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Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult or angry customer and how you handled the situation?
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Asked them what the problem was and if I can help the resolve it. If I could not I would direct them to my store manager.
I smiled and remained calm and listen to the complaint . I fixed the mistake and the customer let happy.
When I worked as a chef. Even though the customer was wrong, I still put in my smiling face and told the customer we are sorry, and fix the problem.
I would try to calm down the customer and find out what the problem is and try to help them with the problem.
While I work produce, I did have to handle floral sales when no one was present in that department. Once a woman came in for a pick up for some very specific roses, carnations, and for lack of a better term, fluff, like baby's breath. She was livid that the white roses she ordered were a slightly-yellow color, that her pink roses were a salmon color, and that their was not enough of the fluff. I first tried to work with her and meet her eye-to-eye on the issue, that yes, the flowers were not perfectly the colors she asked for but I can look in back and see if we have anything closer to what she needed. Unfortunately, we did not. The next way to offer a solution I offered to try getting the manager on the line even though she was home. The manager did not pick up. Finally, I directed them to the service desk on the off-chance they could contact another jewel and see if they have the flowers she wanted on hand, either to deliver to our store tomorrow or so that she could pick them up tonight.
Working in the grocery department the most common angry customer situation would come when we were out of a product, especially around the holidays. Pumpkin pie filling was always in high demand so we ran out if it more often than we would like to admit. When customers would get angry, I would show them on our PDA that we were out and offer to call them when more product came it.
Listened, asked questions, explained gave my full attention.
As a CSM for CROSSMARK; Listen, restate what you heard from the customer and ask what they need.
At my other job I wouldnt sell beer to someone so I stayed calm and called a manager.
First, I apologized for the problem they felt occured, asked them if they would express what had been unsatisfactory to them as a member, reinterate what they had explained so as to thouroughly understand what their experience was, then ask if they would accept a possible resolution they would be satified with. I would also ask them if they would like to speak with a manager or submit a complaint. I would keep them the sole focus throughout.