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Tell me about a time when you failed.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bank of Montreal interview

How to Answer

BMO wants to hear that you don't hide or ignore your mistakes. They are a company that knows how to improve and grow based on learning from past failures. How do you think they have been so successful?! Of course, it's difficult to come up with a good example, but you can do it if you plan! This question is where interview preparation is essential!

Just remember, the interviewer isn't worried about whether you will fail again. They're not looking for faults. The interviewer just wants to find out how you will handle failure since it is sometimes unavoidable! Think about a situation that occurred, at work, school or when volunteering that you regret. What do you wish you could have done differently? Think about what you learned.

Another way to think about this question is to reflect on your most significant learning experience. Sometimes lousy planning can get us into emergency situations, like not looking at a map and getting lost in the middle of nowhere, or not studying for a test that we thought would be much easier than expected! Keep it simple, and focus on how you grew from the experience!

Tell me about a time when you failed.
Answer example

"I failed a statistics exam in my first year of University. I was embarrassed and felt like a huge failure. However, rather than give up, I hired a tutor and asked for a re-do of the exam. Luckily my professor agreed, and I passed with a very respectable grade. Sometimes, when it doesn't come naturally, we need to take some extra steps and try harder than normal to succeed."

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Tell me about a time when you failed.
U have to be adaptive, multi tasking, team player and believe that you can make it happen.
Good sales skills and good customer conversation skills. Good understanding of financial markets and instruments provided by BMO. Thick skin to be able to handle rejection and be able to work under pressure.
-Thorough knowledge about all the products - Following company norms - Having enthusiasm to learn new things - Great customer skills - Team work.
Customer service experience. Because this will be building a good relationship with bmo clients and gaining their trust by applying excellent communication skills.
Interpersonal skills, communication skills, computer skills.
A successful candidate should be analytical, an active listener, a multitasker and also a problem solver. They should be someone who can assess a situation and be able to find effective solutions to help their clients.
Great Customer service skills, patience, A good body language.
Should be a good listener passionate about helping customers to meet their daily financial needs knows how to build positive relationships with customers, Patience.
Should definately have csr experience and cash handling experience along with that they must have the desire to help customers and be flexible and open to new challenges.
You need experience and have passion about it and motivated.
The bachelor in communication and customer service.
Person should be good at marketing, good knowledge of financial products and services, ability to- listen, patient, calm, empathetic.
In my opinion the person need to have strong customer service at the same time the person needs to be able to multitask and be able to handle situations in a high degree. Also you need to be confident.
In my opinion understanding the customer.Maintaining a strong relationship with them and make them feel safe and satisfied.In a nutshell intense research followed by good planning and execution skills and lastly the drive to change challenges into profitable prospects.
Being a motivated dependable and hard-working.
Proactively finding opporunities to assist customer needs. Simplifying what customer needs to narrow down to basis of what they need, understanding their need and solutions to fulfill their need with satisfaction.
One needs to have good sales support and customer service skills which includes a lot of patience, fast problem solving skills and commitment towards the company and the customers.
A person who is a good team player and enjoys meeting targets.
Communication skills Friendly, helpful and positive attitude Eager to learn Team spirit.
Adept at managing accounting procedures Special talent for performing reconciliation procedures Proficient in handling payment returns Qualified to count and balance cash drawer with accuracy Profound ability to prepare periodical sales reports Able to handle customers while providing high standards of efficiency, accuracy, and consistency Exceptional keypunching skills.
Proactive, trustworth and with can do postitive thinking.
This person should have strong interpersonal skills, should be motivated to work under stress and should be appriviative of diversity. I believe that they should treat each customer with respect and integrity and offer the best service they can to them.
A really nice, friendly but also professional first impression is a must. As customer services, we represented the front of the company to customer. A good first impression will leads to a great overall satisfaction. In addition, being able to listen carefully and solve customers problem for them is also a really necessary things needed.
The first one must be the passion to help others, because customer service is about helping others, putting their need first. Good listening, attentive to details and professionally approachable, friendly.
I think one who apply for customer service representative position need a patient, kind and good listener.
I think to succeed in this position you need to be a caring individual who strives for perfect service. The ideal candidate would be a team player with a cash handling background as well as someone who is great at working under pressure at times.
I feel people with understanding of QA and person with problem solving skills and team player will be able to be sucessful in this role.
Confidence, knowledge and convincing power.
Positive attitude good and warm appearance well knowledgeable helping at the best.
The ability to work under pressure and a person who is able to reach goals and objectives.
Multitask, time management, work well under pressure, communication skills, organizations skills, numerical skills, work well as a team, analytical and problem solving skills.
