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Why would our clients here at Deutsche Bank want you to be their financial advisor?

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As a professional in financial advising, you know that relationships are built on trust and integrity and for the business at Deutsche Bank, this is equally important. For your answer, your interviewer will be looking how to hear how you build trust with your clients to ensure that they are customers for life. In your answer, make sure that trust and integrity are common themes as you discuss how you work with each client's individual needs to build their portfolio.

Written by Ryan Brunner on April 24th, 2020

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    Why would our clients here at Deutsche Bank want you to be their financial advisor?

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    In working with financial data here at Deutsche Bank, what are the steps you would take in the data validation process as part of your work?

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    In this role with Deutsche Bank, we will rely on your organized and methodical approach to provide financial analysis reporting. What does your current reporting process consist of?

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    One huge philosophy that we believe in at Deutsche Bank is professional development. How have you worked to develop yourself professionally throughout your career?

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    Take a couple of minutes to sell this notepad to me.

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    What programming languages would you consider yourself fluent in?

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    If hired to this role here at Deutsche Bank, what do you see as one initial hurdle you will have to overcome in your first weeks on the job?

  • 8.

    We pride ourselves on our interdepartmental teamwork here at Deutsche Bank. If hired for this role, what kind of team player could we expect you to be?

  • 9.

    We want our advising team at Deutsche Bank to be happy and healthy. How do you manage the day to day stress of being a financial advisor?

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    Accuracy is important to us at Deutsche Bank. Do you always double check or proofread your work?

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    What statistical analysis tools do you have experience working with?

  • 12.

    Think back over your career up to today and tell me about the most difficult day on the job you encountered. What made the day difficult and how did you handle that situation?

  • 13.

    Tell me about a time where you had to analyze information in order to make a recommendation.

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    At Deutsche Bank, our Financial Analysts have to often work under a tight deadline. Talk about a time you had to work under a tight deadline in the past. How did you handle that situation and what made it a success?

  • 15.

    If you joined the team here at Deutsche Bank, how would you build relationships with those that you would be working closely with?

  • 16.

    Here at Deutsche Bank, we are expecting someone with strong leadership skills to take this role. How would you describe your management style?

  • 17.

    The day-to-day life at Deutsche Bank can be hectic and stressful at times. If hired for this role, how would you keep yourself motivated when working with stressed colleagues and pushy clients?

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    In your experience as a Financial Analyst, what do you feel is the best metric to gauge a company's future stock performance?

  • 19.

    Are you familiar with KYC and how it impacts our business at Deutsche Bank?

  • 20.

    If hired for this position at Deutsche Bank, what factors would you consider part as part of an organization's long-term liability?

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    List the top 3 skills that you have acquired in your last role.

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    At Deutsche Bank, we expect our advisors to be available to speak with clients in person, over the phone and through email. What are your experiences in working with clients through different communication methods?

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    How would you define what working capital is for a company and what does its measurement mean?

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    How do you feel artificial intelligence could further our business here at Deutsche Bank?

  • 25.

    Among the common issues that are faced by Data Analysts in their work, which one or two problems do you feel really challenge analysts in the financial industry?

  • 26.

    As a machine learning engineer, how do you avoid the curse of dimensionality in your designs?

  • 27.

    Have you ever run into a situation where a company had a positive cash flow but was still in critical financial trouble?

  • 28.

    What SDLC models are you familiar in working with?