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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
The interviewer wants to hear that you enjoy being a part of a team and that you contribute to the success of the team. Start off by sharing the last time you contributed to a team effort. Perhaps it was a large project at work. Maybe it was on a basketball team. Or, you might have led a Girl Scout troop. All of these make great examples! Discuss how you personally made efforts to contribute to the team, and be sure to mention how successful the team was!

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User-Submitted Answers

When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
During a computer class assignment at school. We had to program a vacation travel. My role was to find the prices of passports, of itinerary, and food. I did my job very well.
The last time I was part of a team effort was when I was working with Statistics Canada and I was the crew leader assistant.
High school, where a the four of us had to prepare a paper on a research paper. My specific part was to interview and send out surveys to collect the results.
I worked @ a Hospital on a Cardiology Unit as a P.S A
The last time I contributed to a team when I was playing for kennedy high school basketball team. I motivated each player to step up in there role by pumping them up.
At Grocery Outlet my present job and my role was making sure the aisle looked nice in organized.
When I worked for Island Narritvies we collected data from the community in a group and entered it into a data base.I was one of the individuals that organized the information of the material.
I am a closer most nights and I delegate the work to be done in my area and then I communicate with the closing managers to see what other areas need attention.
At Fedex, all four load docks competed in a contest to achieve the highest cube rate (average percentage of cubic space occupied) My role was package handler of the single busiest chute on our dock. We won the contest.
I am in a role of team effort every day at Bunnings but something that really stands out in my mind is when I worked for a company by the name of credo. We did refits on older Bunnings stores. It was important to work as a team as a lot of things were a 2 person lift with steel beams and boards. Also you would take other peoples opinions and put in your own opinions as to get the job done more efficiently.
This morning. I helped set up some displays and ended up finishing the job myself in record time.
At my current job, we are responsible to get food prepared and delivered in a timely manner for catering. Working as a team is very important during our scheduled caters because we need to satisfy our customers.
At my current job, we are responsible to get food prepared and delivered in a timely manner for catering. Working as a team is very important during our scheduled caters because we need to satisfy our customers.
Every day, you have to work as a team player, you have to get along with people.
Last time I contributed to a team effort would probably be a paper that I wrote approximately a week ago with two other students. My role was to do 1/3 of the paper.
Actually at Dairy Queen during the winter. Only three people worked, cook, manager, and I. I helped everyone out to make things run as smoothly as possible.
Do what I need to for any position if someone is out sick step in and do there Dailey routine to run the business.
I was the senior certified technician at walgreens. I was a leader who continually worked as hard or harder as newer hires for my own satisfaction and to the satisfaction of my bosses. I like to be the best I can be, not better than others, but my personal best.
At the school I help with providing transport for the school to local competitions that would not be possible without the help of parent, I encourage others to do so as well.
I work on a team of 5 for an apartment community. Together we achieved a 100% rental rate, with a waiting list to rent an apartment with us. As the housekeeper for the community, it is my job to make sure that current residents as well as potential residents see the place as clean and inviting.
Kitchenhand at SPQR we had a time limit to geteverything done and everyone worked together to do it.
I contribute to team effort every day. I work in a special education classroom and I have to communicate and work as a team with teachers, and service providers to meet the specific needs of students. I take pride in what I do I consider myself a leader.
I always ensured quality at my previous job and was willing to teach anyone a more efficient way to work.
2 years ago allstate insurance was an agency assistant.
I have not been part of a team effort in a proffesional setting. However, as long as I have a good idea of what our goal is, I prefer to be the leader.
When we had a visit from our district manager I helped front office with their jobs.
I worked with a group of teachers in a spec. Ed classroom. We each had several students to work with and assist. It was a challenge as each student was very different. We communitcated well and maintained order so that the lessons could continue.
My role was to adives people because I am people oriented and have knowlege about many items.
I am a utility worker and host at a restaurant. My duties were to help maintain a clean and functional work environment for all employees and guests.
At my last job we had to print aluminum stamps and arrange them in there designated drop; sometimes there were over 700 plus pieces to an order. After making sure that all of the stamps were in the right drop and had all the correct information, I would then let them sit for a few hours to dry, and another associate would come by later and assemble the stamps onto their award.
