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BCD Travel Interview

28 Questions and Answers by Ryan Brown

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Some positions with BCD Travel require you to be available on weekends, evenings, and holidays. Is there anything in your schedule preventing you from being available?

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BCD Travel Interview Questions


  1. Some positions with BCD Travel require you to be available on weekends, evenings, and holidays. Is there anything in your schedule preventing you from being available?
    • Being in this particular industry will require you to be flexible in your availability. Assure the interviewer that you can handle the schedule associated with this role.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I am accustomed to working a wide range of shifts that include evenings, weekends, holidays and a large amount of voluntary overtime. I enjoy working and am happy to work whenever required."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I am very flexible with my schedule except for Wednesday evenings, when I attend my night courses. Other than that evening, I am willing to accommodate any of your scheduling needs."


  1. What do you feel is the most important characteristic in order to be successful with BCD Travel?
    • It is essential to research BCD Travel B.V. before your interview. In your research try to find information on their company values and other areas of focus. Tie in those company values with your characteristics.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Through my research on BCD Travel B.V. I saw a theme surrounding honesty and diligence. I agree that these characteristics are fundamental. In addition to these, I would add a positive attitude and strong listening skills."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Here are some other essential characteristics that you can draw on:

      - Disciplined
      - Intuitive
      - Takes Initiative
      - Responsible
      - Positive Attitude
      - Solid Communicator"


  1. What are your salary expectations?
    • The best way to discuss your salary expectations is to use your current earnings as an example. Be open, and honest. Transparency is the best choice when salary based questions arise.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Currently, I earn a base salary of $45,000 per year plus a potential 20% annual bonus. Last year my earnings were $52,000, and I would like to stay in the same range or slightly higher."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I am currently making $30,000 per year plus tips. I am looking for compensation that is aligned with the role and provides an opportunity for growth."


  1. In our industry you will come across some difficult customers. How do you handle an upset customer?
    • Are you able to brush it off when a customer is rude to you, or do you take it personally? Assure the interviewer that you can keep professional composure when it comes to rude or demanding customers.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I have spent many years working in the restaurant, hotel, and other customer service based industries. I do not take it personally anymore when a customer is rude or difficult. I will do my best to make them happy, but I fully understand that you cannot appease everyone."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I handle an upset customer with utmost care! I listen, and do my best to help fix whatever issue they feel is upsetting them."


  1. At BCD Travel we focus on hiring individuals who want to grow with us. Where do you see yourself in the next 2-5 years?
    • Hiring new team members is an expensive endeavor. Assure the interviewer that their investment in you would be worth it. Refer to your previous tenure and talk about your company loyalty. How does BCD Travel B.V. fit in with your future career plans?

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "You can see in my resume that I have strong loyalty and tenure. My career plans include growing with BCD Travel B.V. in a management based role as I prove my skills. I would be happy to find a long-term fit with your company."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "2-5 years from now, I would like to be supervising or managing a team of my own. I feel like I am progressing at a rate that will make this a possibility."


  1. What questions do you have for me?
    • It's always a great idea to have questions ready for the interviewer. Review the company website and other online resources to ensure the questions you are asking are not mundane, or redundant. The last thing an interviewer wants to hear is a list of items you could have found the answers to from merely watching a video on their company site!

      Here are some sample questions:

      - When would you like to have this position filled?
      - How long has this role been vacant?
      - Is this a replacement search or a newly created role?
      - What is your favorite part about working here?
      - What is the company's primary goal for this position in the next 12 months?
      - Is there anything from my background and experience that I can clarify for you?
      - What do you see as the biggest change in this industry over the past 3 years?
      - Is there any reason why you would not hire me?

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Yes, I would like to know what is the company's primary goal for this position in the next 12 months?"

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Thank you for asking - I do have a few questions. What is top of mind when it comes to filling this role? Also, what types of career growth opportunities would follow this position? And lastly, do you have internal candidates who are also interviewing for this position?"


  1. At BCD Travel we put a lot of focus on grooming our star players into leadership roles. Do you have any interest in a management role with us down the road?
    • Assure the interviewer that you have an interest in being groomed into a leadership role down the road. What potential do you see for yourself with BCD Travel B.V.?

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "After researching the culture at BCD Travel B.V. I am very interested in forging a career in management with you. I feel that I am a natural leader and would be proud to grow my career with your company."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I would love to see myself growing into a more prominent leadership role within your organization. My career goals align very nicely with your company's goals which helps me to see a great long-term fit here."


