiration in a variety of people and things. I would have to say that the person who has most greatly inspired me has been my grandmother. She always had a smile on her face no matter how hard she worked and she loved everyone. She was well respected and always gave more than she received. I try to live like her as much as I can."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I am continually inspired by the books that I read! Whether it is the author, or the characters themselves, I love to get lost in a good novel for inspiration."


  1. In your opinion, what has been the biggest advancement in technology this past year?
    • Display to the interviewer that you have an invested interest in the technology industry by discussing your thoughts on recent advancements. Be sure to include how you stay up to date on industry changes and new technology.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "There have been so many great advancements in technology this year. Recently, I was reading an article by MIT Technology Review and was amazed at the incredible advancements this year. The one that stood out most to me was the autopilot software update released by Tesla this year. We truly will have the software for vehicles to be controlled by tech rather than humans."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "The most impressive advancement in technology, in my opinion, is the continued advancement of mobile integration. Tech connects most of the modern world, and we can do absolutely everything from our phones these days."


  1. Culture fit is important to us at GitHub. How would you describe your personality?
    • Personality and character are two very different things. The interviewer is looking for more information on your traits vs. your integrity. This answer could include buzzwords such as introverted, energetic, and confident.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I would describe my personality as approachable, light-hearted, and positive. I believe that, if asked, my colleagues and supervisor would say the same about me."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Try to include a variety of words that the interviewer does not hear all the time. Be unique! Here are some ideas:

      - Adaptable
      - Considerate
      - Diligent
      - Intuitive
      - Persistent
      - Resourceful
      - Sincere
      - Witty"


  1. At GitHub we seek to hire leaders. Tell me about a time when you took the initiative to improve work related procedures.
    • Have you ever taken the opportunity to present your employer with potential change? Talk to the hiring manager about a time when you took the initiative in the workplace.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I was able to present and implement one specific change in the office this past year. It was a recycling program that I felt was very important, even for our smaller office. We had significantly less waste after my initiative was implemented and I enjoyed seeing others take pride in helping our environment."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I recently made suggestions to my manager about the team messaging application we were using. I found a team based app that offered a lower monthly cost, with added features. He took the suggestion, and it has worked well for our team! The company was happy with the cost savings as well."


  1. Working at GitHub, you will experience changes on a regular basis. When have you had to change a major component of your project due to new information being presented?
    • Being able to swivel the focus of your project is a necessary skill for your success in most careers. Talk to the interviewer about a time when a significant change occurred on a project. How did you handle the implementation of the new information?

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I had a large project last month that was nearly complete when the client called to say that the dimensions provided were incorrect. Because of this, our team had to re-do the entire proposal. It took us an additional four days of work but, in the end, the client was delighted with our work, and it resulted in new opportunities with them."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I would say that being in the software and technology business means changing major components on projects on a very regular basis. I am very well accustomed to changing gears on a moment's notice and can adapt very well." (Give a recent example, if you are able) "


  1. At GitHub we prefer to hire those with an education in computer science or another related field. Walk me through your post-secondary education and training.
    • The interviewer will likely have an idea of your education background from your resume. What they are asking is for you to take a few minutes to bring the experience to life for them! What was your major? Did you receive any special academic recognition? Discuss the strengths gained during your post-secondary training and how those skills will be used in your new position with GitHub Inc..

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I completed my Bachelor of Applied Technology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2004. During that time I specialized in Data Management and Analysis. I graduated with a 3.99 GPA, one of the top in my class."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I recently completed my Diploma in Information Technology. I also have a great deal of on the job training and certifications, all listed on my resume. One of the biggest take-away's from my post-secondary experience was learning how to manage my time while working on multiple projects successfully. I perfected my multi-tasking skills and look forward to bringing those to work for GitHub Inc.."


  1. What would you consider your technical specialty?
    • Do you have any particular areas of interest or ability? Talk to the interviewer about your strengths and be sure to highlight any specific skills that you excel in. It's a great idea, if you can, to highlight particular skills that may be listed on the company's job posting/job description. If there is a related area of interest where you'd like to expand your skills, you can mention those as well.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Computing and Network Communications has always been a solid area for me. I have a big interest in how network communication improves our daily lives and our overall business efficiency. I see that you are looking for team members who are experts in network communications which is what caught my eye when I first saw your job posting."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I have been focusing my career on becoming a cloud integration specialist although I do have cross-platform app development expertise as well."


