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Why will you make a great employee at dunkin donuts?
The interviewer wants to hear what you think it takes to be a great employee. Start off by telling the interviewer that you will come to work every day on time, a few minutes early even, with a positive attitude. Share that you will work as a member of the team helping each other meet every customer's needs. And, mention that you look forward to working hard to ensure every customer leaves your store happy.

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User-Submitted Answers

Why will you make a great employee at dunkin donuts?
Great guest service and leadership skills. Pride in my job performance.
Great guest service and leadreship skills, pride in my job performance.
I'm a great worker , outgoing person and I think I got what it takes to h slow the job grow.
I enjoy serving people and I think this job will allow me to do what I like best serving others.
I am reliable hsrdworking and I enjoy coming to work.
Because I am a friendly, responsible and determined.
I am hard working, I learn quickly, and I always try my best.
I am hardworking, friendly have good leadership skills and I pride myself in giving good job performance.
Because I highly believe in customer service and I have pride in my job performance/ work ethic.
I am always a hardworking and diligent worker, and I care for those around me, so I will be doing my best to make sure that I serve customers and put a smile on their faces.
I am a diligent worker who takes great pride in what they do. I have flexible hours, and am more than willing to work on the weekends.
I would get to work on time. I am a hard worker and very steady pace. Friendly with the customers and when one customers around finding something to fill or clean is always around to do.
I have great leadership skills, and I give great customer service. I have lead a crew for almost three years, so I have a lot of experience under my belt.
I am independent and a leader, I can handle tough situations fast and will help out anyone in need while at the Cafe.
I believe I have the right skills to make me a great employee.
I am a good listener and a hard worker.
I think I will make a great employee at dunkin donuts, because I work well with other people, I am bilingual, and I can function well under pressure.
I am Dependable, reliable person in a time of need. I do what I can do to the best of my ability.
I will provide great customer service, be friendly to customers, make customers feel welcome at dunken donuts, great food hygiene standards.
Because I really care about people and there needs whatever it is.
I will make a great employee because I will be as patient as I can with consumers and make my pace fast yet, decent.
I enjoy working with a team and have great customer service skills.
I believe that I can provide a positive atmosphere for the customers and my coworkers. I believe that I have excellent social skills and will make a great addition to the DD crew.
I'm very friendly, outgoing, and have a lot of patience.
I am dedicated, fun, and I'm a loyal, hard worker.
Take care of the problem of people person and I am reliable and honest.