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How do you handle stress?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Bank of Montreal interview

How to Answer

Any situation can be stressful when it's crunch time, and you have customers or even a manager breathing down your neck. Think of a time where you produced your best work under pressure. You can also consider a particular job that was high-stress. You can share tips that helped you navigate a specific situation to give the interviewer a concrete example. Don't worry! You got this!

How do you handle stress?
Answer example

"When I was working my first sales job, I was under a lot of pressure to meet monthly and quarterly goals. I made the most of every customer transaction and referral to make sure I met my goals. When I felt stressed, I just made a list of what I could do in that situation and talked to coworkers for encouragement."

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How do you handle stress?
Yes, I have. During my past work, I also had high pressure from different perspectives. I have overcome them. So I will deal with this problem smoothly.
My last position as an sales executive was a stressful job. But I believe I am able to give my best under stress as I prioritize my goals and am able to give my 110%
Yes in car rental, we faced long line ups and ver booking.
Yes, I am able to work with stress. At my current job, I work for the cancellation department. Last 5 years, I have been handling stressful situation with unhappy customers. I work will with stress.
Yes, I have worked as a server at a busy downtown restaurant and a busy gym.
As a Fido sales, there are lots of time where a long line is waiting and people just keep coming in. I remember there was last November there was a promotion plan came out. People are crazy about it. I never stop assist customers in that few days. People were just keep coming in. I had to assist them in a really quick, friendly and precise manner. At the end of the day, there was no customer complain about waiting for long time. My colleague and I also managed to finish the right cash flow.
Working in a commission based luxury brand store was and is considered to stressful. The demand is high at Michael.
Yes I have I have had to serve customers that are irate at times and it can be stressful when you have a line up. But I think I deal well with it.
Yes I faced challenges in my past job, I met the sales target on time. I use to to work in an stressful environment. I have abilities to handle tough situations and meet deadlines.
YES. At my last position, I had strict deadlines and experiments to perform but I learned to keep calm and direct all the energy from stress to my work in order to finish it ontime in the best possible wway.
Yes I have. In retail, costumers are asking questions left and right, you need to remember in what order the costumers ask the questions and how to be efficient and respectful all at once. Good stress is important, it keeps you running. Retail is always stressful but you need to do your best and learn from bad experience.
Unlike financial sector working for a software company can also be highly demanding and stressful.I believe I can adapt with this environment as I work well under high pressure besides that at the end of the day being rewarded and encouragement for my seniors will add more motivation.
Yes, I worked as receptionist where I used to manage files of clients.
In my previous job as an IT Consultant, I had the opportunity to complete projects with minimum resources and in very stressful situation. I feel that my daily yoga and occasional mediation helps me to overcome stress. Having a can do and positive attitude helps.
Yes I do I have work at a 3 party collection agency in which I have a monthly quota to make in order to stay employ.
Yes, I have work experience with royal bank of canada where I was in a call centre environment it used to be extremely busy and I had to talk a lot over the phone sometimes repeat the same thing to 10 different clients, but I would manage a good pace and deal with one client at a time.
Yes, working in a well-known food restaurant is very stressfull, I encounter hundreds of people a day. Being a cashier, serving and taking their orders as fast I can is not easy, some needs are greater than others. So I absolutly have a lot of experiences working in a stressful environment.
I feel working on the lab floor was sometimes stressful as the health and well being of thousands of patients depended on your performance and perfection.
Yes this is a common thing, for the best results when your stressed you are able to provide best solution.
Yes I have worked under stress full environment during the income tax returns.
Yes I have at my previous job. Sometimes its non stop 8 hours in a row.
Yes at brokerage firms dealing with high net work clients. I was doing temp work and my knowledge was limited.
I have held a position in a collection agency where it was a stressful environment. There was a lot of work to be done every day, as well as inbound and outbound calls. Also there was a lot of team work, so a positive attitude was essential.
Yes but I believe what is important is the ability to achieve results and meet deeadlinebecause nothing good comes easy. So what I usually do in such situation is prioritizing my tasks.
Yes I like stressful environment it brings the best in me I have worked in an inbound call centre handling more than 100 calls per day.
I actualy thrive in a fast paced changing enviroments and I enjoy challenges.
Yes I have, I have worked the busy audit season at PwC, where everyone including myself had to work overtime to meet deadlines and make sure our internal business process was running smoothly without a hitch.