Group projects. I am always in charge of getting the team members together, and making sure everyone has an equal part.
Helping a few team members in my old job taking down the store.
Fund raiser for the branch this last year.
College, I was the leader and designated each member and then wrote and revised most of the papers.
Especially now that my husband is out of the Marine Corps, my role as a parent is a team effort. My role has become more of the nurturer. Our son can sit and maintain attention better with me so it is easier for me to be his "teacher" wish flash cards, puzzles, etc. It is a team effort to make our day run as smoothly as possible.
When our school had a May Day Multicultural Celebration. I monitored children during play day activities along with setting up play activities and food stands for children.
Working along side my husband on a hot weekend, helping take off vinyl graphics on an RV.
At my previous job I was a manager in training and it was my job to be an overall role model for other employees and train the new ones on how to run everything in the store.
I had to set up ready meeting every morning.
Team effort was sending out 300 a day, my role was shipping 75% of those orders. I made sure the daily goal was achieved.
To think of ways to bring in more executive members, participated in adding a lot of ideas.
I was a unit secretary and my job was to help lighten the paperwork load for the nurses. I would set up charts put in doctor orders fax copy order supplies, all to help the nurses so they can concentrate on their patients.
Volunteering at the food bank, I had many roles that changed every week. Sometimes I would had out food, or sort and clean food, possibly cleaning after everyone had left, or restocking as anybody would call for another box at their station.
Modular resets that were very large needed to have more than one person working together, I would make sure each person had their sections and was clear on how to read the mod sheets so it was done correctly.
Setting sales goals for the team and coaching to goals.
During training we were placed in groups, and I was to give out the instruction and make sure it was followed through.
When I took some classes at Gateway Community College the final final test was to work as part of a team to present a controversial topic. I take care to seek all the information and distribute it to the rest of the team members.
I was with a team for the Harbor House mud run. To support them.
My last team contribution was working at coles, we had 2 hours to clean the entire store before an inspection. My role was delegating certain cleaning tasks and ensuring everyone knew their responsibilities.
My position at William Sonoma, we together as a team worked the Holiday season and all the craziness that time of year can be. Our role was as a team.
In a group of four in my class, we made a presentation about coastal erosion of wetlands, and my role is to design all my group google slide for the presentation.
To clean all the (cafe) tables.
In school, group communication class, we all had to work together.
In school group communication class we all had to work together.
In school when we had to do a little project on one of the departments in Citrus.
I helped a group of friends for several months with their Ebay account, I inspected all of the merchandise condition prior listing.
The last time was when I worked at Charles Higgerty and my role was to invoice the services we provided.
When I nannied I was responsible for making sure the kids were picked up from school on time, their homework was done, food was made, and cleaning was done.
I was in charge serving out smoothies to guests. Making sure the smoothies got out in time, knowing we have 3 minutes to make & serve our products. We all had our places to get to our hourly goals, making seven hundred dollars in one hour.
I feel like just be coming a mother is really a new way of being a team with your spouse you might not always agree on parenting techniques or ways but it's important to hear the other out and work together for the best outcome.
I worked construction in early January. My role was to just help out the more experienced guys, whether it was cleaning up after them or handing them materials.
Well when I worked for fed Ex there was time when other driver where runing behind and I took some of there packages to help them out.
At the retirement home I worked at there were two ladies that wanted to start a quilt club. They pieced a beautiful quilt top, I knew I wanted to volunteer my services of getting it machine quilted so they could auction it off. I think they were shocked when I insisted that I help them with that as it was something they couldn't do on their own with the physical limitations. So I donated the quilting on one condition, that they would display it for others to enjoy before they auctioned it off. This in turn was a very fun experience to see other people admire the quilt & tell & share stores of family quilts, and reflect on the people in their lives etc. I am a part of the team that is making this project grow from two ladies starting a quilt to a room full of people want to help with the next project. This was in no way part of my job as a receptionist, it's just what I like to do, to give and offer help when I see the opportunities in life.
Working at a bakery it's a combined effort, decorating cupcakes takes several people to work together to get the product out in a timely manner.
Finish the assigned job and don't play during work with the employee.
It was in Arteagas Super Market in San Jose Ca. When we make big order of guacamole I motivate all my team for work more quickly.