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Give me an example of when you have shown great responsibility at work.

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User-Submitted Answers

Give me an example of when you have shown great responsibility at work.
What are you passionate about?
I like to get the job done and right the first time and make the customer happy.
I take pride in my work and I dive in whole heartedly, because it's my job to make the customer happy.
I would take work seriously anytime I step in these front doors. When I come here I know my job is to give the people what they want but also just enjoy what I'm doing.
I like to get my work done as promptly as possible, and I don't cut any corners. I like to do it to the best of my ability and nothing less. I hold myself to very hugh standards.
I would make sure everything I did got done right and my customers would always be happy with me.
I take my work very seriously. I don't think that there is any room for goofing off, especially in a fast paced environment like chipotle.
I'm a hard worker, I believe that work and play are one and the same. I take work very seriously, I know what it takes to be successful and I will push myself towards that.
I make sure I'm doing the job I am suppose to do and not playing around. I go to do the job I am there to do and not to have extra fun.
I am persistent at getting my work done, ensuring that with whatever I do it's to the best of my ability. And I always make sure I do things in a timely matter without wasting any time at all.
I make sure that I get everything done properly and pacefully.
I take work very seriously. I dont believe it is a time to be goofing off especially not in a fast pace environment.
I take work very seriously work is work you can have a good time without goofing off.
One example of how I would take my work very seriously is by not goofing off and just taking care of business.
At work I am fully concentrated on my duties while at the same time always on the look out for any customers needs.
When I am at work, I concentrate solely on my duties and make sure that customers are happy and fully satisfied.
I believe in giving 100% in what you do. Doing the best you can and striving in your work.
I would do what I am supposed to do on past and not let people get in my way.
By coming to work ready to work hard with a smile on my face.
I will take work seriously by getting to work on time, go above and beyond in my tasks, and lend a helping hand to my coworkers if they needed.
Arriving on time with smile on my face prepared for the day ahead.
I feel that in fast pace businesses like Chipotle, there is no room for goofing off or dragging your feet. I am very focused on getting tasks finished efficiently and making the customer my priority.
I always plan to show up early so there is a buffer for things that could go wrong.
When a task is assigned to me I would complete it the right way as quickly as possible, not taking any short cuts and being positive all the time.
I think you need to understand that the only way to be number one in what you do is to make every day count.
I prepare myself with all the facts before I call to make an offer. I explain how I arrived at the offer and what factors went into the evaluation.
I take work seriously by constantly trying to better myself and the company. I like to be innovative and find more efficient ways to get the job done and deliver the highest quality at lightning speed.
For this example, working in a fast-paced environment means no slacking off, but also keeping a positive upbeat.
There has always been a difference between the way I act when there is work involved. Work always comes first.
I will not let anything get in the way of my work, I try to make everything the best I can.
I make it a point to get to work 10minutes early and set a goal for everything I would hope to accomplish that day.
I arrive on time for my shift and always work my schedule in advance with my manager.
At bojangles whenever there is a slow moment I make sure my station is clean and prepared.
I work in a planned and organized way. I am also very punctual.
AN example of how I take work seriously is I stay motivated and work hard to finish my goal, I feel like the customers smile is very important and makes me want to work harder.
I take work seriously by making sure I do every task right and carefully and satisfying the customer needs.
I always fallow store guide line and procedures while handling task.
During the football season, I would work the concession stand at the Franklin High School football games. I worked at the register and.
I put my all into my work and it always comes first.
Schoolwork. I take my grades very seriously I always go to class and do projects and hw in advance.
In school you are faced with several deadlines everyday. I make sure all my work is done to the best of my ability and on time.
I take my work very seriously. I believe that time is of the essence, especially in a fast paced job like Chipotle, so there is no time to goof off.
There is never down-time. You can always find something productive to work on.
Show up on time, good attitude.
I work hard and make sure each and every customer is satisfied.
I take my work seriously by staying focused on the goal, getting done whats needed.
I work hard, persistant, and concentrated to get the work done.
Come in on time I have a shift and take my duties at work seriously.
I often times get on my piers about taking the job seriously and often look for the best way of doing a job.
I make sure that if my manager has a job for me, I do it as quickly as I can, despite having to do another job at the same job.
