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Tell me about a time you worked with a team to solve a problem.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Boeing Co. interview

How to Answer

Problem-solving with a team can be challenging! Give an example that shows you are a leader and that you are willing to ask for help when you need it. Humble leaders are hard to come by these days. Present the situation and explain what you and your team did to create optimal results.

Tell me about a time you worked with a team to solve a problem.
Answer example

"My coworkers and I worked together to resolve a client situation. They had an issue my presentation that revealed some issues with their production process. I shared the problem with my coworkers for support. They helped me back up my research with more facts and information to provide for my client. Together we were able to gather additional statistics and documents to assist my client."

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Tell me about a time you worked with a team to solve a problem.
Yes, I like people. I can be a good member of team.
I feel that is my strength and I have done it throughout my career. During my initial days I was involved with BOT model projects and we used to bring companies across shores to India. When Paypal and eBay came to India there was a team formed to do the hirings across location as the ramp up plan was steep. We had 4 months of massive hiring where 8 different teams were working in tandem to fulfill all the requirements. We used to work during weekends and on many occassions we had to pitch in for each other as there was a drought of leaves and week offs were luxury.
What do you feel is the best educational preparation for this career?
I find from past experience that I do work well in teams. Being part of a crew you are given a role, from my previous experience as a driver/operator I filled the role of driving to an emergency safely while having a water source ready for the team heading inside.
Very much so I enjoy the success a group can accomplish.
Yes I do work well in team. I get along well with people from different cultures and communication is the most important thing in a team environment.
I am a good team player, most recently I have been involved in a project team for Alliance Airlines. We were applying for IOSA certification. My role was to liase with all of the team members to ensure that documents were controlled, formatted and available to all team members . I enjoy the interaction with other team members and find that my organisation and document knowledge and quiet nature are good tools for gently guiding team members who may stray off course back towards the common goal.
I think I am better working on teams than working by myself. Because when I work on a team, I have less chances of making mistakes and be able to ask questions and get clarification from my team. I have worked on the past for several project on divers team. I love working on a team with diversity. Because that we all have different background and different idea. I think the project results usually come out more quality and creative. Working on a team means exchanging idea and perform better thats how I see it. I also have been a leader on the past for my team and made sure everyone is happy of what we were doing and making sure we are organize and performing good. I made sure we have tables for everything we were doing. The time we spent, the time we spent, the meetings time, and different charts help us do great and be proud of our results.
I feel that I do work well in in a team setting. I enjoy learning new ideas from other co workers as much as giving my input to help improve proccesses.
Yes of course.I have been working for quite long and you can not be successful unless you do team work.
As a US soldier I was trained to be a team member so that we could win any fight, and successfully conquer any mission with little to no issues, despite of what may have happened somewhere in a certain period of time, we are all brothers and sisters, military or civilian, our blood is all the same color, all read left to right, and all have some sort of mom and dad, two is always better than one.
I work very well in teams. I typically find myself unintentionally becoming one of the team leaders. I make suggestions for how we should divide the work load based on our skill sets, then I take ownership of the task at hand and work at the level I expect of the rest of the team.
General behaviour, conduct and reliability.
Yes, my past is a great indication of my ability to work well with teams. I was a member of the leadership team in band, as well as a captain of a team. I also currently work on two different committees,
Describe the most creative work-related project you have completed as as science researcher.
To move out of a well settled job and relocate. The familiarity made going out so difficult.
Yes because working for airline requires a team effort in order to release aircraft on time.
Yes team work is better than working alone because if there is too much workload other team members can be able to help.
Yes I do. While working on a medsurg/urology unit I was on a committee to analyze and facilitate a request that our unit start accepting overflow cardiac telemetry and post-ICU cardiac surgery patients. The main obstacle was the confidence and willingness of the nursing staff to accept cardiac patients. We solved this problem by initiating a cross-training program to give the staff the training needed to feel confident and to safely care for these patients. By doing this we also gained the trust of the cardiac surgeons and cardiologists as well as the ICU and Step-down unit.
I am big into playing teams sports, which thaught me great team spirit.
I love working in teams. I love to collaborate and I get to share ideas with others to make the best solution possible.
Yes, each individual contributor needs ownership in the work given to have a sense of pride and work flow. Often we have strengths and weaknesses within our own personalities and we can use these qualities to build projects that can result in reaching the target and goal and continue to exceed goals set forth.
Yes, I have worked in successful project teams in the past. For example, I have been part of BLUElab India Project for the past two as a member of the stoves sub-team. I have travelled to India twice and acted as the translator and team member for a group of 5 and 6 people.
Most of my career has been working with teams and being a team player. Get input from other members is always a great idea.
Yes I work well with others feeding off of others ideas both positive and negative.
Yes I work very well with teams. A matter of fact I love working with teams rather than as an Individual because with teamwork things can be accomplish faster.
I do yes. Having served in the US Army for 12 years I have developed and fine tuned my skills to cooperate with a group of people in a team environment in order to accomplish a common goal.
Absolutely I love to work as a team with others and overcome challenges as a group. Working together to achieve the same goal.
