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What is the highest ROI percentage you have delivered to a client?

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    What is the highest ROI percentage you have delivered to a client?

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    Great communication skills are critical when working as an IT Consultant. Walk me through a time when you were successful in communicating with a person that was difficult to work with, and under difficult circumstances?

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    How do you prevent and manage scope creep when managing a project?

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    How do you manage and coordinate the many tasks and deliverables associated with a project?

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    What questions do you have for me about CGI Group?

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    In the healthcare services industry there are many emotions in a day. Have your emotions ever been in the way of your productivity?

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    There are times when you need to consider a broad range of options before recommending a solution. What was the situation, and did the solution help the client?

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    How do you approach vendor and purchasing management in your role in business processes and operations?

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    Tell me about your experience in the field of IT services.

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    How would your most recent manager describe you?

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    CGI Group seeks to hire those with above average communication skills. Describe your communication style to me.

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    CGI Group seeks to hire those with strong problem solving skills. When were you able to successfully resolve a problem in the workplace?

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    How do you approach your role in business processes and operations when your department or the Project Management Office (PMO) is operating smoothly or there are no pending improvement projects in the queue?

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    Your client is Apple. The year is 1984. They just released the Macintosh computer. They want you to estimate the demand for this product over the next 20 years. What do you tell them about market demand and whether there's a market for this invention?

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    Your client is considering entering a new market. They have a choice of buying an existing company, or developing the technology in-house. What approach would you take about advising them on making the best business decision?

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    At CGI Group we have detailed procedures in place for client technical support. What would you do if those procedures did not appear to be working?

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    We're a company of innovative thinkers; we rely upon our innovative thinking to solve client problems. Tell me about a time when you came up with a breakthrough idea that was not obvious to others. Describe your idea and how you developed it?

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    Tell me about a time where you made a great recommendation that you think would have greatly benefited your client, but they just didn't like it. What approach did you take to convince them?

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    We put a great deal of pride in our customer service at CGI Group. How will you contribute to our high customer service standards?

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    As part of the IT team, how do you approach your role in the implementation and roll out of new software and technical programs?

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    Your client is a Tier 1 Automotive supplier interested in entering into a non-automotive market through organic or inorganic expansion. How would you advise them to proceed?

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    Have you worked on application development projects, if so what technologies have you used, and what was your specific role on those projects?

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    IT projects rely on teams and each other to succeed. Describe a scenario were you lead your team to a successful outcome?

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    Listening to our clients is absolutely essential to understanding their business and technology needs. Tell me about a time when you're listening skills helped exceed their expectations in the delivery of the project?

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    How do you assess a clients' current technology systems and solutions?

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    Are you LEAN Six Sigma certified?

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    As a business process and operations expert, how do you approach a situation when a project is failing to progress and is not meeting its deliverables?

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    Walk me through your post-secondary education and how it will help you in your career with CGI Group.

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    Describe a time you helped implement a new technology for your client. Did you encounter any challenges, and how did you address them?