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How do you define good member service?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Costco interview

How to Answer

Tell the interviewer that excellent member service is having a positive attitude and doing what it takes to ensure the customer comes back to your store. You might share that you think excellent customer service means having a smile on your face, saying please & thank you, and providing a great experience for the member.

How do you define good member service?
Answer example

"To me, great member service means that my customers are happier when they leave than when they initially arrived. I want every Costco member to feel like they received their money's worth from their membership commitment. This contentment should come from excellent service and variety in new products."

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How do you define good member service?
All it needs to start with is a smile and a friendly hello to the customer. From there we should do our bests to make sure customers are finding everything they need and satisfied with their shopping experience.
Good communicaty woth castomers special listening be profesional, very polite.
Greeting a customer with a smile and helping with any needs they may have.
Greeting people with a smile or friendly hello.
Good member service includes always doing your best to make sure their shopping experience is the best possible it can be. Having stocked shelves, friendly employees available to answer questions and help when needed, Employee who are always willing to go beyond their job responsibilities to make sure each member will be coming back again and again.
Greet the member by name if they are regulars and ask them how there day is going, if on pos put items through quickly and efficiently.
By giving the customer the best possible price on top quality merchandise.
Making people leave happier then when they walked in.
Helping them get the best price ever and the giving them the best quality name brands.
Good member service is making sure that the customer is happy, no matter what. Doing what it takes to get the results that they expect.
Always smile, have a positive attitude and being competent.
Everyone is extremely nice and helpful when asked where something is or if they sell it.
Listening to them and providing them with best quality product.
Good member service is to serve customers so that they are satisfied and will come back to the store to shop in the future.
Costco sells only the best quality items, best service by listening to customers, greeting them, smiling & saying hello & mean it.
When you can help a customer and have them leave satisfy, in addition the customer will have had an experience that will be past on to another person and that makes for more members.
Going above and beyond to help the customer regardless of the situation.
Having a positive and helpful attitude. And always looking out for customers and their needs.
Being available to assist members as they need it; they come first. Knowing the products and the company policies.
Providing superior customer service as well as providing name brand merchandise at a low prices.
Good member service is insuring once the customer leaves they are happy, as a happy customer is a loyal customer.
Making sure all customer needs are met. Doing & achieving all tasks & goals.
Making each member happy with every visit. Assist in any questions or concerns they may have.
Giving the member undived attention and excellent member service and going beyond.
Making sure the member get a good experience from employees and is satisfied with the service.
If the customer leaves very satisfied, including being able to find the appropriate item theyre looking for, check out the customer in a reasonable amount of time.
Good member service putting our members 1st and and providing quality service to keep our members happy and satisfy so they continue to shop with us.
Always try to listen to the customer smile thank them for coming in make sure before they leave they are absolutely satisfied with the service.
Listening to customers and helping any way possible.
Getting guests with a smile or a friendly hello.
Good member service is answering all the member needs in a very polite manner with greetings before and after doing the service.
Active and open listening, problem solving, and walking through the issue until both parties are satisfied.
Make sure the customer has a pleasant experience and leaves happy and will tell thier friend how well they were treated my members so the come back.
Making sure to take care of every need the member has. If every need is not met do what it takes to get that need met or find some sort of compromise that is satisfactory for the customer.
You want the member or customer to feel welcome and appreciated.
Fast, friendly, professional response and resolution of the inquiry.
Answering all the questions that a member could have.
Go out of you way to help the fix the problem or show the how it works.
Good, efficient respectful servie that keeps the customer happy.
Doing your best to friendly, helpful and courteous to ensure the member has a pleasant shopping experience.
Customer is always right, happy customer brings in more customers.
Good member service is a combination of things, and I am confident that I attain these things. One, member service starts when a member first walks in to Costco, with a smile. Two, member service is when an employee takes the time to help figure out their needs and to make sure they have a pleasant experience while they shop by asking them questions and answering their concerns. The Costco experience in itself can be overwhelming for our members, and we need to keep in mind that these people are paying a yearly membership to shop here. So we need to make sure that it is our #1 job.
Service with a smile. I believe the old school saying "the customer is always right" and treating people with respect is always the best policy.
Good member service is someone who is knowledge of the product is offering, Always have good service attitude, be efficient and capable in solving problems.
Being corteous, friendly, respectful, approachable, charismatic.
Good member service means treating members with a friendly attitude and respect. You have to have an extensive knowledge of the products and services offered so you can help them make the best choices for themselves.
Smiling, small talk, asking if they found everything.
The ability to help direct a customer in proffessional and educated manner without seeming arrogant.
Having a good smile and welcoming customers in a friendly manner.
Give your full attention to the task in hand or person.
Good member service would have to be like an employee at the Gap. They have to be approachable, smiling, friendly, knowledgeable, they need to know where everything is and have helpful information over products. They are patient and put their full focus on you. They make your experience in the store the best it could be and they make you want to come back.
If the member is friendly and gives good quality and fast service.
People who are helpful and runs things smoothly.
Making sure the customer is happy and wants to come back.
Keep the costumer happy all the time great costumer service.
I ensure that each person receives my focused attention, and gets the products that are right for their needs.
Kind, polite, helpful, knowledgable.
Someone who is constantly working and giving it there all.
Really listening to the needs and problems the customers have and working with them to find the best solution.
Prompt courteous service.
As one should feel comfortable to shop by.
Respecting customers and being proactive in the community.
Good customer service, organize store.
Good member service is offering the best experience possible to customers and ensuring they leave the store satisfied with our costco team.
Being helpful and available not only for the guest but your co workers so everyone is a winner.
Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service.
Bring members best possilble prices on quality brand name merchandise.
Always greeting a customer with a smile. Asking them how there day is to build a little rapport to make them feel important. Answering any questions them may have.
Making sure every member.
Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable pleasant.
Giving the customers all the information they need to become a member of our team and enjoy the pleasurable costco experience.
Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service.
Making someone feel better than they felt when they walked in the door.
Smiling, interacting, saying hello, good evening, good small chat. And helping them with whatever. Putting them first.
Bring members best possilble prices on quality brand name merchandise.
Always have a smile and great attitude. To be on call to the costumers and being helpfully to all members.
I think that good member service first starts with having a good base of knowledge about the company and its products and inventory. I also think that making yourself approachable and readily available to help members is a huge factor. These people are members here, so I think being able to establish a connection and relationship with the members is vital to ensure that they always leave the store happy and satisfied with their experience.
Greeting every customer and treating them like family. Fulfilling all the their requests and helping them to have a great shopping experience.
Good member service is making sure the member is satisfied and if they have any questions to give them all your attention.
Making them feel happier then they did when walked in.
I define good member service as giving the customer as much information as I can about the stores membership program.
Providing the best customer service, handling all customer issues well and satisfying customer with the best offers on brands.
Having a positive and helpful attitude. Always looking out for customers and their needs.

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