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Game Show Network Interview

30 Questions and Answers by
Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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How do you think that online media has changed traditional print and broadcast media approaches in the past 10 years?

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Game Show Network Interview Questions


  1. How do you think that online media has changed traditional print and broadcast media approaches in the past 10 years?
    • This industry is ever-changing, and all types of media outlets have been scrambling to keep up with the introduction of online media. Talk to the interviewer about your insights when it comes to the changes you have witnessed in traditional media since the introduction of online media.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Online media has changed the way we digest information. Most people look for content online because it's fast and we can read the opinions of others which helps us to form our own. This content is both convenient and dangerous at times as it doesn't necessarily promote free thought. I think that traditional print media has become lighter and more entertainment-driven because of this."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I believe that online media has rapidly increased the amount of content that we feel we need in a day. Where it used to be that our parents would watch or read the local news once every morning or evening, we are now constantly logging in, and looking for updates on stories that may not even directly affect us. This response means that newspapers are often struggling with sales, and we have global 24/7 news channels."


  1. In your opinion, what is the most influential form of media today?
    • Have a meaningful conversation with the interviewer on media influence. With so many forms of media out there, which do you feel is the most influential at the moment? Be sure to back your answer.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I feel that the most influential form of media today is social media and online content. As a whole, the human race wants fast, easy to consume, entertainment news. Our rate of consumption is unprecedented, and the fastest way to access it is through online content sharing."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "There are many important forms of media today - so many, in fact, that people seem to be getting overwhelmed. I would still say that traditional media, in the form of television and the daily news, is at the top when it comes to the number of people influenced and the quality of the content being distributed."


  1. Tell me about your experiences giving presentations in front of large groups.
    • Public speaking can be intimidating so assure the interviewer that you are capable of communicating well in front of large groups. Have you taken any courses or training in public speaking? Perhaps you have so much experience that it comes second nature. Assure the interviewer that you are capable of giving presentations.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "In my past two roles I have been responsible for regularly presenting to my team of 43 staff as well as to our entire warehouse team of over 200. I have taken a couple of Toastmasters sessions which helped a great deal. I am a confident public speaker."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I do not have a lot of experience in presenting to large groups. Perhaps, 4-6 people at most. I am a confident public speaker and am sure that I could present in front of many people."


  1. What are your salary expectations?
    • The best way to discuss your salary expectations is to use your current earnings as an example. Be open, and honest. Transparency is the best choice when salary based questions arise.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Currently, I earn a base salary of $45,000 per year plus a potential 20% annual bonus. Last year my earnings were $52,000, and I would like to stay in the same range or slightly higher."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I am currently making $100,000 per year with two bonus opportunities. I am looking for compensation that is aligned with the role and provides an opportunity for growth."


  1. What are your thoughts on the way media is rated for the public (IE: PG, 14A, NR, Mature)?
    • Media ratings have changed a great deal over the years, and the interviewer would like to know your thoughts on this. Be sure to keep your answer productive and thoughtful.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Media ratings have most definitely loosened over the years. What used to be rated 14A is now often classified as PG. I feel this is because our kids and youth are exposed to so much more now than we ever were as kids and we are becoming desensitized. I do wish that some guidelines would remain tighter, especially surrounding violent content."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "Because I am newer to this industry, I would need to conduct more analysis on media ratings before I could give you a fully researched answer. With that said, I feel that the majority of media I am exposed to seem to be rated adequately, and clearly. I think it's important for viewers and consumers to easily see ratings before making their decision on whether or not it's appropriate for them."


  1. Walk me through your experience in the television and/or radio industry.
    • Take a few minutes to walk the interviewer through your resume. Highlight any particular experience you may have with television and radio. Be concise and be sure to avoid speaking poorly of any previous employers and experiences.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I began my career in media in a volunteer role with my local television station. From there, I started to assist with writing broadcast scripts. I left that role to attend university and recently graduated with my communications degree. I am now looking for my first opportunity in media, and very much look forward to seeing my career grow with Game Show Network."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I have been working in the television and radio industry for the past eight years. After graduating with my degree in Media Studies and Mass Media, I joined our local radio station as a content writer. From there, I took on a role as a junior editor; then a team leader for a small team of editors. At this point, I am now looking for an opportunity to grow which is why I applied for this role with Game Show Network. I love this industry and look forward to continuing my success here."


  1. Do you feel performance should be rewarded over experience?
    • Do you feel that you should be paid based on tenure, or results? Discuss this with the interviewer and back your answer with an example, if possible.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I feel that employees should be paid, and rewarded, based on their performance. A new employee would find motivation through being rewarded for performance, and it encourages a healthy competition with tenured employees."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I feel both performance and experience should be equally rewarded and weighted."


  1. Of all the media solutions we provide at Game Show Network, which do you know the best?
    • It is imperative to thoroughly research Game Show Network before you go in for your interview. Be sure to look carefully through the 'About Us' section on their website as well as anything to do with their clients or recent projects.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I researched Game Show Network a lot before coming here today and see that you recently won an award for being the top (specific specialty) in the industry. This area is one that I specialize in as well. Because of my previous achievements in (specific specialty), I feel that I could make an impact right away."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I would say that, without a doubt, visual design is my strongest area of expertise when it comes to media solutions. I have many other areas of strength, such as A and B; however, this is my stand-out skill."


