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Boeing Interview

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Tell me about a time you worked with a team to solve a problem.

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Boeing Interview Questions

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    Tell me about a time you worked with a team to solve a problem.

      Problem-solving with a team can be challenging! Give an example that shows you are a leader and that you are willing to ask for help when you need it. Humble leaders are hard to come by these days. Present the situation and explain what you and your team did to create optimal results.

      Rachelle's Answer

      "My coworkers and I worked together to resolve a client situation. They had an issue my presentation that revealed some issues with their production process. I shared the problem with my coworkers for support. They helped me back up my research with more facts and information to provide for my client. Together we were able to gather additional statistics and documents to assist my client."

      Anonymous Answer

      "At my last company, the attitude of my team towards the concept of continuous improvement was poor. In a department of 40 people, only four people were actively involved in any improvement work. There had been attempts to introduce the 5S method of continuous improvement, but they failed. My task was to increase involvement in continuous improvement from 10% to 100%. The action that I took was to work with an influential team member on a novel way of introducing 5S. This team member and I then presented the technique to the other team members in a humorous and fun way, and we managed to persuade the other members of the team that it was not just about housekeeping. By doing this, we were able to increase participation from 10% to 100%, which resulted in significant time savings and improved workplace organization."

      Lauren's Answer

      This is a fantastic response! The example you gave (again) provided measurable results and the method with which you were able to be successful. I made minor grammar and sentence structure edits. Be prepared to give your interviewer specific examples of the “fun and humorous” techniques that aided your efforts with the staff. This example demonstrates your ability to lead and think outside the box to get the job done. Again, great example!

      "At my most recent employer, I was tasked with boosting quality improvement department-wide. At the time, the vast majority of the staff group (40 individuals) struggled with continuous improvement. I knew a modality such as “5S” would be effective, but it was a matter of delivering the information in a way that aided the staff’s daily work rather than viewed as an added task. I partnered with an influential team member to present the 5S technique in a fun and humorous way, thus gaining the attention and buy-in of the group. As a result, continuous improvement increased from 10% to 100%. Leadership and out-of-box thinking created the desired outcome."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I was tasked with updating a green sheet for our shop to minimize the work not related to the shop that is used in the field, such as working from heights, scaffolding, etc. It was my first time doing this, so I used my shop colleagues as resources and asked for their opinions to make the green sheet more user-friendly for them. I did my walkthrough of the shop and used my judgment on what was necessary to be on the green sheet. Then, after I sat down with my shop colleagues, I took their opinions as well. They had a few more things they believed were not necessary for the shop green sheet, and I finished it up and sent to my boss for implementation. He felt that it was very well done and we put it into process. The shop employees are much happier with less paperwork, and I had a better understanding of what we did in the shop. We worked together to complete an objective that we both wanted to be changed and implemented."

      Rachelle's Answer

      It sounds like you did an excellent job taking everyone's needs into account for the creation of this green sheet. This is a great example!

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