  1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how honest are you?
    • Do you feel that you are a sincere person or do you have room for growth? This question could be a tricky one as nobody is always 100% honest. Answer to the best of your ability and back your reply by speaking about your ethics.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I would love to give myself a 10/10 for honesty but truthfully - nobody is 100% honest all of the time. I will give myself an nine because I always do my best to be as honest as possible."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I put a heavy focus on honesty and trustworthiness in the workplace, as well as in my personal life. Because I strive for complete honesty, I will rate myself as a 10/10. My values are solid."


  1. Looking at your resume, I see multiple gaps between employments, what were you doing during those gaps?
    • There are many reasons for having a gap in your resume, and it's best, to be honest about the reasons for the timeline discrepancies.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I had a gap from 2014-2015 while I was on maternity leave and then another for six months in 2015 while I cared for an ailing parent. During that time I was vigilant in keeping up to date on the market so that my knowledge did not become redundant."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Thank you for addressing this with me. There were a few gaps where I took some time to further my education and attend schooling for additional certification in hospitality."


  1. As an employee with BCD Travel you will be required to handle cash and other types of customer transactions. Do you consider yourself a trustworthy and honest person?
    • Can you be trusted with company money, and company product? Draw on the strength of your references and assure the interviewer that you are a trustworthy and honest employee.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "One of my greatest strengths as an employee is my level of honesty and trustworthiness. I have multiple references who will attest to the fact that I am competent and honest. I have experience handling large amounts of cash and have never had a discrepancy."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I see myself and trustworthy and honest! My integrity has never been questioned, and my most recent supervisor will be happy to give you a solid reference regarding my reliability and transparent approach in the workplace."


  1. There are many job options for you in this industry. Why do you specifically want to work with BCD Travel?
    • With many options in the industry for employment, why do you want to work for BCD Travel B.V.? Talk to the interviewer about your preference for their company.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I am careful to be employed with a company that holds a strong industry reputation. I'd like to work for BCD Travel B.V. because your training programs are above the industry standard and you have a reputation for treating your employees very well."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I especially want to work for BCD Travel B.V. because I have friends who have worked here before with really positive feedback on their experiences. I am looking for a positive work environment where I can stay for a long time to come."


  1. Have you received any formal industry training in your previous roles?
    • Many restaurants, hotel, and leisure based companies will have an internal employee training program. Talk to the interviewer about any specialized training you have received in your career.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "With Company ABC and Company XYZ I received two-week in-house training which included topics on best-practices, health and safety, and up-selling. They were beneficial training programs. Can you tell me a bit more about your training program here at BCD Travel B.V.?"

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I am new to the workforce and have not experienced a lot in the way of industry training. I do have my food safety certificate and look forward to gaining even more training through this role with BCD Travel B.V.."


  1. At BCD Travel we value our customers and always put them first. Do you agree with the phrase 'The customer is always right'?
    • 'The customer is always right' has been a long-standing mantra for most customer-service based industries like restaurants, hotels, and recreation-based organizations. Do you agree with this mantra? Why, or why not?

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "Although I believe that the customer is not always right - it's important to treat them as though they are. Within the limitations of health and safety, etc.; I believe it's best to accommodate the customer within reason."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "Some customers are quite impossible to please so I would not go so far to say that the customer is always right. With that said, I do treat every customer with the utmost respect and do put their needs first in all reasonable situations."


  1. Do you have any food safety training or health and safety related certifications?
    • Health and safety is the main priority for most recreation, hotel, and restaurant based organizations. Walk the interviewer through any related training.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I have had training in my past three roles in regards to health and safety, and well as proper food handling. If there is additional training that you require me to participate in, I am happy to do so."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I am new to the workforce and, having just graduated from High School; I do not have additional training in health or safety. If you have any required coursework related to this position with BCD Travel B.V., I am happy to get a head start on that training."


  1. This position requires you to work around children. Is there any reason why you would not agree to a full criminal background check?
    • For many recreational, hotel, resort, and restaurant based organizations you will need to be vetted before gaining the position. Assure the interviewer that you can pass a criminal record check. If you have a criminal record, this is the time to disclose it.

      Ryan's Answer #1

      "I am happy to participate in a full criminal background check. I have a clean record."

      Ryan's Answer #2

      "I will disclose to you that I received a DUI in 2014 but do not have any other marks on my criminal record."


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