I see work as the only way to survive. Without income, bills wont get paid.
Before this interview, I spent a good amount of free time reading up on Chipotle and preparing myself.
Friends ask to hang out or give me a free ticket to a concert. I say sorry I am scheduled for work which takes priority. Maybe another time.
I have always been a part of many clubs and activities, and have led some of them. I always try my hardest to accomplish whatever it is that we are trying to do, no matter what it takes.
Well when I see things that need to be done I get them done immeadatly.
By coming to work ready to work hard with a smile on my face.
I check and recheck work 2-3 times, and I do all things to the best of my abitlity.
Knowing that it is a fast-paced place I will get my work done on time and correctly.
I dedicate time to my tasks and make sure they are done in a timely manner.
If its important to me I take it seriously it means a lot to do well at what I do.
I would be very deidicated into helping people out as a team and be repsonsible.
I make sure not only me but my coworkers are all on task and taking care of the customers.
I focus on what is needed to be done.
I am always motivated to do my very best and I strive to do no less.
I stay very focused, I will always listen to customers, I am loyal, and I obey the rules.
Stay focused, work at a fast pace no horse play.
I am very focused on my job and am very motivated to get things done in a timely manner and of course to the best of my abilities. Always make the customer happy and work as a team with the other members.
I will keep focus and keep my mind on the work ahead, and stay active for random rush hour.
I am punctual and hates being lazy.
When I am given a task, I focus on that specific task and try my hardest to master it to my best ability.
Always have a smile on my face motivated my tram members and be very enthusiastic with the costemer and remember about are purpose here is to serve food with integrity and we should be very proud of what we do.
Always have a smile on my face motivated my tram members and be very enthusiastic with the costemer and remember about are purpose here is to serve food with integrity and we should be very proud of what we do.
I will show up on time and do the work to the best of my ability.
I always make sure that I am doing the best I can, and always look for improvement.
Work is work, no matter what kind.
I would always get to work on time and make use of myself while I am there.
It would have to be that I am very motivated at any task given to me and I wouldnt slack off until it is done.
I will do as I am told, there are times for goofing off and times to be taken seriously. Work would be a time to be taken seriously where I do as I am told, but still have a good time with my coworkers.
I have been in the restaurant industry since I was 12 years old. I love food, the strategic operations & developing new staff- hoping to inspire in them what I have enjoyed about an field that you can be around all your life.
I do the most important tasks first before anything else.
My family was going on a summer vacation and my boss told me he really needed my help with the store that summer and I gave up my summer family trip to worl.
Being here on time, working as a time.
When working by myself, or in a group setting, such as in school, I tend to want to get the project that is being worked on done as effectively as possible no matter how small that project is.
I take work seriously by following my rules and getting task done.
An example of how I take work seriously will be when I was working at my previous job I was a teenager and in school and I had homework and my house chores to do but yet I also had to work so it took a lot of determination and thrive to get to work on time and for that I had to be serious about my job.
When I take work seriously I do no let my personal problems and feelings interfer with my work. I work my hardest to the best of my abilities and give it my all when I put my mind to doing something such as work.
I seek to learn all that I can about the job and moving towards advancement.
For example if I see other co workers joking around and no handling business properly ill simply tell them to get it together or ill report it to the boss.
I worked in a professional environment at a law firm. I was at work on time every day, well early actually, and met all of the deadlines.
I would take work seriously by going above and beyond what the customers ask for, do everything I am told to do and succeed at it, as well as always arrive on time.
Not goofing off and dressing clean and neatly.
I am passionate about helping others so that ties in with work because at Chipotle you always want to give your best customer service and make sure they are having a great experience here at Chipotle.
I take work very serious.
If a co worker is to joke around while dealing with a customer I will not engage.
No joking around, making sure the order is done quickly, correctly, and neatly.
I will always try to be on time and bring a beautiful vibrant attione theude to work and just make everyt.
I will stick to what im doing and not get distracted.
When it is time to work I do no see it as time to play around or play little games. It is alright to talk and joke around but not to the extent where it interferes with work.
As work should be fun and exciting.
Taking work seriously differs for many people but for me I will focus on my task and visioning my end point. Once I decide on how to come about this type of work I will continue from there.
