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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
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When a customer had a complaint about the way the service was done technically, I listened and then implemented a positive solution.
we did not have a product the customer needed I called to other stores to find product. Assisted pt to car. Assist pt with transfers.
A couple of elder ladies ordered food and her burger was not the way she wanted it. She was inside and I acted like a waiter at a restaurant, not just some fast food. Went up to talk to her, went away, back, until she was pleased.
As a mortgage lender I was able to obtain a free down payment from a non-profit organization combined with a FHA loan to put the credit challenged couple in their first home.
A time I went above and beyond for a customer was when a customer was unsatisfied with a sandwich order she placed. The sandwich was not what she ordered and I basically told her I can remake her sandwich for her and next time she comes in I can give her a sandwich at no cost .
I always try to go above and beyond because if i was in another persons postion i would like someone to help me above and beyond their expectations.
There was a time when I was working at Marshalls when and older woman started to ask me for assistance in my area in the lingerie section. She told me what size she was and requested that I assist her in trying on bras over her shirts to see if they would fit, I insisted that she use a dressing room but she didnt want to, I stayed and pleasantly assisted her for 30-45 min trying bras on over her clothes.
I went looking for a product and didnt stop until I found it.
A Customer wanted a particular product that our store was out of stock on. I ran to our other store just a couple of blocks away and brought the product back.
Treating the customer how you ould hope to be treated if you were in their shoes. Utmost respect, and helping them to the best of your abilities.