Someone who is positive, hardworking alone or in a team, listens before giving constructive advice, has good emotional stability, knows his product, works in a good timeframe.
Good communication, patience, honesty, people skill and interpersonal skill.
He should be a good problem solver and a multi tasker. And have excellent communication skills and be approachable. And do whatever it takes to help sole customer queries.
Great customer skills and people skills, strong organizational skills and good communication skills.
I feel a person applying for this position should have excellent communication and customer service skills, a strong sales background, an open mind, and a positive outlook.
For someone to suceed in this role I believe one must have a good communication skill asnd be a self statrter.
I would say some knowledge of working in a customer service role and in a bank.
They would need to have good communication skills to have great customer service. Also being responsible and organized would help them succeed and being able to handle stressful situations.
Great customer service skills, great sales skills.
Easy going person, proactive person, must have attention to details.
A passion for helping people, Good communication Skills, an excellent telephone demeanor and knowledge of BMO
Learn fast, be capable of learning, be friendly and flexible.
Obviously exceptional customer service. Strong attention to detail, problem solving skills, the ability to multi task, and of course being a responsible team player.
In order to succeed in this type of position, I feel that the individual should have excellent communication skills, be a team player and good interpersonal skills.
A person applying for this job must have good communication skills, be a team player and pay attention to details, be a good listener and heave excellent customer service skills.
Well of course its bank, its opened to every citizens so according to me I feel like the primary qualification a person will need is to know how to interact with people, communicate and especially to be wize about your work.
They need to be patient when dealing with customers, they need to have the energy and willingness to help their customers, they need to be ambitious and be hard working, they need to be fast when helping cuustomers so they can help the biggest number of customers and in mots effiecient way.
Customer service would be key. Being able to understand the wants and needs of the customers in order to serve them to the best of your abilities.
Yes definitely it did prepare me by giving me a broad outlook in life, perfecting my communication and strong interpersonal skills, ability to meet deadlines effectively and consistently.. I would say I am a much better person with a positive outlook which is a valuable asset in BMO.
Workibg with people, start a conversation with a stranger, excellent customer service & listening skills.
Customer service experience is the first qualifications I would look for in a candidate. They will be spending the major of their time speaking with customers, and having an aptitude in helping to diffuse any concerns, and to quickly find a solution is ideal. The next qualification is sales experience - as most interaction with clients happens at this level. Directly being able to provide them with banking solutions while being able to outline quickly the benefits of such solutions would be a good way to help BMO grow further.
Goal Oriented, Strong communicator, Team player, able to work autonomously.
A person should have listening skills be a people person adapt well to different soft wares that might be used, be a team player .
The candidate must have passion for work in banking environment and be a detailed oriented, proactively, positive and honesty.
Any ideal candidate will have excellent customer service skills, relationship building and management skills, communication skills, the Canadian Securities Course (CSC), knowledge of BMO products, and a passion for helping others with their financial needs.
Patience, Proper time management, people skils and most of all a lasting but positive impression.
1. Friendly 2. Team player 3. Problem solver 4. Multitasker.
Excellent customer service skills, active listening, calm and being patient, thinking logically, offering services to match their needs.
Patience, Active listener, empathy also customer oriented.
I feel that communication is essential. Listening and good observation skills are a must as well to determine how to help the customer with new offers that the bank may have or options that the customer has.
Good customer service, we need to provide good customer service satisfaction experience for every customer in a friendly and genuine manner to give them good impression and will definitely come back.
Great communication skills, great problem solving skills, time management, ability to effectively multi task and customer service skills. Friendly demenour and professional phone demenour.
What do you like the most in your company.
A person that is honest responsible and pays much attention to detail.
Good accounting degree holder with banking and customer service experience can do well.
They must have passion to help customers, have a good communication skills, and being a good team player. They should have be able to work under pressure in a busy work environment and capable to do multitasking.
I think I would need have a excellent customer service skills.
Communication, team work, technically knowledgeable, organizational skills, cool under pressure.
A positive attitude. Because that is the key to always being able to provide excellent customer service. It is also what makes us proper and polite and always in control.
Customer Service, communication skills, and detailed oriented, enthusiatic.
Customer Service, communication skills, and detailed oriented, enthusiatic.
This company is one of the performing company in the world thats why I want to aooly here.
As a applicant I can run and manage the bank in my own policy.
A persin alppying for this jobs should have great customer service skills and have ability to in team environment.
A person applying for this job must have good communication skills, be a team player and pay attention to details, be a good listener and heave excellent customer service skills.

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