An example of taking work seriously would be treating your job as your top priority. Doing your job and doing it correctly shows that you take your job seriously.
Throughout school I have been taken school very seriously because I highly value education which allow high work ethic that I learned as an editor for journalism in school.
I have to do stuff right and it always has to be done.
I take work very seriously. there is no time for goofing off.
I will arrive on time with a positive attitude.
It is important to arrive early to your job because it shows you are prepared. When you walk in the door it is important to leave issues at the door and focus on doing your job the best of your ability.
Being their on time completing my task on time and doing it the exact way its suppose to be done.
If I take work seriously then things would be get done, everything will go smooth therefore crew members will have a good day effecting the customers, therefore it is important.
Getting there on time. Making sure my job is being done and customers leave satisfied.
I do everything to the best of my ability so I would take work very seriously and do my best.
Before school ended we had a final project, the table I was assigned to was with all my best friends so during that class I would never get any work done. I was starting to get frustrated, so I moved to a different table by myself to get my work done efficiently and thoroughly. I ended up getting an 100 on it.
I always show up on time if not 15 minutes early to prepare.
I take work seriously by coming to work every day on time with a smile on my face and ready to take on the work of my day. I want to make every customer sastidfied.
Work hard and finish your task.
Being professional, staying on task, being on time, great customer service.
I stay committed to a certain task for as long as it take to be finished.
I stay committed and focused on a certain task until it is finished.
I take work very serioulsy by.
Focus on my tasks and get the work done.
At my previous job I was asked to only stock one part of the freezer but I noticed that other parts were empty and I knew where the bevereges were in the back so I would stock those coolers as well.
I would take work seriously by going to work on time and giving it my all to make the crew and customers happy.
Although I have never had a real job before I have volunteered for a few different organizations and worked for family members. I always make sure that I finish my job set before me.
I complete all my task on time and properly.
On time always, takes care of all resposibilites, organized, and working hard.
When there is a difficult situation with a customer.
I am always dedicated to my work and that is what will keep my focus on my work and my work only.
I take my work very seriously. I have made mistakes in my past. But, it will not hold me back. I want to keep working for at least 10 years to qualify for disability insurance.
Working as vice chair of a youth led organization.
I would take the extra steps to make the customers satisfied and happy to eat at the restaurant.
School, what you do now in life can determine how you do in your future. So I set high goals and I am hard on my self.
At my last position as an interviewer making calls to customers, it was important to try and keep every customer on the line to complete the survey. We had a quota to meet daily, and it was crucial to be polite, persistent, diligent, and quick in order to complete surveys correctly.
At my previous job, as an interviewer making calls to customers we were required to complete a number of surveys to reach our daily quota. Therefore, it was important to be polite, respectful, clear and concise in order to persuade a customer to complete the entire survey. Otherwise, it was likely you would be sent home early, so each call was taken very seriously.
I take my work very serious. I will do my best to satisfy my custumers. And help out other workers. And not only show to worker how to do it right, But also teach them. For me work is treating customers they way you would like to be treated when you are ordering something.
When I was working on a group project with my friend I had to take the lead.
I show up on time and will stay late if I need to.
I would do what I am supposed to do and stay focused until I am fully done with what I was put to do.
I come in on time. I pay attention to detail. And when asked for my help I would get on it right away.
I take it so serious that if one of my own personal family walked in and tried to get extra food from me because I work there I would say no.
I will be hard working, and always enjoy my job.
As soon as I get through those doors I get on my game do my assigned work and dont stop until I am done.
An example would be when I am working on a project for school. I dedicate tons of time to researching, checking, and perfecting the project until I truly believe that it is the best of my abilities.
Not goofing off and dragging your feet while you are at work.
Soon as I come into work, I greet everyone including the boss, and ask him what is the task for the day, and put my uniform on and get the job done right away.
If I do something wrong I will try my best to fix it until I do it right.
I think their always a time and place for fun and games but at a work setting im very focus at what im needed to do at a work setting.
If there s a problem I will do everything I can to solve it.
An example of how I take work seriously is I would never use my phone, I would always be on task and going above and beyond my duties to satisfy customers daily.
If I was put into a situation where I had to choose between lets say, going to a party and then having to go to work the next day, I would definitely choose to stay home so I could be ready for work the next day.
