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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
How to answer
Talking about a time when you calmed an upset customer can be a great example for this question. Be ready to talk about the time you went above and beyond with handling a customer complaint. Explain how you personally listened to every word the customer had to say. Next, describe how you apologized to the customer with a calm voice and sincere heart. Finally, be sure to tell the interviewer what solution you offered the customer. Perhaps you did not charge them for a meal if it was in a restaurant. Maybe you offered a new dish for them to try. Be sure to close with how happy the customer was when they left!
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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
I always go avoce and beyond... Helping customers decide... Takeing them to the products they are looking for helping them pack and or lift their items into carts and cars... Whatever their needs are I try to accomadate because that is my natural nature but also cause I represent this company.
A customer had a son that wasn't gaining weight I gave her information on various weight gainers our weigh protein and signed her up with a gold card with saved 20% on her perchase. I was.
I always try to go above and beyond because if I was in another persons postion I would like someone to help me above and beyond their expectations.
We did not have a product the customer needed I called to other stores to find product. Assisted pt to car. Assist pt with transfers.
Lining up storage and lawn service for a relocated customer.
Treating the customer how you ould hope to be treated if you were in their shoes. Utmost respect, and helping them to the best of your abilities.
I went looking for a product and didnt stop until I found it.
A couple of elder ladies ordered food and her burger was not the way she wanted it. She was inside and I acted like a waiter at a restaurant, not just some fast food. Went up to talk to her, went away, back, until she was pleased.
I always try to go above and beyond for customers.
Always go above and beyond if something is important to a member contact the right person to get what they want or need.
When selling wine I also walked the Costco customer over to the cheese section and helped them match a cheese.
During returns from customers where I had to break the return policy regulations and satisfy the customer keeping my manager informed.
I always make sure my guest have everything thing they need if not I go and get what they needed.
I helped her find what she wanted, then helped her to find it it petite, then showed her to the fitting room.
I did this a lot working at several different locations in a city for Walgreens. I often called doctors, made insurance calls, anything really that would make a patient satisfied with my work.
A customer cam to the workshop and a particular reoccuring complaint when I referred them to the manager they took care of it personaly and the customer was very grateful that I had taken the time to listen.
Went looking for a product and did not stop until found. Also I truly try to put the customer first if someone came in with a Rx and they were not feeling well I would put them ahead and do them first.
Just last week I was asked to go into an apartment where there was a sewage back up and clean the mess in the bathroom. Even though this is not my ideal job, I showed up with a smile and did the job.
When a customer wanted a menu item change because of their allergies. I was able to deviate from the menu and create something pleasing for her.
When I worked at walmart I assisted Individuals find products on their shopping list. I also would go out of my way to locate a product by calling stores.
I ran all the way to a stop sign at the end of the parking lot to deliver something a customer left without.
Customer wanted a specific product and I made sure I found it and then refered him to the correct person.
I never was given an opportunity seeing as I have not had a job.
I had to listen to a parent and explain policy to them. There was a language issue so that made it more difficult. I did explain well and made sure they understood clearly and that they left satisfied.
At my last place of employment, which was Lowes, I had a customer who wanted 120 patio pavers. Usualy with an order so large we would get a fork-lift driver to move the pallet to the persons truck to make the process a lot eassier and fast; however this customer insisted that he pick all 120 pavers and put them on a flat cart to then be push out to his truck. Without any aruging regarding the method, I steped in and started helping him pick the best pavers and then move the cart to the register and out to his truck. My manager came to help load the truck, the process took about twice as long as it should have but the customer left extermely happy and came back a few days after to buy some bark for his project and thanked me again for helping him.
There was a time when I went kinda early to school, and some kids parent approach me and said: "do you know where the main office is". I told the parent where it was, but he still was confused, so I went to main office with him so he could know be at the right place.
Listen to what the customer is upset about, appoligize, and tell them you will get to the bottom of this.
Customer is always right, listen, appoligise, look after the problem.
Stayed after hours and talked with a customer until they were satisfied with the product I sold them, drove by the next day and double checked they were happy.
There was a time when I was working at Marshalls when and older woman started to ask me for assistance in my area in the lingerie section. She told me what size she was and requested that I assist her in trying on bras over her shirts to see if they would fit, I insisted that she use a dressing room but she didnt want to, I stayed and pleasantly assisted her for 30-45 min trying bras on over her clothes.
As a flooring installer, I often had customers with furniture that I would move for them at no charge to be able to install their flooring and move it back after I was finished.
Doing everything I can to get an answer for them, or to figure something out about a product and not stopping until they are satisfied.
A Customer wanted a particular product that our store was out of stock on. I ran to our other store just a couple of blocks away and brought the product back.
When a customer had a complaint about the way the service was done technically, I listened and then implemented a positive solution.
I dropped what I was doing and gave them my full attention.
During the mani cure event I particpated in, I had many clients who all wanted different end results to ensure the customers happiness I made sure that the clients got what they wanted no matter what.
N/A (never had a job before)
There was lady whose computer kept getting infected with viruses and not working properly. She paid us several times to fix it. Finally one day after clearing it with management we got her a new computer at a discounted price.
Went to clients home to do natory cause she was sick.
I dispensed a pair of glasses at customers car.
