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What do you know about our company?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Boeing Co. interview

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Boeing Co. is a competitive company that only hires those who take the job seriously. One way you can show you're serious about working there is through doing your research before the interview. Boeing is America's most significant manufacturing exporter. Take some time to learn more about their mission, values and their culture. You can find out what employees are saying about them through searching and searching for articles online. These efforts matter to Boeing. Explain how they matter to you too!

What do you know about our company?
Answer example

"I am aware that Boeing is a highly competitive organization yet one that takes giving back very seriously. Boeing recently donated $6 million dollars in grants to support over 50 organizations that serve communities in Washington. This fact stood out to me as I am seeking to join an organization that values giving back to the communities that support them."

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What do you know about our company?
Successful aerospace firm. Excellent place to work.
Boeing is the largest aircraft company. Air lifting, Space technician, defense system in 150 countries.
Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. 100 years old company.
Boeing is an aerospace manufacturer, and the largest commercial airplane manufacturer.
Boeing is the big company on the wold.
Revenue: 96.11 billion USD (2015) Founder: William Boeing Founded: July 15, 1916, Seattle, Washington, United States.
Its one of the leading commercial, space defence jet manufacturers as well as one of the leading technology companies.
Largest airplan manufacture in the world and a great contributer to the economy of the north west.
Boeing is a leader in aerospace industry and largest manufacturer of commercial and military airplanes.
Boeing is the leader in aerospace industry and manufacturer of military and commercial airplanes.
They are the makers of many commercial airline vehicles. They also produce military equipment and have their hand in research and development in aerospace engineering.
That it is a multinational aerospace corporation. It was started here in Seattle. The company produces aircrafts for airports and the government. I also have noticed a lot of the employee benefits at several business as well.
They are one of the biges air craft company I the world and just had the 100 biithday.
I know that Boeing is one of the two primary commercial aircraft companies in the world, as well as being one of the leaders in the military sector as well.
I have learned that Boeing has been a very diverse and flexable company through the years. It started out building boats and trasnsitioned into airplanes. They were heavily involed in building war planes. As this demand decreased they started looking toward comercial flight. As of today they continue having a part of military and NASA programs. Today Boeing is still expanding its technology. One of Boeing's latest advancments is building planes out of composit material that is lighter, stronger and more adjile then the aluminum material that has been used for years. Because of the constant technologies Boeing has discovered, they are constantly in search of quality minded peaple to join their team and continue the processes f.
It is one of the world's best Aerospace company which makes state of the art aeroplanes.
The Boeing Company (/ˈboʊ.ɪŋ/) is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites worldwide. The company also provides leasing and product support services. Boeing is among the largest global aircraft manufacturers, is the second-largest defense contractor in the world based on 2013 revenue,[4] and is the largest exporter in the United States by dollar value.[5][6] Boeing stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The Boeing Company's corporate headquarters are located in Chicago and the company is led by President and CEO Dennis Muilenburg.[7][8][9][10] Boeing is organized into five primary divisions: Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA); Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS); Engineering, Operations & Technology; Boeing Capital; and Boeing Shared Services Group. In 2015, Boeing recorded $96.11 billion in sales, ranked 27th on the Fortune magazine "Fortune 500" list (2015),[11] ranked 90th on the "Fortune Global 500" list (2015), and ranked 27th on the "World's Most Admired Companies" list (2015).[12]
Boeing is the world leader in commercial aerospace. I believe nearly every person in the world has been touched by the inventions of boeing at some point in thier lives. Boeing is also the largest employer in my home state of Washington, and somehting we are all proud of here.
Boeing is the leading manufacture and largest aerospace company.
Boeing is the leading company in commercial, defense and space airplane industry.
Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems.
Boeing is the largest Aerospace company in the world. Boeing is utilizing composites to a very high degree in their airframes, of which there are currently three in development. This is an unprecedented number airframes being designed concurrently. As a result, I know Boeing needs engineers like me.
It's a reputable company manufacturing commercial aircrafts like 747
It is a huge successful company . It has a long history with economic with Saudi Arabia . It was foundation in 1916 by william boeing the main location in USA, chicago it products.
Boeing is one of the largest aircraft companies and defense contractors. Boeing manufactures airplanes, rockets, satellites and other equipment.
It is the worlds largest aerospace company manufacturing in commercial jet airliners, defense, space and security. Boeing has over 150,000 employees world wide and around 80,000 just in Washington which makes a huge positive impact on the local economy that I want to be a part of.
I know most all of the processes involved in commercial aircraft fabrication including detail parts, assemblies and installations.
Boeing it the leader in aerospace industry and the largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft.
Boeing is one of the global airplane maker. It will design & manufacture airplanes like boeing 787,777 ,747 etc...
Boeing is a company that designs and manufactures air crafts for both military and civilian use.
I know that boeing develops a wide range of products from aircraft to spacecraft to various military equipment, and I know that it is a large company meaning there are many more opportunities to contribute, learn, grow, then in turn pass on the knowledge to others. I have a friend who works for Boeing in St. Louis and from her feedback, I know that the company places emphasis on working together as a team, which is something I really enjoy.
I know boeing is the largest aerospace manufacture in the world. Boeing airplanes and network is vast throughout the world. The future of Boeing is very bright and will continue to be successful well into the 21st century and I want to be apart of that success and continue to grow and gain experience.
I know that boeing is a aeronatical and aerospace company established in 1916 by william boeing. Their main competitors are airbus, lockheed and northrup. While mainly focused on commercial aircraft, the early history includes the apollo program and now still military contracts such as the C17 globmaster III
