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Boeing Interview

| Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter
who helps everyone from students to fortune executives find success in their career.

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What are your weaknesses?

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Boeing Interview Questions

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    What are your weaknesses?

      Even though the recruiters at Boeing are looking for excellence, they know you're not perfect. To successfully answer this question, you will need to be strategic! First, think of an area where you can improve. For example, maybe you could do a better job of taking the initiative to solve problems before they become an issue. Even though it may feel vulnerable to share a weakness, your self-awareness is a strength! Your insight that you know you need to grow in this area shows the interviewer that you know you have room for improvement and that you have a desire to grow. Now, think about how you can explain what you're doing to improve. Don't be hard on yourself! You can refine if you work at it! Show that you are proactive in growing and learning from your weaknesses!

      Rachelle's Answer

      "I tend to be a perfectionist, which means I can often get caught up in the details and get behind on deadlines. I am working on creating a better infrastructure for my days, setting reasonable goals and planning. This method has helped me to manage my time and not lose time striving for impossible perfection."

      Anonymous Answer

      "I'm too focused and independent in problem-solving and sometimes find it difficult to ask for help, especially when I feel I can finish the task myself. I have worked on overcoming this weakness by implementing project management techniques that help me connect with other experts and team members when help is needed."

      Rachelle's Answer

      Very well said. This question can be tough to answer, but you have done this seamlessly. You show what you are doing to improve, and the weakness you provide is not a core skill for the job at hand.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "In the past, I have had an issue with time management. I went on a management course where I learned about the Eisenhower matrix. I use this method together with my mobile phone time management app to improve my time management."

      Lauren's Answer

      Great response! Your experience with training courses makes you a stand out candidate. All the trainings you have attended should be reflected on your resume. Be ready to name another weakness in the event you are asked in an interview.

      "In the past, I struggled with time management. When I notice deficits, I try to better myself through continued education and training. I took a Management course that introduced me to the Eisenhower Matrix, which was very helpful and I use on a daily basis along with a mobile time management app. I took the necessary steps to better that particular weakness."

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