Absolutely. I was a server for 2 years and nothing says stress like having a full 15 table section. In situations of high stress, you must be extremely organized, and pay attention to every detail. You also have to have great memory retention. Try to keep 50 peoples bills straight isn't something that comes naturally.
Yes when I worked for walmart I found that very stressfull because I had too many angry customers complaining that the lines were tool long and suggesting that we should hire more cashiers. I assure them that management is on top of it issue and will be resolved immediately.
Yes I have, when i, ve been working with fido there were alot of stressful situations with clients and having to deal with them at first was kind of difficult for me since I was never put in those type of situations, but then I got used to it and started handling them pretty well.
Yes. Working as a sales associate in a retail store during holiday season is very stressful for most people. However, I work well under pressure and stress, I was trained to prioritize tasks and able to serve multiple customers at the same time.
Yes I have worked as an intern and was asked to make a full markting campaign by myself, I was a little bit stressed in the beggining because the environment wa new for me but they I was able to hold it togtehr and peroform the markeing campaign.
Yes ! I would like to work much challenging work environment.
I have always managed my time and priotise my work in advance. So I could always keep.
I have experience working in a highly stressful position as a team assistant at the Community Care Access Centre. It is imperative that we quickly connect our patients with the right care giver on time and accurately otherwise clients may not receive care in time. Therefore, I had to always be alert, carefully working with case workers in ordering the correct services, plus communicating with clients on their needs. Finally, a more unorthodox position that was stressful was as an Assistant Language Teacher in Japan. I had to teach 400 students a week ranging from elementary first grade straight to junior high final grade. Coming up with interactive interesting lesson plans on a tight deadline required creatively and some awesome time management skills. My experience was slightly different as I had the opportunity to actually teach in Japanese since I knew the language. I was able to do a bit more, plus add to the curriculum a small segment in phonics.
Yes, I was teller supervisor and I could hold many high stress situations at the branch with angry and unhappy customers.
Yes, I have. I am currently working as a Solutions Analyst, and every quarter-end period, it gets very stressful and demanding, but I have figured out how best to work properly under pressure.
Yes I have, I believe a little challenge here and there keeps work less boring and less of a routine. As long as the stress can be managed.
Yes, While working at Atlantic photo, we printed all the school and grad photos for atlantic canada, which gets very stressful from sept.- dec. I dealt with it by taking a deep breath, and just working the extra hours to get what needed to be done, done.
Working in a fastfood I believe can be as stressful if not more stressful. As customers are more demanding and you are not just dealing with overseeing your operation but you should be able to see and help wherever you are most needed. Be it in order-taking, cooking, food preparation, drive-thru, maintenance, lobby cleaning....
Being responsible for the restaurant is very stressful at times. You are not only accountable to your staff working, but are also accountable to whatever may happen to customers while on your shift. Being a swing manager, there are many times when you can feel stressed.
Yes. Being detailed oriented with strong organizational skills are some of the key elements to avoid stress from work.
Yes I have, the way I got through it was by managing my time effectively through the use of lists, calendars and priortizing work an its intended dates of completion.
Yes when I was working for walmart it was really stressful because we always had angry customers complaining about the lines being too long and that we should hire more cashiers but I assure them the we are looking to hire more cashiers our management is working resolve this situation.
As my resume insure that I worked for various places all them relates with customer service I was alwys care with cusomters about cash handling so I insure the customers that we can fuly take care about his money and insure that we have a high customer security.
I worked in a fast pace enviorment before, which is also a stressful environment.
Most of my jobs have been high-demand jobs where I am tasked with a great number of deliverables in a short time period. Most of my jobs- with the examples of residence life and being an instructional assistant see to me being highly organized, task-oriented- yet flexible to the needs of my audience. How I excel in those areas is through determination, customer-service oriented thinking, and effective time management.
As a project manager for a software/services vendor managing multiple projects and teams concurrently and successfully. As a technical resource/developer with tight deadlines and high expectations.
Yes I have worked in such environment it was challenging but I was passionate about the job I overcame.
Yes, I enjoy working in challenging environment and it helps me to get best out of me.
Yes. Working as a sales associate in a retail store during holiday season is very stressful for most people. However, I work well under pressure and stress, I was trained to prioritize tasks and able to serve multiple customers at the same time.
I am ready take stress. I handled the stressful situations in my past job.

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