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How do you handle stress?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Yes I have worked in such environment it was challenging but I was passionate about the job I overcame.
Yes, I enjoy working in challenging environment and it helps me to get best out of me.
Yes. Working as a sales associate in a retail store during holiday season is very stressful for most people. However, I work well under pressure and stress, I was trained to prioritize tasks and able to serve multiple customers at the same time.
I am ready take stress. I handled the stressful situations in my past job.
Yes, I have. During my past work, I also had high pressure from different perspectives. I have overcome them. So I will deal with this problem smoothly.
My last position as an sales executive was a stressful job. But I believe I am able to give my best under stress as I prioritize my goals and am able to give my 110%
Yes in car rental, we faced long line ups and ver booking.
Yes, I am able to work with stress. At my current job, I work for the cancellation department. Last 5 years, I have been handling stressful situation with unhappy customers. I work will with stress.
Yes, I have worked as a server at a busy downtown restaurant and a busy gym.
As a Fido sales, there are lots of time where a long line is waiting and people just keep coming in. I remember there was last November there was a promotion plan came out. People are crazy about it. I never stop assist customers in that few days. People were just keep coming in. I had to assist them in a really quick, friendly and precise manner. At the end of the day, there was no customer complain about waiting for long time. My colleague and I also managed to finish the right cash flow.