  1. If Game Show Network hired you today, what would you accomplish first?
    • When you start a new position, it is essential to set a goal on how you will make a positive impact quickly after being hired. Tell the interviewer what your impact goal is, should you be the successful candidate.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "When we were speaking earlier, about sales targets in this position, you mentioned that most new sales professionals hit their KPI's after 120 days. If hired today, my goal would be to exceed my KPI's after the first 90 days. I plan to make a positive impact very quickly."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "If hired today, I would start with analyzing all quantifiable data from the last month, quarter, and year to identify any bottlenecks or shortfalls and set a plan to correct them."


  1. What is your greatest weakness?
    • Pick a weakness that is not a core skill for this position. You can be candid in your answer; recognizing that you aren't great at something and acknowledging your need to improve. Be sure to have an action plan in place for improving on this weakness.

      Perhaps you are watching TED talks to gain skills in a particular area, reading the latest-and-greatest book on the subject, or maybe you are taking a seminar at a nearby community center. We are all human with our weaknesses, so don't be afraid to share yours!

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I believe I could improve on some technical skills including Excel and PowerPoint. Currently I am at a beginner to intermediate level; however, I would be more comfortable at an advanced level. I have enrolled myself in an evening/weekend workshop for the next six weeks. We will see how stellar my skills are after that course!"

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "This is super cliche, but it's also true. I am not good at delegating to others. When I become submerged in a project, I don't like to give away any of the control. While this can be good, it can also definitely inhibit the outcome of the project and my growth as a team player and individual. I am currently working on this, as I know it is a deficit."


  1. Outside of work, what type of creative activities do you like to pursue?
    • A genuinely creative minded person will have outside activities aside from what's happening in the workplace. Tell the interviewer about the variety of ways in which you express your creativity.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Outside of work I like to attend dance classes and I also attend the odd paint and sip wine nights at a local wine shop. I also enjoy reading as a way of nurturing my creative side."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I am very involved in volunteering, outside of work. I spend most of my time with my volunteer commitments and the rest of my time is spent working out or reading."


  1. Tell me about an organization or group outside of work that you contributed to.
    • Many hiring managers will choose one candidate over another because of their volunteer experience. They feel that it shows strong character and selflessness - all qualities that make a great employee. Talk to the interviewer about your willingness to give back to your community in some form of volunteerism. If you do not have formal volunteer experience, you can draw on things you do in your spare time to assist friends, family, or even your current employer.

      If you do have volunteer experience: "For the past eight months, I have volunteered every Wednesday evening at our local animal shelter. I will help with grooming the animals, feeding them, and walking them. It's been an enjoyable experience and rewarding at the same time."

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "For the past eight months, I have volunteered every Wednesday evening at our local animal shelter. I will help with grooming the animals, feeding them, and walking them. It's been an enjoyable experience and rewarding at the same time."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "If you do not have volunteer experience: "I have not formally volunteered in these most recent years, however; I spend a lot of time helping my sister who is a single mom. I will babysit on weekends, cook dinners for her and drive the kids to appointments when necessary. I feel that it is imperative to take care of the needs of the family."


  1. What is your favorite publication, and why?
    • Trick question! If you are interviewing with a company involved in the publication, you will certainly want to mention that you are a fan of their work. No need to say they are your favorite (if they aren't) but at least give them a nod.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "I read a wide array of publications and yours, XYZ Magazine, is always in the mix. I especially appreciate your approach on political pieces."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I have a range of publications that I rotate. Your publication, ABC, is always in the mix. Among my favorites are also X, Y, and Z. I would love to learn about other options as well. May I ask what your favorite publications are?"


  1. In your opinion, what is the future of local radio?
    • Talk to the interviewer about your opinion on local radio, and it's future. Remain positive and avoid bashing any forms of media or sounding like a doomsayer.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "Local radio has changed a great deal over the years, especially with the launch of services such as Sirius Radio and other satellite services. It certainly hasn't made it obsolete as many predicted. In fact, I think the introduction of competition can be a good thing. It forces local radio to become more progressive and engaging. I believe this trend will continue for many years to come."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "I recently read an article that radio may be obsolete in the nearer future because of its inability to connect with Generation Z. This generation makes up nearly half of all consumers in the United States. So, the future of radio may be grim if we cannot find a way to make connections with the modern consumer."


  1. What are your 3 favorite forms of entertainment?
    • The interviewer would like to know the types of media and entertainment that you enjoy consuming on a regular basis. Talk to the interviewer about your favorite forms of entertainment and be sure to include why they are your favorite.

      Rachelle's Answer #1

      "My favorite forms of entertainment have always been reality tv, podcasts, and celebrity-based news. I have always wanted to become a gossip columnist and find that these forms of entertainment spark my creativity and keep me informed on trends in the media."

      Rachelle's Answer #2

      "There are so many great forms of entertainment media available to us. I am more traditional and would say that my favorite forms still include print media, documentaries, and podcasts that focus on economics and business."


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