Chipotle Interview Questions Go Back
1. What do we use to make our delicious rice?
2. What are GMOs? Why do you think we offer food without GMOs?
3. What do you love the most about Chipotle?
4. If a customer asks for extra meat but doesn't want charged, and says he will tip you well, what do you do?
5. On average, how many burritos are made each day?
6. Will you proudly wear one of our T-Shirts?
7. Where do you see yourself in five years?
8. What is our corporate mission statement?
9. Will you give excellent customer service while delivering burritos in a quick manner?
10. What is your favorite item off our menu?
11. What do you believe you have that stands out from the other candidates?
12. If you were asked to design a new Chipotle t-shirt, what would you want it to say?
13. Will you steal burritos?
14. How will you help us continue our tradition and our continuous improvement for serving food with integrity?
15. If Chipotle were to ever have a mascot, what should it be?
16. Why would you like to work with our team?
17. How do you spell Guacamole? Now don't cheat....
18. Have you ever dressed up in tin foil and came in for free burrito day?
19. Name me three of the things food with integrity means on our website?
20. What is the difference between a Fajita Burrito and Regular Burrito?
21. What is our stock symbol?
22. What is barbacoa?
23. Tell me an example of how you take work seriously.
24. What are the different ways one could order a burrito?
25. Why is it important to roll a perfect burrito?
26. Why is food safety important?
27. Do you think you can roll a burrito?
28. What does customer service mean to you?
29. How many burritos can you make in a day?
30. What is your desired salary?
31. Do you enjoy cooking at home?
32. How do we raise our chicken?
33. Would you be interested in advancement opportunities at Chipotle?