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At Facebook, how will you stand out in a sea of exceptional talent?

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    At Facebook, how will you stand out in a sea of exceptional talent?

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      Facebook receives around 250,000 job applications every year. Imagine how selective the hiring process needs to be, with a quarter-million applicants every single year! For this reason, you need to stand out far above the rest - both in your experience, your application strategy, and your interview performance. Think of what makes you stand out from the others. Perhaps you have taken on a mentor recently, learned a new technical skill, or graduated with an incredible GPA.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I know that I am newer to my career; however, one of the ways that I best stand out is through my nearly perfect GPA and the fact that I volunteered and worked part-time while attending schools. My stress resistance is exceptionally high, and I can perform faster and better than most of my peers. I believe that this quality makes me a stand-out candidate, especially when this specifically meets one of the five Facebook core values, to 'move fast.'"

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I am self-taught in much of what I know and still outperform most of the developers in my current organization. My learning curve is steep, as is my desire for growth and knowledge. I embody Facebook's five core values of being bold, focusing on impact, moving fast, and being open."

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      "My communications skills have helped me build strong relationships with both clients and colleagues. I have a trusting personality and the ability to learn very fast and adapt to any situation quite easily."

      Stephanie's Answer

      You do a great job of highlighting some of your professional strengths, such as communication skills, the ability to learn quickly, and adaptability. I would caution against using the phrase "trusting personality" as that can have mixed connotations; you could change this to "trustworthy personality." Additionally, if there is another positive personality trait that you wish to highlight, you can do so here instead.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I have vigorously forged my paths in the last decade - having gone through very competitive educational systems, accomplishing a sector change in a foreign country, and advancing in the technology sector with the constant acquisition of new skills and networks. I have also successfully navigated in extremely multi-cultural environments and complex global organizations. I am determined to bring all of my experiences, skills, and resources together to be successful on Facebook."

      Stephanie's Answer

      Facebook clearly has an extremely talented employee base, but that response makes it sound like you would fit right in!

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