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What do you believe you have that stands out from the other candidates?

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User-Submitted Answers

What do you believe you have that stands out from the other candidates?
I'm ready to get up early, work hard, and devote 100% of my energies to making the best burrito possible here at Chipotle.
I am a hard worker, out going, great team worker, organize person, get the job done.
I have a one-of-a-kind mentality. No matter if I'm stressed, a bit irritated or even a bit down, I always want to help someone else to feel better. I genuinely love people. I use my intellect, optimism and people skills for the good.
I believe that I have the ambition, the desire to want to help others and see others satisfied and happy. I'm a very caring person whether it's about people, organization or just getting something done efficiently.
Of course this is one of my very favorite places to eat.
I want to be in the restaurant business and some day open my own restaurant. I live very close and can be here in short notice. I'm a hard worker and I'm calm in stressful situations.
I believe I have a great personality at my other job I was employee of the month not only for my work ethic but for my team work.
I get along with everyone, and I am a hard worker willing to take the extra step.
An eagerness to learn, flexibility to my work schedule and team work experience.
An eagerness to learn and curiosity about food.
Easy to get along with, fast learner and eager to grow apart of the chipotle family with an intention of managing my own Chipotle resturant.
Previously experience in customer service at a counter and managerial duties. I love to learn, so I tend to learn quickly. Also, I try my best to stay optimistic and enjoy whatever I am doing.
I have always been team oriented, as well as it being part of my military duty. I know how to efficient when working with others. I can follow instructions as well as lead others to a common goal.
I get along with others, I am a fast learner, hard worker, and like to take on challenges.
I always have a positive attitude in pressurised situations, I am full focused and determined, have good team working skills and I can work effectively under pressure.
I love working with people and have the ability to have others like what they do.
Because there is no one else like me. I want to make my workplace a happy environment and I want to help others accomplish their goals.
My outgoing quirky personality. That is something nobody else has I am one of a kind.
Besides being organized and have great communication skills, I believe being a person that helps people out and go out of my way to achieve such goals would be great here.
I am compromised with my work and most of all, I am compromised on creating and being part of a team of top performers while creating an great experience to customers and to employees.
Reliability and the want for the company im in to do good.
I believe that my personality itself helps me stand out in general. I am very out going, fun, and I will try anything once. I am very hard working, passionate, and have great determination.
I stand out as more of a faster pace worker. At my previous positions getting the job done in a very demanding workplace, Things needing to get done in a limited amount of time but still maintain accuracy.
I like to challenge myself and try my best to make the best out of my job.
I know im a hard work, Iknow that I know what it takes to get things done in a professional way.
Well im very helpful. I love helping people. I do not need anyone on me to make me work. I always find something to do.
I think the fact that I am outgoing, friendly, and I like to help people makes me stand out.
I am dependable, reliable, honest, follow directions when given and a team player.
I have all 13 characteristic Chipotle needs from a employee. I will always take my job seriously and make it my goal the customers are always happy.
I am extremely driven to succeed and am willing to do whatever it takes. I am a quick learner who is always punctual and organized with a smile on my face.
I believe that I am different from other candidates because I am good at doing a task and interacting with customers in a calm and friendly manner.
I am motivated, eager to work here, I can go at fast past, and complete a task perfectly!
I care about the food and helping people not about making money.
Passion to make people as happy as I get when I eat chipotle.
I am a pretty nice peoples person. Very respectful.
I am very positive and ambitious I can handle good and bad situations I like to help others and better themselves.
I am outgoing, a fast learner and enthusiastic about customer service.
I am hardworking, mature, responsible, and I love to help others.
I believe that I stand out because I am an over achiever, I focus on my goal and will always succeed. I do not let anybody down, on the contrary I make people proud and I hope to make you guys proud.
What I believe I have that stands out from other candidates is my determination to get things done and my motivation to make others happy.
I stand out from other candidates is that I am willing to go above and beyond and do the work then other candidates would do.
Able to work in a fast past conditions under pressure. Able to resolve complex problems, worked in the kitchen before.
Ambition. I like to be the best at everything. I am a perfectionist.
I am very hard working, dedicated, and no matter how I am feeling I always want to help someone else feel better and put my feelings aside during the work hours.
I can bring an enthusiastic and motivated attitude to the work place and I will always try to help customers or fellow employees whenever they need it.
I speack haitian creole and my parents love mexican food so I could better help other haitian parents that come to the store.
I already have experience working on a team that values empowerment, leadership, and serving the community.