For example I will do anything it takes to a customer happy and meet their needs.
Working hard until the job Is complete.
Make sure everyone one of my crew members were happy and having fun.
When it comes to work I make sure that I do everything needed and stay focused.
I take care of all the necessary task given to me. Then make sure customers are happy and everyone is on the same page.
Finish tasks in the amount of time asked.
I do my work well, when everyone else is being lazy and doing it sloppy.
Working with minimal interruption and not taking part in unrelated work questions, getting your work done and continuously staying busy.
If an employee is goofing off and it is very busy I will try my hardest to get everything done on my own or with as much help possible and I will also report that employee.
Well in school there was this end of the year project and you had to get into a groug of 4 and we where suppose to build a mars rover and most of the days I did most of the work because it was ehiter my group mebers were fouing around or you know just not helping me so I put all my pride in it I would go in for lunch and sometimes after school to finish it.
I take work seriously but just focusing on that task and finshing it on time and just piuting everything that distracs me behind me anf just stay focused.
I am always working even if its dead.
In a work environment, most everything must be taken seriously. I pay close attention to detail, and make sure things get done right the first time rather than doing it halfway.
I word hard and I help any of my teammates they may need my help.
I do my best to move from task to task in the most efficient and thorough manner without sacrificing either or.
I dedicate myself to doing my best at whatever task I am assigned.
Offering the best service and quality.
By coming in to work on time making sure my work is done and by not slacking.
Since I am a musician I have situations where I have to pull all nighters making a beat for someone who requested it for the next day and still wake up and prep for school or a show etc...
When it would get really busy at work I would always tell my coworker to take half and me the other so it wouldnt become so dirty also I would check my restrooms once in an hour but made sure it was very clean so I wouldnt have to go back during the rush hourl.
When it would get really busy at work I would always tell my coworker to take half and me the other so it wouldnt become so dirty also I would check my restrooms once in an hour but made sure it was very clean so I wouldnt have to go back during the rush hourl.
I am always able to complete all my tasks on time and not just scrape by with the minimum. I go above and beyond in my work.
Chipotle is a fast paced restaurant, always in need for every crew member to do something, what I would do is always be doing something productive with my time.
I am always on time and I accomplish my work goals.
Well when given me a job such as cleaning the floor I would clean fast to not disturb the customers and so another job.
I do landscaping, and I like to make properties look there best.
My personal life does not effect the way I preform I work. All of my personal problems are left outside of my work place and I do not allow it to effect the way I work with my valued customers.
I will always be on time I will clear my schedule for work and I have no social life ad live down the street so I can come in at anytime.
Well ever since I was in middle I was known as a responsible person, but that is because when I take a responsibility like I did with the computer carts, I always completed them. Also during the summer when I traveled back to Peru I took care of my grandparents store in selling to help them have more free time.
I always showed up on time for volunteering and wore appropriate attire.
If I am in a group and holding my part of the bargain while another team member(s) are slacking off, I will simply let them know that they need to get it together and start doing what they are supposed to.
I take work seriously by always being early, staying on task and never letting my personal issues interfere with my work.
I take work seriously because its a big thing giving people what they want and I believe you should love what you sell.
I focus on the task at hand, and if anything is needed I will be there to assist.
I leave my personal emotions outside of the work place and do not let it affect the quality of my work.
I would take work seriously by making sure the job gets done well and quickly.
When im stuck or in a situation I try my hardest or best to finish what is already started.
I come in and get started on my work right away.
I take work seriously by leaving my personal issues and problems out of my working environment.
I take my work very seriously as in no goofing off, staying on task, etc.
I take work very seriously as in no goofing off and staying on task.
Focus on what my manager assigned me to do and stay on task without distractions.
I come to work focused prepared and ready to start my shift, I make sure everything that I had to do before work has been completed so I will stay on task and woke get side tracked.
I will take this job very serious this will be my first experince job its a nice happy movited job.
I take work seriously by not taking personal issues into the workplace and always trying to come to work with a good attitiude.
I am dedicated to the core values of a company, I believe in the mission statement of the company and I sell my employees on why we should follow it.
Striving to unsure our guests receive the best dining experience every time they visit.