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Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?
The interviewer wants to hear that you handle conflict appropriately in the workplace. Start off by sharing with the interviewer that you typically get along with your co-workers great, but from time-to-time, you might have a disagreement with someone. Next, think of a time when you had a conflict with a co-worker. Tell the interviewer a brief overview of why you had a disagreed. Discuss how you ensured that you did not embarrass the individual by pulling them aside into a private space to have the conversation. Tell the interviewer that instead of continuing to be frustrated, it was better to talk about the situation to resolve it. Finally, be sure to mention that the person continued to have a respectful relationship with you following the conversation due to the way that you handled the situation.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you had to work with someone you didn't get along with?
I try to get along with everyone, If someone doesn't get along with me its usually their issue. I stay polite and because of my great patience I can tolerate a lot of negative behaviour, usually negative behaviour will end up backfiring on themselves and alienate them from the rest of the co-workers.
Worked with a staff member who had poor follow through with customers.... I would attempt to inform this person in a friendly manner of the customers concerns, and ensure follow up was done by the other employee.
Whenever I work with someone I dont get along with I always keep it professional.
I believe working as a team and in order to work as a team we should all act civil we may not have to talk to eachother but in the end thats kind of a good thing because it causes a less dramatic workplace.
Just be kind and curtious and so your job, maybe there having a bad day.
My last Manager liked to yell as his way of giving orders, I just saw it as lack of manners.
Always look at it in a positive way and follow the principle of team work.
I took a step back and worked with the other associate on how we can work together in a friendly manner.
I get along with most people but I am there to do my job not worry about who likes me .
I had a personal friendship with a pharmacist that ended up becoming my boss. I felt that this put us in an uncomfortable situation as she was involving personal situations in the workplace.
A colleague who is not that receptive to sudden changes in the work could be quite difficult.
I have had a few people in the past that I did not get along with but I have learned to look beyond that and be professional in the work place.
On my first weekend shift I was asked to wear the bear mascot costume in order to promote the charity, however I was paired with a guy that whilst he did mean well, he pushing my costume but I managed to keep calm and rationalise instead of pushing back.
I worked as part of a four person team. One member had a habit of disappearing, usually when she was needed the most. I learned to recognize that this was part of her work ethic, and I learned to just pick up the slack when needed and make the situation work.
I, respectful of everyone and treat them how I like to be treated I am there to do my job to the berst of my ability regardless of personal feelings and unless they were bullying or harrassing me then I wouldn, t have a problem.
Ive worked w/several over the years and I just treat them w/respect and try to do my Assigned job w/a smile on my face. I like to think I can fix the problem and get along w/everyone.
This situation is really hard, but the best way to do this is to be very professional at work.
I like to keep it very professional while at work, I try and give every one the benefit of the doubt and find ways to work with people rather than against people.
Working with someone you do not get along with is never easy, but I like to keep thing professional by trying to see life from their perspective.
I understand that in a work environment there may be people that you may not get along with, but when it comes to work, it should not affect any aspect of the job. In the work environment, it is always dealt with in a professional manner.
I treated them with respect and stayed professional.
I believe working as a team try to get along with everyone and stay polite.
I focused on my job and what I needed to do. Not everyone will like you. My job is to work on what is before me and to do it well.
Well I would just stay quite and calm no matter what the situation may be.
I ignore her maners because I would like to help people in a polite way.
I choose to always do the right thing and kindness kills any negativity.
Olivia told people what to do. Just speak to her when needed.
There was never a time. I will get along with anybody.
I am a type a person that I let things go do not like friction so avoid that person but only communicate if I have to.
There was a young girl that I often worked with during the first 6 months at Target. She was more interested in talking than working so I had to work twice as hard to complete our nightly tasks. I remained polite but would try to keep her on task. I would say that worked 3 out of 10 times. Ultimately myself and other coworkers spoke to our higher ups about it and she improved a little before quitting.
I was polite and tried to focus on my own position and attempted to use positive humor around them to make for a better work environment.
I would work with this person and make the best of a job situation. I try to get along with people, it is a place of work and people have to learn how to get along with each other.
I remained professional and polite. That person was later found stealing from the company and was fired.
In highschool during my senior year, we had to do a group project requiring us to research and present a presentation about a country. The girl I was working with had a difficult time explaining herself, so I had to take the extra step in helping her out to get a good grade.
There was an employee at a former job that was unhappy with my promotion and would not listen when I as management would ask them to do something. If they would not comply I would take care of whatever it was myself and make sure that it was known to higher management that he is not listening.
Put my personal feelings aside its not about me.
When I found out a college lied about her partner having cancer at a time my father was dying of it, I was able to ignore this and work with the person but made no small talk.
I have never experienced that.
When I was a unit secretary I would have nurses who would try to boss me around or take advantage of me when our personalities collided I would to to compromise with them and try to get along as best as possible.
A time I had to work with someone.
Problems with home, like, or people are left at the door when entering the workplace. I do what I have to do to get the job done.
No one because in my career I got along with everyone.
I keep it strictly business and nothing personal and comment on their good ideas and keep to myself.
In one of my previous jobs I worked with someone with different thoughts to mine I can tell that made me feel uncomfortable sometimes.However. I learn to be tolerant and being respectful over other people ideas.
I got along with everyone.
My position at the car wash involved an assistant manager whom was the brother of the owner. He was extremely racist and often made unsavory and insulting remarks about customers to me in private. However there was no one higher up the chain of command to whom he was required to report to or that could hear my complaint. I confronted him about his behaviour in private and said if it did not stop that I would leave the company. He apologised, however in the near future his behaviour returned to normal, and I left the company.
I took the person aside and said, we are both here with one purpose, and that is to come together and do the job that we were hired to do.
When I was a chef in nigeria, I worked for three year with someone who is impatient. I just tried to be friends with her and acted patiently with her.
I always get along with everybody, if not set down and have a talk.
I involved that person with day to day issues instead of keeping the person out of the loop.
In on of the church plays I was in there was a girl I didnt get along with but we put our differences aside to put on a great show for the church.