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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
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This morning. I helped set up some displays and ended up finishing the job myself in record time.
At my current job, we are responsible to get food prepared and delivered in a timely manner for catering. Working as a team is very important during our scheduled caters because we need to satisfy our customers.
At Grocery Outlet my present job and my role was making sure the aisle looked nice in organized.
During a computer class assignment at school. We had to program a vacation travel. My role was to find the prices of passports, of itinerary, and food. I did my job very well.
The last time I was part of a team effort was when I was working with Statistics Canada and I was the crew leader assistant.
I worked @ a Hospital on a Cardiology Unit as a P.S A
High school, where a the four of us had to prepare a paper on a research paper. my specific part was to interview and send out surveys to collect the results.
The last time i contributed to a team when i was playing for kennedy high school basketball team. i motivated each player to step up in there role by pumping them up.
Working at a bakery it's a combined effort, decorating cupcakes takes several people to work together to get the product out in a timely manner.
When I nannied I was responsible for making sure the kids were picked up from school on time, their homework was done, food was made, and cleaning was done.