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Backroads Interview

28 Questions and Answers by Ryan Brown

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Do you consider yourself a team player?

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Backroads Interview Questions


  1. Do you consider yourself a team player?
    • The answer to this question should always be, yes! No matter where you work, you need to be a team player, to help your company achieve its goals. Be prepared with an energetic and enthusiastic, 'Yes, I am!'

      Expand on this answer by sharing your philosophy on the importance of teamwork and being an active part of a team. Show the interviewer you understand that it takes a group of people for a company to achieve its goals, and you recognize that each person is a piece of the puzzle.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I recognize that there may be days where I need to perform duties outside of my usual job description to help out. For instance, in my current role, I may occasionally need to spend additional time mentoring and coaching new employees to ensure they fit in with the team. This responsibility creates a tighter timeline for my other important deadlines; however, I see that the end goal is to create a well-oiled machine and that cannot happen without everyone being equally trained."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I would certainly say I'm a team player. I've been in organized sports my entire life, so I know that without a team, you can't accomplish very much. I value the relationships I have formed from working in teams throughout my life, not to mention how much I have learned from my coworkers when collaborating across departments or the hierarchy of the organization. All in all, I know the importance of a team and I work very well in a collaborative environment."


  1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how honest are you?
    • Do you feel that you are a sincere person or do you have room for growth? This question could be a tricky one as nobody is always 100% honest. Answer to the best of your ability and back your reply by speaking about your ethics.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I would love to give myself a 10/10 for honesty but truthfully - nobody is 100% honest all of the time. I will give myself an nine because I always do my best to be as honest as possible."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I put a heavy focus on honesty and trustworthiness in the workplace, as well as in my personal life. Because I strive for complete honesty, I will rate myself as a 10/10. My values are solid."


  1. Do you have reliable transportation?
    • Even if you're not expected to drive for the job, you will need to have some form of reliable transportation. If you take the bus or ride a bike, that works too! Merely share that you have the means to get to work consistently and on time.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I have reliable transportation. I have a well-maintained vehicle, and I am comfortable with the amount of travel required to get to your office every day."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I take public transit; however, I find it to be very reliable. I was late to work only once last year, and that was due to a snowstorm which stalled all of our employee's commute - including those with personal vehicles. Rest assured, I am reliable and will always come to work on time."


  1. This position requires you to work around children. Is there any reason why you would not agree to a full criminal background check?
    • For many recreational, hotel, resort, and restaurant based organizations you will need to be vetted before gaining the position. Assure the interviewer that you can pass a criminal record check. If you have a criminal record, this is the time to disclose it.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I am happy to participate in a full criminal background check. I have a clean record."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I will disclose to you that I received a DUI in 2014 but do not have any other marks on my criminal record."


  1. Have you received any formal industry training in your previous roles?
    • Many restaurants, hotel, and leisure based companies will have an internal employee training program. Talk to the interviewer about any specialized training you have received in your career.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "With Company ABC and Company XYZ I received two-week in-house training which included topics on best-practices, health and safety, and up-selling. They were beneficial training programs. Can you tell me a bit more about your training program here at Backroads, Inc.?"

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I am new to the workforce and have not experienced a lot in the way of industry training. I do have my food safety certificate and look forward to gaining even more training through this role with Backroads, Inc.."


  1. What do you feel is the most important characteristic in order to be successful with Backroads?
    • It is essential to research Backroads, Inc. before your interview. In your research try to find information on their company values and other areas of focus. Tie in those company values with your characteristics.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Through my research on Backroads, Inc. I saw a theme surrounding honesty and diligence. I agree that these characteristics are fundamental. In addition to these, I would add a positive attitude and strong listening skills."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Here are some other essential characteristics that you can draw on:

      - Disciplined
      - Intuitive
      - Takes Initiative
      - Responsible
      - Positive Attitude
      - Solid Communicator"


  1. Tell me about yourself.
    • When an interviewer asks an open-ended question like this, it can be difficult to know where to begin...and end! This question haunts many individuals who may have accidentally gone a little too in-depth into their personal lives. It happens. Keep your reply light, and work relevant. Share how you became interested in this career path and what you enjoy about it. This question offers an excellent opportunity to describe yourself by discussing the strengths and qualities that you bring.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I am a competitive individual who is driven and likes to win. In addition to my successful sales career, I also spend time playing competitive sports. I give back by volunteering at the local animal shelter and working for a variety of annual fundraisers in our community."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "A bit about me - I love to travel, read, and conduct research. I am a recent grad from Columbia University and have spent the past 12 months traveling the world. It was the best experience that I could have given myself as I was able to learn so much from seeing how the rest of the world lives. I returned to the US just last month and have been actively looking for work the past couple of weeks. I am looking forward to getting into the routine of a career again."


