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Where is your favorite place to shop? Why do you like it?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Costco interview

Costco might not be your favorite place to shop, and that is okay. Simply tell the interviewer your favorite place to shop avoiding any of its competitors. Be sure to mention what it is that you really enjoy about that store. Perhaps you like their environment, fun crafting options, or maybe you enjoy looking at all of the tools & paint they sell. You might state, "My favorite place to shop is Hobby Lobby. I love wandering the aisles thinking about how I will re-decorate the next room in my house!" Or, you might share, "I really like shopping at Home Depot. I love their Do-It-Yourself clinics." As long as you stay away from Costco's competitors, feel free to share your candid thoughts! If Costco truly is your favorite place to shop, that's great! Share with the interviewer that Costco is the best, and share why you keep coming back to their stores!
Basic answer example
"My favorite place to shop is Hobby Lobby. I love wandering the aisles thinking about how I will re-decorate the next room in my house!"

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Where is your favorite place to shop? Why do you like it?
The gap because very clean environment you always have smiling faces and they're willing to help you with any and everything and exchanges everytime a very easily done.
Brampton bacause nice service.
My favorite place to shop is gnc. Because it has a wide range of products that accommodate my work out life style.
I like to shop at Costoc, it is a well organized warehouse with pricing to match my budget.
Best Buy because most of the time everything is well organized, I get good customer service there.
Costco, excellent quality product, good prices, friendly staff, good return policy.
Wholesale retailers.
Secondhand stores as it's cheaper or buying bulk.
I don't shop very often but when I do it needs to be a clean a friendly place. I do enjoy shopping at target for those reasons. I have also had the wonderful experience in accompanying my neighbor to Costco for her shopping.
Kroger, because of their natural foods selection.
Chermside shopping centre. It has nice shops and I always have a great day out with my daughter.
My favorite place to shop is target its clean and the cashiers are always nice.
I like shopping at costcos they offer great products atvgreat prices to suit my budget.
My favorite place to shop is Sears. I love their rewards program, as well as their selection and prices.
Costco, always have the latest and greatest product at a good price.
Costco Antioch, not crowded and the staff is nice.
I like shopping at costco. The employees are always helpful and the wear house is always clean.
Levis, clean envionrment, always smiles on peoples faces, workers are well trained and know where everything is.
Carrefour since the customer service is outstanding and all pallets can be easily identified as well the promotions which are being provided to customers.
My favorit+ my favorite place to shop is costco because it have everything I need in one place and the quality is excellent.
I love shopping at The Gap. Everyone who works there is knowledgeable, patient, and kind when ever I ask them for help. Their stores are always neat, clean, and organized. The environment Gap provides is welcoming and it makes me feel good about being a customer who supports their company.
I love the Gap. When ever I walk in there it is clean, organized, and the staff is always presentable and friendly. They are knowledgeable and can help me with any question I have. They are always smiling and they make customers feel welcome and good to be supporting the company.
I love to shop at francescas because everything is organized and color codded. Not overwhelmings.
Costco great services they have everything a to z.
My favorite place to shop is anywhere that has great customer service and competitive prices.
I like to shop at Costco. Bulk products at a great discount.
I really like costco. I love the produce and the fact it comes in bulk the quality is great.
Adelaide Central Market because it is busy and I love all the different cultures that go there and the variety of foods.
I absolutely love any kind of kitchen or home foods store. I love old and new a kitchen gadgets and wish I could but them all! love to bake and cook.
My favourite place to shop is where I can get good value for money. Everyone likes a bargain and try to save where they can.
Of course, Costco. Prices are reasonable and has the best return policy ever.
Costco, great value, great selection, high quality products for a great price.
My favorite place to shop is Nordstroms because from the moment you walk in you are are acknowledged and treated with respect. The department store is well organized. The employes are friendly and ready to asset you. Customer service come first.
Any store with great customer service that is clean, well stocked and great value for my money.
Love costco as it has great products, friendly helpful staff, and great return policy.
Cosct, because I prefer to shop at a one-stop-shop type of store that carries large quantities of quality goods at reasonable prices. The staff is always friendly and willing to help a troubled customer.
Costco, so many different items, store is always neat and organized.
Costco is my favorite place to shop because I always find good quality products.
Costco. I have been a member for a very long time. I like the variety of items. Simple yet good. I always know the merchandise is top quality.
Boating camping fishing cose love my fishing and boating and hunting and has all my needs.
My favourite place to shop is Costco as they have quality products with good pricing as well as the staff are very co-operative.
My favorite place to shop is Costco becaouse of quality of their products and the prices are OK. Of course I like place with juwelirs.
Costco, the product is the best and you get alot for your money.
Of course costco, but when I moved from the city, I had to find other temporary solutions so good thing youre in my city now.
Costco, love the variety, different things from super store.
Costco, the products, staff friendly, clean inviroment.
Amazon, online shopping takes the hassle out of finding size 13 shoes and not having a full display of color choices and prices. Amazon Prime makes it even easier.
The internet is my favorite place to shop. I enjoy shopping on it because it is convenient and easy to use.
Casual male or DXL mens store, they have my size my taste in clothing its neat its organized and the staff there are very attentive and friendly .
My favorite place to shop is TJ-Max. I enjoy the mixed social environment, its clean and the employes or friendly and helpful as well.
I love Costco because I get more for my money and good quality.
I love to shop at WALGREENS, they makesure they talk to you and look at you in the eyes.
I do not have a favorite place to shop. I think each place offers different things and I go there and shopping it depends on my needs.
I like to shop at Costco because if cant find something they are friendly and with me out.
My favourite place to shop is costco, the quality of products, prices and overall experience cant be beaten.
Costco. The prices, the quality.
I like shopping at Costco because I feel like Costco has everything from grocery to clothing and electronics and even the best deals for event and gift cards and athlete gear and sports and furniture I just love shopping there cause they have it all even bakery.
My favorite place to shop is at costco because its a big warehouse and they cary everything you need from furniture to electronics too out door paddios and grocery and more they have good customer service and there check out always has a fast moving past.
Target or best buy because they are helpful if you need them.
Of course costco, Ido shop here regularly like 4 to 5 times a month . I like the reasonable prices and the quantity we get.
I would say Walmart. Everything is where it should be and very organised.
My favorite place to shop, is ulta I like it there is because they always nice and have a good customer service.
Sam's or costo because I can buy in bulk with excellent prices.
Costco of course, quality items for the best price, the best customer service ever, can't beat it.
My favorite shop is Costco because it's a good quality and product.
Amazon, highly convenient with competitive prices.
Costco. variety of choices to shop for.
Costco is one of my favorite places to shop, very friendly atmosphere, same time nobody is pushing you to buy, and it's very easy to return, it's a great marketing tool I think.
Costco, I like the layout of the store, the wideness of the aisles and that the items I'm shopping for are within easy reach.
Costco. Because there's always different items ,
Costco on line I can browse call customer service if I need to and order.

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