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What are some of your weaknesses?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I am a perfectionist when working which can make me slow at times. But the end result will be that the job is done right and I can move onto the next job.
Some of my weaknesses is be interviewed and working at the first time because i get nervous and afraid working at the first time because they might get at me for being slow...but i over come my weaknesses when i get along with it.
I tend to focus on perfecting the littlest of things, which can be bad because it makes me a little slow on the job sometime, but i have fixed this weakness.
A little shy, like things done a certain way so dont always ask someone for help as much as I should.
i believe in perfection and afraid to delegate important task to others
My weakness can also be classified as a strength. I'm a people pleaser. I tend to put others before me and neglect my own needs which isn't good because in order to acomplish sucess or happiness both parties must be satisfied.
I do not have weaknesses.
I think my biggest weakness is that I always want the job done in the quickest way that it can be done but I've been slowly learning that everybody does things different and that's okay.
My weakness is my eagerness to strive to always exceed my own expectations.
When I first start my job I get nervous but I over become my weeknesses and get the job done.