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Chipotle Cashier Interview Questions
1. What cash handling experience do you have?
January 30th, 2017

Chipotle is a fast growing casual dining restaurant that offers great advancement opportunities to its employees. If you have a high motivation to work and succeed in your workplace, you will do well at Chipotle.

Chipotle hiring is more casual than most interviews. More than likely, they will interview you right in the dining area. Be prepared to highlight your past customer service skills and your strong work ethic. The interviewer will want to know how serious you are about a career at Chipotle, so come prepared with a definite answer.

Chipotle pays employees very well, and because of this, they will have a lot of applicants competing for the same job. Be prepared and on your game for your interview, or they can quickly move past you and onto the next candidate.

More information: Chipotle is headquartered in Denver, CO. The company has been in operation since 1993 and has yearly revenues of 3 Billion with approximately 52,500 employees. Chipotle is a publicly traded company, trading under the symbol CMG. Follow Chipotle on Twitter at @ChipotleTweets or visit them on Facebook. To get an even further insight into Chipotle, check out their Blog. Read about the company culture, corporate mission, and discover any job openings at Chipotle, by visiting their Career Page. If you need help finding more information about Chipotle, visit their Website.
Chipotle Cashier Interview Questions
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Are you able to work swiftly and accurately?
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When have you worked in a high pressure situation? How did you handle it?
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How well are you at doing math in your head?
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Why do you want to work at Chipotle?
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How do you eat your burrito, unwrapped or wrapped?
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Have you ever dressed up in tin foil and came in for free burrito day?
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Do you take pride in your work?
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If you receive a 100 dollar bill for a 23.51 order, explain to me how you would add up the change and hand it to the customer?
Why work at Chipotle?