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What are GMOs? Why do you think we offer food without GMOs?

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User-Submitted Answers

What are GMOs? Why do you think we offer food without GMOs?
Gmos are genetically modified foods, or plants that have been altered to meet a specific need. Food without Gmos are used at Chipotle because they prefer to serve organic foods and it goes in accordance to tei odt integrity philosophy.
GMOs are genetically modified organisms, I think that Chipotle offers non-GMO foods to continue providing a natural healthier alternative to the consumer, that will be bteer for not only people, but the planet.
Because its grown food, healthy food, good for us not need to modify the food!
Genetic modified organisam.
Genetic material that has been artificially manipulated. I think chipotle doesnt off this food is because it is not healthy and not sticking to pasteurized food.
GMOs stand for genetically modified organisms, foods, or plants that are altered to fit specific needs. Food without GMOs are used at Chipotle because you want to produce food organically and to provide a natural and healthier alternative to the customer.
There genetically modified organisms. And because we want our food to be all natural.
Genetically Modified Organisms. They do not use Gmo because the use natural fresh ingredients instead of processed and continues to better there ingredients.
Becasuse they want great, fresh, ingreditants, for their food. Theyre the first national company to not use GMOs in the food.
Because its not food with interigty.
Genetic modified organisam.
GMOs are growth hormones often given to animals and even put into plants. The purpose of them is to make food more delicious and bigger essentially. There is some research that GMOs can be harmful to your body and its just not natural.
GMOs are plants or animals that have undergone a process wherein scientists alter their genes with DNA from different species of living organisms, bacteria, or viruses to get desired traits such as resistance to disease or tolerance of pesticides. I agree that Chipotle wants to offer its customers a natural option to instead.
Can be dangerous for the consumer.
Genetically Modified Organisms. I think Chipotle wants to deliver a fresh and authentic meal as well as a healthy meal without hormones.
Genetically modified organisms. And chipotle offers food without GMOs because they offer quality and something that will keep customers coming back.
Genetically Modified Organisms. It seems non-GMOs are a healthier option.
GMO is food that is processed in a lab, because this fast food restaurant wants to get away from the "fast food" industry and provide healthy service.
Genetically Modified Organisms.
GMO stands for genetically modified organisms.
GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. You offer food without gmos because of the high standard of food and all your food is organic and not processed.
GMOs are chemicals fed to the animals through their food. It is unhealthy and can spread diseases.
GMOs are genetically modified organism, I believe you offer food without GMOs because GMOs are potentially harmful and eating food with whole-ingredients just tastes better.
GMOs are generic modified organisms inserted into animals. Chipotle offers food without GMOs, because the food at Chipotle is served with integrity.
Genetically modified organisms.
Genetically Modified Organisms. GMOs are not natural and they harm the animals they are used on.
Gmos are stuff they put in the food thats bad for you.
Genetically modified organisms.
Crops or any kind of ingredients that have been altered to achieve alternative traits. I think chipotle offers food without gmo because it benefits the restaurant and the customers. It makes better tasting food and it causes problems against the enviroment.
Gmos are genetically modified organisms, where living organisms, or food, have there genetic makeup redesigned. It is awesome you offer foods without gmos because people shouldnt want to put that stuff in there bodies. I love coming to chipotle knowing I am really getting good quality food.
Genetically modified somethings. I think that its healthier.
GMOs are genetically modified organism. And I think chipotle offers food without them because they genuinely, care for the domino effect that happens when people are eating with healthier choices and the effect it has on the quality of products produced by farms who put in honest work.
Generically modified organisms because they contain chemicals are are more artificial.
Genetically modified foods and chipotle doesnt offer foods with gmos because they are passionate about providing food options that are chosen with quality and care.
GMOs are genetically modified organisms. Chipotle offers GMO-free food to maintain the Food with Integrity mission; to give people the most organic, raw, and fresh ingredients.
A GMO is created by inserting genes from one species (typically bacteria or a virus) into the DNA of another This can result in a plant with characteristics that wouldn’t occur naturally, such as producing pesticides or the ability to withstand high doses of chemical herbicides.
Food artificially modified.
Genetically modified foods. I think chipotle offers food without gmos because its healthier and a lot better for the customers.
GMOs are genetically modified organisms. While the goal of genetically engineering plants is to make them better, there are health risks involved. Natural is better.
GMO's are food that consists ingredients that has undergone processes to get rid of diseases and such. I believe you offer food without GMOs to support your motive of serving fresh food that is all natural. Plus, if people know that your food is offered without these GMO's, then they will enjoy that information.
Gmos are like when you've processed an animal or advanced it's Goethe and gave it Storoids they offer it without gmos because Steve wanted chipotle to be a natural.
Gmo are genetically modified organisms and there are toxic pesticides which lead to immune systems being weak.
GMOs are plants and animals that have been genetically altered with genes from a different species of any living thing in order to get desired traits. I believe chipotle respects an animals well being and knows that food is better and fresher the way it was made naturally on this earth.
GMOs are genetically modified organisms. Chipotle offers them to serve their customer a healthy, natural flavored meal.
I have no idea. And maybe because its healthier.
Gmo's are geneticly modified food and it is not natural food and has had chemicals injected into it.
GMO's are genetically modified organisms. I think chipotle offers food without GMO's because food is perfect the way it is, fresh and natural. We dont need to modify our food.
Genetically modified organism. This is t served in chipotle because it would violate their slogan food with integrity .
GMOs is food that has been genetically modified. Chipotle doesnt offer this because of food with integrity which is what sets chipotle appart from any other fast food koint.
GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) are living organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a lablaboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. Food without gmos are more healthier and also it promotes healthier treatment s of our food.
GMO's basically process food. I think yall offer GMO free food because the beilef in hormones and antibiotics aint good for humans or animals.
Genetically Modified Organism. Not offered because its healthier and natural.
Genetically modified organism, because the food is not fresh and in its purest form.