  1. We seek to hire highly ambitious people. Where would you like your career with GitHub take you?
    • Have you researched GitHub Inc. enough to know how their internal hierarchy works? Do they have a variety of departments and management levels, offering you choices when it comes to carving out your career path? Talk to the interviewer about your career ambitions specifically related to this role and their organization.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "One of the reasons I was so excited to interview with GitHub Inc. is because of the endless growth opportunities you appear to offer your high performing employees. My biggest ambition is to be awarded a management role in the next 3-5 years."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "What interests me most about your company is that there are so many options when it comes to career growth. Ideally, I would like to earn my way into a team lead role, then a division manager position in the digital management department. Eventually, a CDO (Chief Data Officer) level role would be ideal. Of course, I understand that this will take many years of dedication and hard work."


  1. This role with GitHub is highly technical. What is your understanding of this position and the responsibilities that come with it?
    • Assure the interviewer that you bring a full understanding of the technical requirements attached to this particular job. It is essential that you research the role and thoroughly consume the information provided in the company's job posting/job description. Keep your answer to the point.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "From our previous conversation, understanding the job description, and researching the role online I feel that the job is best described as a project leader focused on X, Y, and Z. The technical requirements that you would like to see are A, B, and C. I am well versed in the tasks and programs you are asking for and am confident that I meet the strict requirements to perform in this role successfully."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "My understanding is that you seek a candidate with expert level skills in X, Y, and Z, who can train junior employees. I am an expert user in all three of these areas. Do you have any questions about my technical expertise?"


  1. Tell me about the most interesting project you have worked on this year and the biggest thing you learned from it.
    • Discuss with the interviewer one of your recent projects that particularly piqued your interest. Did it stretch you professionally? What was the biggest takeaway for you from that particular project?

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "In my previous role we were working on a variety of projects with fingerprint recognition software. One of the most interesting projects was a fingerprint-based ATM system. It was a test project for a large banking institution. In addition to learning a great deal about fingerprint recognition, I was also able to learn a lot about the critical relationship between software and security."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I find the majority of the projects that I have been working on this past year to be very interesting. If I had to choose one, I would choose to work on the Uber app. Since I am still in my internship, I didn't have any major contributions; however, I learned a lot about on-demand apps and building a friendly user interface."


  1. At GitHub we take pride in our ability to stay one step ahead of our competitors. How will you contribute to this trend?
    • It is critical that you research GitHub Inc. and their most vigorous competitors, before your interview. What does GitHub Inc. do best, and who is trying to do it better? Speak openly with the interviewer about your ability to work competitively and how you plan to contribute to their continued success.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I believe the best way to stay ahead of your competitors is to pay a big amount of attention to the fine details. When you put out a great product, others will try to mimic your work, but they will cut corners because they will feel rushed to get it out on the marketplace first. I will contribute to the success of GitHub Inc. by committing my most attentive work to you every day."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I think that the best way to stay ahead of competitors is to keep your projects as simple as possible while remaining innovative. People want simple, easy products, which they can understand. What I've seen from my competitors lately is that they overcomplicate their products. I offer clean and consistent work that your buyers would relate to."


  1. Looking at our products and services, what do you think we do better at GitHub than any of our competitors?
    • Before your interview, be sure to research GitHub Inc. and any awards or recognition they have recently received. In their industry, and competitive space, where do they stand out? Be sure to speak positively about the organization's recent achievements to show that you are interested and engaged in their work.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "When I was preparing for this interview I noticed that GitHub Inc. was recently recognized for innovation in XYZ. You are a trailblazer in this particular arena which is amazing."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "After reading reviews on your company, I believe that your reputation is the most solid and sincere of all your competitors. Amazing service is always the best way to stand out."


  1. We consider research to be the backbone of what we do at GitHub. Do you think it's important to conduct research before beginning a project or would you rather jump right in?
    • Talk to the interviewer about your work habits and the way in which you prefer to approach a new project. If you have a sense of how GitHub Inc. prefers to approach their work you should discuss that method. For instance, if the interviewer tells you that they prefer extensive research before beginning a project, that is your queue to talk about your excellent research skills.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I agree that research is the backbone of a strong project. Without it, important details are missed and much time is wasted. I like to research before starting a project so that I can lay out a plan and understand the potential hurdles as well."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Although there are some instances where jumping right it may be required, I always prefer to research before I being a project. Rest assured; I would always follow your preferred methods, should I be hired."


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