I do. I like being in a team setting. I communicate well with others, and like to share my ideas.
Yes I have demonstrated ability working with teams both as a subordinate and as a leader.
2. What were the major accomplishments in the past year?
What were the major accomplishments in the past year?
I love working in teams. Not everyone is great at everything, and teams allow the company to get the most out of all of their employees. Every person brings a different expertise to the team, and that allows the team to feed off of each other and be better than they would be had they worked alone to complete a project.
I would like to say that I work really well with teams being that have worked on various teams in school projects, as well as most of my career but seeing as that is a question that requires self awareness and reflection I don't know if I can give an accurate account as I am probably bias. Going off of what others have said the general consensus seems to point me in the direction that I must be doing something right as I haven't had many conflicts in a team setting.
I like to think that I work well in teams. Everybody has those bad experiences with teams but I feel like I am able to keep these to a minimum. Growing up overseas, I have always been influenced by different cultures and have been forced to adapt quickly to different types of backgrounds. I feel like these experiences allow me to be more patient and understanding with my team members.
I work very well in a team thanks to my time in the Marine Corps.
What was the last major problem the you was confronted with?
I do work well in teams. Without a team effort the task takes longer to accomplish. A team can comprise of as little two people but can conquer so much with a little extra effort and planning. Always of course with the emphisis on safety!
Yes, I do feel that working in a group allows each individuals strengths to come out and make the project even more successful.
I do. I very much enjoy being part of a team working together to solve a challenge or work towards a goal. I've always liked collaboration and I think with a good team, the results can be greater than the sum of the team's parts.
Yes, I like the give and take that usually goes with being on a team. Specifically, teamwork usually involves a give and take of information. I tend to learn well when I interact with team members.
Yes. I work well. I belive in team working.
Yes, as a manager I am well accepted by my fellow team members, and people are motivated to to give maximum output.
Yes, I work well in a team. As I have successfully conductes many events lead under my supervisio. In IISc there is Open day when institute is open to all the school kids. I was one of the three conveners. I worked with a team of 100 volunteers. We organised the event successfully.
Yes I like working with team since it give opportunity to learn and share and gain knowledge.
Yes I am a self starter as well as work as a team player, Iwill share my knowledge with others.
State any concern if you have to work on weekend and holidays and render overtime if needed. State any concern if you have to work on weekend and holidays and render overtime if needed. State any concern if you have to work on weekend and holidays and render overtime if needed. State any concern if you have to work on weekend and holidays and render overtime if needed.
I work well in a team, providing and accepting feedback and working to complete assignments on time.
I have worked in several team enviroments for years and have thrived in them. Teamwork is vital to any business as it applies a multitude of.
Yes I do. I have been a team lead. I train new hires and direct other sort crew members in job positions so yes, Id work well in teams.
I do, I work well with others and it only enthuses me as the team looks to me in the time of need. I enjoy being a team player and helping my co-workers out.
I enjoy the give and take of working with others to find a solution to a problem.
Yes. Teamwork can accomplish things faster and offers more than one idea to complete the task at hand.
What challenge you to work in this field?
Yes...I work well in team and the best example of this can be the recent transition in which I have worked with cross functional teams to make the GITAM transition successful.
In fuel systems you must work confined space and you need to work as a team to stay safe and accomplish your tasks. I have always found working as a team rewarding because you need everyones controbution to be sucessful.
Yes, I am currently the team captain in my EI team. My manager asked me to be the team captain because when I talk people listen and respond in a positive way.
I really enjoy working in teams. You always can learn something about others.
Yes, I have worked on the v22 as part of several teams. First and one of the most memorable was in 2008 on a TIGER team for the inspection and replacement of Drags pins on 12 MV22 while deployed in IRAQ. THE expected timeframe from start to finish was approximately 7 days per aircraft by the time we were done our satr to finish time went downt to approximately 5 days. The most recent and definetly most memorable was the tiger team assembled to recover the three battle damaged CV-22s in Africa at the end of 2013 Beginning of 2014, I was extended multiple times during that deployment in order to provide assistance to the airforce customer while accomplishing their battle damage evaluations and repair. I was recognized by LT. Col Shumpf as an essential part of the recovery effort and was awarded a 20th SOS Commanders Coin.
I feel free while I am with team . This is makes me feel good.
Yes, I enjoy sharing information to reach a common goal.
Yes I do.
Absolutely. I believe morale and productivity sore in a team environment as opposed to a competitive environment. I always ty to encourage team building activities inside and outside of the work place.
Yes I hope so.
Yes I do.
Yes, most of earlier career involved me working as the engineer with a team of technicians to achieve the tasks required. In fact, I have always enjoyed working in a team environment as a team we can so much more than individual.
Yes, I believe that every workplace is ate am environment.
Yes I do. I am an open minded and don't take critics personally. I always share my knowledge and ask for help when needed.
My past record is a good indicator that I do work well in a team environment. I try to be a good communicator to the others on my team. I have trained several (at least five) new hire Engineers in the past. I was awarded the Manned Flight Awareness Launch Honoree for working on a big project that required teamwork.
Yes I do. I have been a team lead in my band for the last seven years, I applied for a team lead position at FedEx and even though I was beat out at that job position I still work in a manner that makes me seem as if I were a team lead there. I train new hires and direct other sort crew members in job positions so yes, the answer is yes, I do work well in teams.

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