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Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?
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Whenever I work with someone i dont get along with i always keep it professional.
I believe working as a team and in order to work as a team we should all act civil we may not have to talk to eachother but in the end thats kind of a good thing because it causes a less dramatic workplace.
I try to get along with everyone, If someone doesn't get along with me its usually their issue. I stay polite and because of my great patience I can tolerate a lot of negative behaviour, usually negative behaviour will end up backfiring on themselves and alienate them from the rest of the co-workers.
Just be kind and curtious and so your job, maybe there having a bad day.
We were working.
Worked with a staff member who had poor follow through with customers.... I would attempt to inform this person in a friendly manner of the customers concerns, and ensure follow up was done by the other employee.
Always look at it in a positive way and follow the principle of team work.
In on of the church plays I was in there was a girl I didnt get along with but we put our differences aside to put on a great show for the church.
I focused on my job and what I needed to do. Not everyone will like you. My job is to work on what is before me and to do it well.
I, respectful of everyone and treat them how I like to be treated I am there to do my job to the berst of my ability regardless of personal feelings and unless they were bullying or harrassing me then I wouldn, t have a problem.