In my last job, the person was leaving to paris on a wednesday, it was monday 5 pm when she called and our sister branch where the order was beign dispensed from stops preparing shipments at 5:30, so I called the sister branch and made the customer service rep physically go to the back of the warehaouse and have the order ship for next day delivery on tuesday so it could be inserted that same day.
I have always given my full attention to members and I have gone beyond by helping a parent that left something in the laidies and I was able to get permission to look after her daughter while she was in the car.
A time that I went above and beyond for a customer is that I stayed behind willingly to ensure that the customer was fully set up with their devices while providing a refreshment for them.
Coust was very angry about not being able to buy a busted bag of rocks, I explained to the customer she was very angry at 1st but through listening to her and allowing her to vent she calmed down. I discussed how the policy changes through our store and we have new managment and we try to bring our very best to our customers who come in. She understood and left with a better outlook on the situation.
I worked at a hospital as a unit secretary where predominately I sit at my station. There was this family member who wanted to get a recliner chair that was comfortable so I went to each available room, bring the chair to the patients room, to have the patient test each chair.
I volunteered at a food bank every Wednesday, and every Wednesday I tried my hardest to strike up a conversation with every costumer to get to know them better and make them feel more comfortable. Most volunteers would barely say two words to the costumers unless they had children.
Although I had already punched out, I went to help a collegue of mine who was dealing with an angry customer who had an issue with her food. I listened actively, and made sure that the issue at hand would be taken care of. After a few minutes, I handed her the food and she left the store not only satisfied but happy as well.
On my bread route, one of my stores called on a Saturday afternoon when I was already home for the day. They ran out of bread that was on sale. So I contacted another store, spoke with management and was able to bring bread from one store to the other,
Was helpng the member or costomerwith giving their order to where they would like to sit.
Took my lunch as instructed, only to help the customer with the planting of all the plants they purchased on my own time.
This one time, a woman came into my line and her hands were full because she was carrying her baby. I immediately took her items out of her cart and began to scan and bag them. I also paged our Helping Hands and had someone help her out to her car.
Walking someone to there car with your umbrella.
Working for Talbots as cashier and sales associate I was helping at the dressing room and a client who was having difficulties to find the right products. I tried to help her assisting her proving what she needed.
Came over to their house to assist in something none irrelevant to the initial job.
I took on extra hours at my last job. I volunteered to stay longer hours many of nights so the company could get more products out during a busy time.
I had a guest that was looking for a bike that he wanted, but unfortunately we did not have it and I told him other stores have it, but was too far from where he lives at. What I did is offer another bike that was similar to it and I explained to him in very detailed on how that bike was similar to what he was looking. He was bought he was happy for giving him the right details of to what he was looking for even though it was not the exact bike.
At my Coles position, I wrote a raincheck for a customer for a discounted item. However they needed it that day, so I called a nearby store and requested they reserve the item for the next 2 hours so he would be able to pick it up.
In the resort I work at, a customer had locked their keys inside their rv. I could have call a towing service but they didnt wan tot spend the money. So I came over and snuck through one of their windows to grab the keys for them and unlock their doors.
I seen a person looking relentlessly for an item, rather than walking the other way, I approached them to help find the item.
When I worked as a chef in Nigeria, most of the guest prefer to place their orders to me directly because I always get their order right. Though it is an additional job for me to do that, but I did not mind as long as the customers are happy and my boss is okay with that.
Ill go find whatever customer looking for to make them happy.
I just clocked out and a member needs help I took time and help her out.
All the time! that is a huge part of the job to give great customer service.
There have been times in my previous employment as a server, where a customer was very unhappy with there meal, I would have there meal made over again or suggest something else on the menu that they would prefer, and have there meal taking care of so that they left the restaurant feeling special and new they would come back for a good expereince.
Many special needs customers need help shopping and completing their orders. I have done this for many customers.
I always made sure that custom received what they came in for, and that they left happy, and if they had any questioned about the product to please call us, we are here to help you with anything.
When ever give directions, have to call a taxi for intoxicated people help handicap and old people to their cars.
Ii had a customer who wanted an out of print book. I worked on this for months until I found a used copy online, and the custormer was thrilled!
Wic can be very tricky and a new mom in my life was getting very confused so with permission I ran really quick to go grab a few correct items for her to show her the right things to get so next time she wouldn't have as much trouble.
A time I went for above and beyond is when I was a volunteer and a mother came to me asking me to help her kids fit in with the others.
I was onced approached by a customer, an older lady with a cane who needed help putting a 24-pack of water bottles into her cart. Of course, I obliged and asked her if she needed help with anything else today. I helped her get a couple more items before she asked if I could find someone from upfront to bring the groceries into her car. Seeing that the front was busy, 2 lanes open and fully backed up, I told her it would be no problem if I helped her out.
At my house. I cleaned up the downstairs and upstairs to be nice to my parents. But I haven't had a job yet so I couldn't say.
I helped them load there car even though it was not my job.
One time a customer did not have time to pick up their order so I drove it to their house.
As a mortgage lender I was able to obtain a free down payment from a non-profit organization combined with a FHA loan to put the credit challenged couple in their first home.
A time I went above and beyond for a customer was when a customer was unsatisfied with a sandwich order she placed. The sandwich was not what she ordered and I basically told her I can remake her sandwich for her and next time she comes in I can give her a sandwich at no cost .