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People are at the heart of every connection we build. How will you establish relationships with your new co-workers?

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    People are at the heart of every connection we build. How will you establish relationships with your new co-workers?

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      Facebook is all about connection, teamwork, and building lasting and cohesive relationships. Talk to the interviewers about how you will create stable relationships with your new co-workers right from the start. Here are some ways that you can build trust, and secure connections, with your coworkers:

      - Show common courtesy. Say hello, hold the elevator door, bring coffee.
      - Be respectful in your communication.
      - Avoid being a distraction, and respect the use of their time.
      - Respect their personal space and the line between work and personal.
      - Always ask if they have time before diving into a conversation.
      - Try to find the answer to your questions before asking.
      - Treat everyone the same, regardless of their job title.
      - Do not complain about your job to your coworkers.
      - Own up to your mistakes and fix them.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Trusting co-worker relationships are something people earn over time. To build trust, I will lead by example and be transparent in my communications. I will always deliver above what I say I'll do and faster than expected. When appropriate, I take the approach of under-promising and over-delivering to accelerate the trust process. I wholeheartedly believe that with strong trust, teams can accomplish great things together. I look forward to establishing excellent relationships with my talented new co-workers."

      Rachelle's Answer

      "Communicating clearly, working fast, supporting their efforts, and being willing to try new things. These are just some of the approaches I take when establishing relationships with co-workers."

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      "It will be challenging in a virtual world we are living in currently but I think communication, kindness, and proactiveness apply in the same way as it does in forging relationships in the physical world. Trust is built over time but being committed, delivering promptly, and being supportive towards your team have been the principles of my work and I have no doubt applying these consistently will work to build trust and collegial relationships with colleagues in Facebook."

      Stephanie's Answer

      This response shows a high level of authenticity and a willingness to connect with others. To strengthen your response, I suggest being more specific about exactly how you'll go about establishing these relationships (what will communication, kindness, and proactiveness look like?) Be as specific as possible!

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I've always found it easy to get along with people. I plan to establish relationships with my new co-workers through clear and honest communications, supporting their efforts, and learning from them."

      Stephanie's Answer

      Your response clearly shows that you connect with others easily. To strengthen your answer, I would suggest including specific examples of how you would establish those relationships with new coworkers (example: would you schedule 15 minute coffee hour chats with everyone individually? Is there a company culture around teambuilding events?)

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