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What are Facebook's five core values, and what do they mean to you?

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    What are Facebook's five core values, and what do they mean to you?

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      Facebook has five core values, which are broken down in detail on its careers website. They are:

      1. Be Bold
      2. Focus on Impact
      3. Move Fast
      4. Be Open
      5. Build Social Value

      By knowing and understanding these values, you are showing the interviewer that you have done your homework on Facebook before the interview and that you are very keen on this opportunity. Briefly discuss what you know about these five core values and how they relate to you as a person and employee.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I read on your careers website that your five core values are to be bold, focus on impact, move fast, be open, and build social value. What these mean to me is that by working a Facebook, I will have the opportunity to make bold changes for people around the world. Next, you would rather move fast and make mistakes versus moving slow and missing the boat. Being open means always being informed. Lastly, it's important that we bring all of this together to better our communities and the lives of people around the world."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Facebook's five core values are to be bold, which means to take chances and be willing to learn and fail. The second value is to focus on impact, focusing on the biggest challenges and problems rather than being caught up in the tiny or insignificant details. Facebook's third core value is to move fast. To move fast means being willing to make mistakes over losing opportunities. Fourth is to be open. How I translate this is that Facebook would like to hire people who want to be informed and in the know. Last is to build social value. Facebook is very focused on building social value and connectivity for people all over the world, no matter their circumstances."

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      "Facebook's five core values are Focus on impact, Move fast, Be bold, Be open, Build social value. Some of these have been my working principles in the last years of working in Internet companies so they are very much ingrained in me - i.e. moving fast and swiftly in line with the fast-evolving industry, being open to diverse opinions and out of the box thinking, being bold to test and quickly assess feasibility of new ideas. Focusing on impact and building social value is what excites especially about Facebook as it operates at a massive scale to generate scaled impact towards the mission of bringing social communities together."

      Stephanie's Answer

      This response shows that you've done your research and you have a clear understanding of how these values apply to your work. Good job!

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