  1. What are your salary expectations?
    • The best way to discuss your salary expectations is to use your current earnings as an example. Be open, and honest. Transparency is the best choice when salary based questions arise.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Currently, I earn a base salary of $45,000 per year plus a potential 20% annual bonus. Last year my earnings were $52,000, and I would like to stay in the same range or slightly higher."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I am currently making $30,000 per year plus tips. I am looking for compensation that is aligned with the role and provides an opportunity for growth."


  1. Looking at your resume, I see multiple gaps between employments, what were you doing during those gaps?
    • There are many reasons for having a gap in your resume, and it's best, to be honest about the reasons for the timeline discrepancies.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I had a gap from 2014-2015 while I was on maternity leave and then another for six months in 2015 while I cared for an ailing parent. During that time I was vigilant in keeping up to date on the market so that my knowledge did not become redundant."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Thank you for addressing this with me. There were a few gaps where I took some time to further my education and attend schooling for additional certification in hospitality."


  1. How do you handle stress on the job?
    • Are you someone who can handle stress on the job? How do you manage the stressful times? Talk to the interviewer about your ability to control pressure in the workplace.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I handle stress very well, and when you call my references, they will attest to this fact. When I am under pressure on the job, I focus on the task at hand and make sure not to get distracted. Staying on deadline is very helpful, and I will delegate when necessary to alleviate some stress."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Stress is part of any demanding job, and I embrace it to the fullest. I take good care of myself and prioritize my workload to maintain a healthy balance in my stress levels."


  1. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
    • If you are a part of any organizations, sports teams or clubs, talk about your involvement. Share the role you play and your contribution as well as what you enjoy about it. If you enjoy other activities like writing, hiking or spending time with friends, talk about those too. This question gives the interviewer a chance to get to know you. They are interested in learning about your personality and what motivates you. If any of your outside activities related to this position, definitely share the skills you have learned and the similarities.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "My absolute favorite thing to do is to travel. So far, my favorite destination has been Barbados. The beaches are incredible. I also play basketball with my brother most weekends."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I love to read in my free time and spend as much time as I can doing that. I can be found reading anything from a 19th-century piece of British literature to the latest dystopian fantasy novel."


  1. Do you feel that you are currently paid what you are worth?
    • Many employees will look for new work if they feel that they are underpaid and underappreciated. Talk to the interviewer about your current compensation and whether or not you think it is fair.

      If you feel you are currently paid what you are worth: 'I feel that my current employer pays me fairly; however, I would like to see an increase in pay with an increase in responsibilities.'

      If you do not feel you are currently paid what you are worth: 'I know that I am underpaid compared to my industry colleagues. My company is small, and they do what they can, but this is part of why I am seeking a new position.'

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Yes, I believe I am paid accurately by my current company. They are not as reputable in the industry and therefore, pay less for their employees. That is why I am looking elsewhere for a job, to promote myself."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Yes, I am always striving to add value to an organization. I feel this is the best way to ensure that I receive fair compensation."


  1. Why did you leave your last job?
    • The interviewer wants to know why you chose to move on from your most recent position.

      An excellent response would be to say, =I was ready to take on a new challenge," or "there was no room for growth in that position."

      It's always best to draw attention to what you are moving onto rather than focusing on what was wrong with what you left. It's understandable to want a new challenge or to desire to learn new things. So share what you're interested in getting out of this unique opportunity!

      If you left involuntarily, explain why and be willing to admit fault. Show what you learned from the situation and how you want to prevent that issue from happening again.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      " or "

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Unfortunately I was laid off from my last position because the location where I was based, was shut down. It was one of the quieter locations in the city. I was offered the opportunity to work at the Northern location; however, transportation deemed too difficult."


  1. At Backroads we invest a lot of time into our loss prevention program. What would you do if you caught a co-worker stealing?
    • Most professional organizations have a loss prevention program in place. Assure the interviewer that you are willing to be an active participant when it comes to preventing theft within their organization.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "If I caught a co-worker stealing, I would report the incident immediately. I am sure that Backroads, Inc. has loss prevention steps in place and I would be sensitive to those procedures before reacting to the perceived theft."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I am sure that you have an internal policy for employee theft so I can assure you that I would follow the required steps to report the theft. I am a trustworthy person with a strong track record of honesty with my previous employers."


  1. At Backroads we focus on hiring individuals who want to grow with us. Where do you see yourself in the next 2-5 years?
    • Hiring new team members is an expensive endeavor. Assure the interviewer that their investment in you would be worth it. Refer to your previous tenure and talk about your company loyalty. How does Backroads, Inc. fit in with your future career plans?

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "You can see in my resume that I have strong loyalty and tenure. My career plans include growing with Backroads, Inc. in a management based role as I prove my skills. I would be happy to find a long-term fit with your company."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "2-5 years from now, I would like to be supervising or managing a team of my own. I feel like I am progressing at a rate that will make this a possibility."


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