It is the biggest aerospace, company in the world. Boeing has a diffrent industries like space defense and aerospace.
Boeing is a leading Aerospace industry. It is the largest manufacturing company for military and commercial airplanes.
I know that Boeing works on commercial aircraft, satellites, and military aircraft. The company started off building planes out of aluminum structures and have moved towards composites structures for efficiency reasons.
Well-known air craft and defense company that all engineers are dreamed about to join.
Boeing is one of the major leaders in the world of aerospace, defence, space, and military innovation. It is where dreams become reality, and it is a large team of skilled workers.
Boeing is a great company to work for with a rich history in aviation l.
Leader in the aerospace industry. Dreamliner is an incredible engineering product that is cutting edge.
I know that it is the #1 manufacturing company of aircraft, and military planes.
Boeing is a world-renowned company that is omnipresent in the military and civilian aviation world. You can't go to an airport without seeing a Boeing aircraft.
I know that Boeing is a world leader in aerospace manufacturing and that they have a culture of taking great care of their employees.
Boeing is a premier organization in the aerospace sector and it is the harbinger or promoter of exciting technologies which humankind will experience.
It is the worlds largest aerospace company and a leading manufacturer of commercial, defense, space and security systems. It is also a very innovative company by making planes with composites.
I know that Boeing is a very successful Aerospace company and that the have excellent products. I know that they treat their employees well, they offer unbelievable benefits. I know that this is a opportunity of a lifetime for me and I want to be part of this team!!
Boeing is the largest producer of aircraft in the world. They produce the best aircraft in the world and is the most respected aircraft manufacture in the world.
Boeing is the leader in commercial and military aircraft manufacturing.
They are one of the largest companies in the Aviation industry, the are the leader in Aerospace and Defense.
What I know about Boeing is that they take pride in being a leading commercial and military aviation industry that strives to constantly find new ways to ensure an enjoyable experience and remaining on top of technological aerospace engineering.
A very large multifaceted company.
Boeing is the top company for commercial and defense aircraft systems.
I am personally an aviation enthusiast and have always known Boeing as the largest commercial aircraft manufacturer with the B747 being to me one of the most easily recognizable aircraft design ever. Through its aircrafts, Boeing has a worldwide presence and it is also heavily involved in defense systems, space projects.
In my previous position, I was the head of an Airport Authority which was also a public corporation. The mission of the company was to own, manage and develop the airport facilities.
Boeing is one the largest aerospace and defence company in the world. With over 100,000 employees around the globe. Recognized as the world leader in manufacturing passenger jets and military aircraft.
It is the leader eirospace and the largest off manificatore and militiry airplanes.
This is global leader company in airspace industry, defence and security sistems with HQ in Chicago. It has been set up by William Boeing in 1910. Today Boeing employ around 160 000 people with turnover in 2014 circa 90 billions US dollars.
Boeing is the number one manufactor of commercial and military aircraft.
Boeing is a manufacture of airplanes and airospace technology. The company also manufactures defensive technologies as well.
It is the largest aircraft manufacter for both commerical and military. It consists of over 160k employees.
I know that Boeing is a company that designs, builds, and sells aircraft, rotorcraft, rockets, and satellites worldwide. The seemingly largest division of Boeing is commercial aircraft and they're less of a defense contractor nowadays, yet they remain dedicated to spaceflight and exploration.
Boing is global leader in Aviation be it commercial or defense aircrafts. However presently facing tough competition from airbus.
Boeing is the LEGEND in aerospace domain and worlds largest manufacturer of commercial and fighter aircrafts.
I know they were formed in 1916. But I am more intrigue about a recent strategy that they are doing about building plane that will produce zero emission in the atmosphere. Going to a greener environment.
Boeing is a leader in aerospace industry and largest manufacturer of commercial and military airplanes.
They are a leader in aerospace. They are the largest aviation supplier to commercial and military.
Boeing is the biggest manufacturer commercial airplane and military aircraft. Boeing has employees of over 170,000 all over the world.
Boeing is a leader in the aerospace industry and the largest manufacturer of commercial and military airplanes.
I know that boeing is one of the largest plane manufacturers in the world employing 170,000 + people in all. I know that they are considered a very good company to work for and have many new and exciting products launching in the next few years.
It is the largest aerospace industry for military and commercial planes.
I know Boeing is the largest aircraft manufacturer and also highly involved with defense and the space industry. They employee over 170,000 people and have location around the world.
They manufacture some of the worlds greatest, safe and reliable aircraft both Military and commercial.
It is the largest aerospace company in the world engage in manufacturing both civilian and military aircraft besides other services.
Boeing is an aerospace company that strives to be the world leader not only in aerospace but as an employer.
Boeing is the worlds largest comericial and military aerospace manufactuer. Boeing is also a leader in rotorcraft, defence systems, missles, satellites and space systems. Boeing is headquartered in Chicago with over 169,000 employees accross the United States and 65 countries.
Boeing is largest aerospace company. Leading manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft, sattelite and weopons. It was founded by William Boeing.
1912 seattle, portlan dbranch, defense and space, develoopment.
Yes, I feel I do work well in teams, I get a long well with others and ask for help when needed and also offer help to others if needed.
Yes I do. I worked well in teams.
Yes I always try to motivate other team team member while working together as a team.
Boeing is the #1 manufacturer of military and commercial aircraft in the world.
Boeing is a world leader in the aerospace industry. I can learn allot from being at this company and I feel my experience can make a contribute to this position.
Boeing is the biggest manufacturer commercial airplane and military aircraft. Boeing has employees of over 169,000 all over the world.
Boeing is a leader in aerospace industry and largest manufacturer of commercial and military airplanes.
Boeing is a leader in the aerospace industry and is the largest manufacturer of both commercial and military jet liners.
Boeing is the largest manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft in the world. they employ over 169000 people worldwide.
Boeing is an international aerospace company with diverse products and seeks to deliver a quality product each and every time.

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