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Tell me about your experience in working in retail?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Costco interview

How to Answer
The interviewer wants to learn more about your background and experience.

If you don't have any experience, it's okay! Tell the interviewer that you do not have any experience in the industry, and you look forward to making the transition and learning everything there is to know!

If you have experience, start off by giving the interviewer a high-level overview of your experience by sharing where you have worked, your job title, and how long you were employed there. Add a sentence or two about what your job duties were in each role as well. Be sure to mention that you really enjoy this industry, and you look forward to continuing to work in retail industry roles.

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Tell me about your experience in working in retail?
I have cash experience and I have merchandise experience.
I dont have that much experience in retail but I know that you have to know where products are and be able to describe and compare different products to the customer based on their needs and to be able to suggest products that are useful based on that customer.
Take it to the manager and let them know where I found it.
I have enjoyed the human interaction. Satisfying customers and co workers alike in a way that makes them feel valued has made retail work fulfilling and kept me interested.
I love talking to customers and helping them in any way I can. I have had a lot of experience working in retail from working at Kmart when I was a teenager in a few different position like checkout operator, front end controller and also in a the plasticware department. Most recently at Bunnings as a register operator in a warehouse inviroment. Duties including serving customers, keeping a clean and safe area, collecting trolleys and helping out on the service desk answering phones and processing returns.
Worked in retail for about 23 yrs as a cashier and did managers responsibilitys but never got the title.
My experience in retail would be in the food area and my position at the cash register has been to offer our sales and amazing deals to our guests.
I have sold a lot of products, I like to try them my self, so I can give my real opinion, and then I have no problem convinceing them to buy.
I have none, but I do figure out what it is like for my boyfriend. He works in a retail environment at Fred Meyers. I do know trying to finding things and assissting customers is a biggie.
Enjoy talking with people enjoyed the merchandise end of it. Like too present the product in such a way it gets your a attention.
Seven years, I worked my way up from bagger, then Cashier, to bookkeeper, to Gen Mer head in charge of a crew of 3
Working in retail is very existing, it provides an opportunity to interact with customers, understand customer preferences and needs, As well back office work in terms of buying, pricing, promotion.
I have had a little over a year of experience with retail by learning how to pay attention to every detail, handle customer complaints, handle and maintain the till in the cash register, deliver quick customer service, continuously be a hard worker as well as a team player, be punctual, be personable, respect everyone, be friendly, put the customers needs before my own, and make sure everything in my area is clean, organized, well-maintained, and prepared for the next shift to come in at all times.
I work tire shop for 3 year know good quality and bad quality.
Really hectic but I was able to collect myself to not panic and able to have to customer leave satisfied.
It can be stressful but it is satisfying to help customers. Working in retail is about making the customer feel number one and letting them know if they need help we are here.
I have worked as a cashier and stocking clothing for various places since high school. I have experience working jewelry and the service desk for a very well known university bookstore.
I used to work for famous cookie store and to prepare for te Christmas push, worked the entire bight so tat we could have enough cookies for the next busiest day of the year.
I have only worked in retail for seasonal positions, I do not have to much experience working retail however I believe the skills I learned while being a security officer will prove to be asset for costco.
My experience in rattail has been very rewarding because I really enjoy working with individuals and providing a service with a smile on my face.
None in retail however have allstate, banking and royal gardens.
I worked in retail as a teen. Various hrs. And depts. Lots of different people it was a great learning experience.
My experience in working in retail is positive because I want every one to be treted the equally.
Mainly just small gas station items and combining sales with gas from outside along with lotto and deal services.
I have never worked in retail but I am looking forward to getting to know the type of field.
I have worked at a clothing store while I was going to school. I worked mainly in the receiving department, but was quickly trained on cash and working the main floor.
I have worked as a customer service representative and a cashier at a cleaners for almost 3 years.
Most folks want honesty and integrity in their retail dealings. I try to give them that.
Lots of public interaction, good, bad.
Have to be customer focused, polite, patient, and willing to work long hours.
None, although I have experience working with people through other avenues in the medical office as well as through my marketing internship last summer.
I worked for Target for a couple of years. I stocked shelves, maintained a cleanly overall store appearance, have cash register and handling experience, was in charge of ad change and signing, and provided excellent customer service.
I worked previously at office depot where I was a base sales rep and after a year and a half was promoted to senior sales rep. Helping customers is a lot of fun and you meet a lot of new and interesting people its an environment that is always changing even though alot of it might stay the same.
When I had a very busy day and one very unhappy customer.
Entering, dispensing, filling, rotating stock, filling supplies, checking fridge temps, ordering meds, calling patients for their special orders, answering calls, overall my experience was great, I miss the one-on-one interaction with my guests.
All my previous roles have been either retail or customer based, I have sold perfume, pensions, beer, also worked in a hair salon.
I do not have retail experience.
I worked for a bank which my job to coach, serve on cash, scheduling, opening and closing.
All my retail jobs, I stared at entry level and within months I was able to show what a valuable employee I have become with outstanding attendance, and able to delegate and complete all assignments in a timely matter, an was able to move up in every retail job into management.
I have never worked in a retail before so was a new experience for me. Helps me to learn about customer service and improve a new skill which is patience.
Never have directly. But from what I have done in comparison has always been enjoyable.
Ive had roughly 2 years of retail work experience, I found the employment to be extremely rewarding as it allowed me to acquire a range of skills and professional experience, while simulatenously expanding my knowledge and adding value to the customers experience.
I worked for William Sonoma, it was my first time working retail, and I really enjoyed the variety of people I worked with, and the customers I came in contact with each day.
I always provide great customer service regardless age, color, etc.
I have tons of experience I am very good with customer service, stoking and doing maintenance.
I have tons of experience in working with retail I am very good with customer service, stoking and doing maintenance.
I have worked in the multi-housing arena to have someone have the best product, service and a contentment of their surroundings. The customer is the one to satisfy.
I enjoyed it very much. I loved the interaction with people, the staff and even the smell of the books!I also loved the challenges associated with keeping the customers happy and coming back.
Worked in a jewellery store for 2 years and eventually became the manger.
Loved working with the public. loved offering them products that they could use and enoy.
I loved working in retail kits never bombing.
I am pretty good at honing in on a customers general personality/needs. I like to listen to them, & help them any way I can by showing I sincerely care. I make it a point to make sure everyone I interact with is happy & satisfied. That's what I like about retail giving the best customer service possible, it's huge this day in age & almost nonexistent it seems, that's one of the reasons people shop at Costco, everything is a wonderful experience, send them off happy campers, always!
I have never disliked company rules, the rules are there for us to work efficient and keep us safe.
I have never worked in retail unless you count lemonade stands.
I have worked at a bakery helping customers with their selections and future orders. Cleaning, organizing and restocking merchandise.
Twelve years in customer facing positions in a retail bank branch setting.
Dealing with 80 people every day, helping customers.
I have 4 years of retail experience, during those years I developed strong customer relations, had the opportunity to work with varying personalities both customer and coworkers. This experience also gave me the confidence to help customers feel comfortable while shopping.
I have owned and managed two retail operations I loved it as I was solely responsible for the outcome.

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