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What are some of your weaknesses?
We all have things we can improve on, so do not be afraid to share them. The interviewer will likely take note of these things and may even provide you with additional training or mentoring in these areas if possible to help you excel. The interviewer wants to hear that your weaknesses are not critical for the job you are applying to. Think of a couple of things you could improve upon that are not necessary for the job, and openly share them with the interviewer. You might even include some fun things that are not job-related. For example, you might state, "Painting is definitely a weakness for me! If you need someone to paint a poster, I'm probably not your guy!" The interviewer will think it's clever, and painting is not essential for a job at Costco.
Answer examples
"Painting is definitely a weakness for me! If you need someone to paint a poster, I'm probably not your guy!"

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User-Submitted Answers

What are some of your weaknesses?
I believe in perfection and afraid to delegate important task to others.
My weakness can also be classified as a strength. I'm a people pleaser. I tend to put others before me and neglect my own needs which isn't good because in order to acomplish sucess or happiness both parties must be satisfied.
I do not have weaknesses.
I tend to focus on perfecting the littlest of things, which can be bad because it makes me a little slow on the job sometime, but I have fixed this weakness.
Some of my weaknesses is be interviewed and working at the first time because I get nervous and afraid working at the first time because they might get at me for being slow... But I over come my weaknesses when I get along with it.
I am a perfectionist when working which can make me slow at times. But the end result will be that the job is done right and I can move onto the next job.
I'm a perfectionist and a little ocd about things.
In the past, I have been willing to please others, at the expense of myself.
A little shy, like things done a certain way so dont always ask someone for help as much as I should.
One of my weaknesses may be that I set my goals too high.
Wanted what I do to be perfect, and do it well.
I really distaste asking for help from anybody, even if they could help me. I always feel like I could improve to avoid this, but I do know at times help is needed.
I am always too determined to bring out the best in me.
Sometimes I pay to much attention to a task that I let another task uncompleted. With my three years at Walmart I have worked on avoiding this.
I am a people pleaser and find it hard to say no but its something im working on.
I find it difficult to give work over when I feel I can do it more quickly myselt but have learned that people have differnct paces.
My biggest weakness would be that I tend to put others before me, instead of focusing on me. This could be seen as a strength when it comes to customer service though.
I like to be thorough, my previous supervisors might say I ask a lot of questions but I would rather ask questions than explain why I did something incorrect.
I pride myself on being a perfectionist which can also be one of my weaknesses when time management is crucial. However having worked in retail has thought me to find a balance between the two.
Answering interview questions but I want to do my best to answer to the best of my ability.
Answering interview questions but I want to do my best to answer to the best of my ability.
I strive for perfection and am fixacted on the more overworked details which sometimes can affevt the speed at which I work.
I really get nervous the first time others are watching me work. I get used to the job and then do fine.
When I first start my job I get nervous but I over become my weeknesses and get the job done.
Like to do a job well, perfectly, and sometimes slows productivity.
I struggle with people who have a superior attitude.
I loose take of time when I am working.
Because I love to work and cannot sit still I loose track of time.
Limited real world and retail experience, my inability to give a good answer to this question, and I am working on being a more organized person. My chaos only makes sense to me.
I get nervous during interviews and sometimes find that I am not able to explain or prove my strengths.
I would say one of my biggest weaknesses is public speaking in large groups. I have no problem in smaller settings with coworkers or higher ups, but if I have to present to a large group I tend to get extremely nervous. I took speech class at Ivy Tech and I believe that it has helped some, as now I know more of what makes a good speech so I have a little more confidence. I could definitely use some more practice though.
Impatience with things that I cannot achieve in the time frame tha I have set for myself, but which is well within the timeframe set by those in charge.
I try to do to many things at one time.
Trying to please everyone.
I tend to struggle doing multiple things at once, which is why I have a to do list. I get distracted easily as well, which is why I need to break things in parts.
I tend to get really restless when im at busy.
I am impatient. When I say I will be there at 2:00 I expect the person to be ready and not have me wait another 15 minutes for them to walk out the door.
I can be strong willed and stuborn, I also have a bit of ocd.
Self doubt myself sometimes, over analyze things to much sometimes.
If alot is put on my plate, I tend to get alittle overwhelmed.
When staff call in hour before starting saying not able to work so I would stay to work.
One of my weaknesses is that I prefer to stand and walk, I do not like sitting for long periods of time.
One of my weaknesses that I observed was a tendency to procrastinate small tasks with long deadlines. To remedy this I implemented organisational tools such as reminders, schedules and implementing my own dead lines for certain steps of tasks.
I would have to say my weakness is shyness.
I got nervous when I speak in front of a large group.
I am too much of a perfectionis and I care too much about my job.
I am too much of a perfectionist and I care too much about my job.
I can get a little overwhelm.
Sensitive, over worried for customers.
I'm a perfectionist and that can slow me down but I know the end result is the work was done right and I can move on to the next task.
I think my biggest weakness is that I always want the job done in the quickest way that it can be done but I've been slowly learning that everybody does things different and that's okay.
I forget I'm 68 and continue working like I'm much younger.
I wouldn't really say I have weaknesses but probably putting off stuff for the future by focusing on more important tasks.
My weakness is my eagerness to strive to always exceed my own expectations.
I tend to work fast and miss spell words or create incomplete sentences.
I over think things when I don't need to.
My attention to detail sometimes leads me to be obssesive.