I have a positive attutited, I will always help out another worker that needs help, I love to interact with people and make new friends. And I always stay on top of my work.
I am a quick learner, im unique, I will always come in to work with a great attitude.
I am outgoing I enjoy whatever I do. And I love being around people.
I love the fast pace of how chipotle runs, I love fast pace jobs.
I believe that I have motivation and actually want to work for what Chipotle stands by.
I am a hard worker, out going, great team worker, organize person, get the job done.
I believe I have a mindset of someone who is constantly over achieving and expecting the best out of themselves. My drive for success is pure and active which I believe set me apart. Also I have volunteered at a lot of camps and events which have prepared me for dealing with al sorts pf emergencies and situations. This has caused me to develop critical thinking and judgement skills.
I bring great vibes. I am very passionate about my work and how customers think of me so I will always do my best under any circumstance.
I have lots of integrity and am a virtuous person.
I am very enthusiastic, and a super positive energetic person.
I have a great positive outgoing personality.
An eagerness to work and be the best I can be, pride in Chipotle, a flexible scehdule.
I am a hard worker with good communication skills that can quickly adapt to almost any situation. I push myself until I suceed.
I am a joyful person who loves to see others happy.
The ability to work hard, understand instructions, and I also love the food here.
My motivation. I am extremely motivated to get this job and am willing to do whatever it takes to become a part of the chipotle team.
I believe that I have more time to expand.
I am responsible, caring and honest. I want to serve food that I myself enjoy. I have high standards and notice little details many people do not notice.
I am also motivated when it come to working. Ill keep working until everything is perfect.
I feel that I bring hard work to the table.
I give my all no matter what task I am given. You will never see someone change napkin dispensers so enthusiastically the way I would! No matter how big or how small of a task I am given I will always do it to the best of my ability.
I have integrity, I have goals that I could fulfill though this company and I am very reliable.
Ambition, I am ready to prove to my friends and family that even though I started later than them I can be just as good or even better. I feel that since I am already going to school to obtain an associates degree in culinary arts I should begin working in the restaurant industry and show how much I can grow.
Potential, Self Motivation, Think for myself, Take chances or risks, and work hard.
I care about everyone. I am a team player, and will go out of my way to help others. When the customer receives kind and genuine service, this creates loyalty to the brand. When customers are loyal to a company, they recommend it to others. By creating a great experience for customers, I will increase revenue.
I believe that my bright attitude can make me stand out from other, I might not have experience but that is because I was not given the chance. I am a bright person ans I think that is what every costumers needs when they are in line, just a smile to make them happy.
I like to please people. I am known as a people pleaser and I want everyone to walk out with a smile on their face.
I believe I have all the characteristics and some that it takes to become GM
I believe that's what I have different from the other candidates is that even though this would be my first job I'm the type of person who really does learn from my mistakes so if I was to mess up on something I'll make sure it wouldn't happen again.
Volunteer/work experience and team work attitude.
I'm extremely motivated, ambitious, over two years over customer service skills and I'm a leader.
Just my personality in general and my work ethic.
I never had a job and so you can train me to your liking and I don't have any bad habits and I'm extremely motivated because I really want to work and so I am willing to put 110%
Never had a job and so that means that I haven't picked up any bad habits and so you can train me to your liking and I'm really needing a job in some very motivated and I will be extremely dedicated to the show.
I am very outgoing, great communication skills, able to work under pressure very well, keep a positive attitude, and am able to multitask very well.
What I believe I have that make me stands out from other candidates is to serve others. I never get tired of helping people and it always puts a smile on my face.
Work ethic. I love being consistent with everything I do because that is the only way you get bettter at things.
I have academic and social goals for myself and planning to take ib and honors classes next year.
I have experience working with customers and I put the customers needs over mine.
I have an ambitious personality and I am willing to put my best foot foward to get what I am determined to get.
I am always eager to learn and grow, I enjoy working in teams.
My drive. Also, me wanting to learn. I'm also a hard worker.
I have great leadeship skills, I get the job done, take initiate, etc.
My intelligence and instincts I believe stand me out from others.
Determination and work ethic that can help me excel with this company.
I like to win, that means I like to outperform people.
Skills. Customer friendly and hardworker and devoted employee on job task and company.
I believe that I have patience, very outgoing and can provide great customer service.
I feel that I have great people skills and I learn quickly.
I possess a motivation to perform anywhere that I am needed for the good of the team and the company.
My Team Chemistry. Also the way I can work with or around a problem.
I'm going to be graduating from school very soon, i'm cpr certified and i'm continuing my training to be first aid certified.